Men's African wear for wedding: 2020 (photos)

Men's African wear for wedding: 2020 (photos)

A flower buds, blossoms and glows; it is so beautiful to set eyes one; it brings some natural beauty but slowly withers away within no time. The men’s African wear for wedding takes the same shape. Today a style is so highly rated and people are enthusiastic about it, the next days following, the style or design is far outdated and looks primitive to be seen rocking in one. The similarities here only that the time to die down is different and so is it to show beauty.

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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In the modern contemporary world, things are very dynamic and people have become more liberal-minded. New ideas are being tested and so long as they get an overwhelming support then they are accepted as ethically right. The men’s wear for wedding is one of those dimensions in life where change has been the constant. The mind is open to perceive anything and has helped many people explore new styles and designs for the wedding.

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African wear styles for the wedding 2020

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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If you have been keeping out with fashion trends, you must have observed that there is specific wedding attire for both men and women. They have a ceremonial appeal and a bright feel that they come along with. A wedding ceremony is where best one can spot a high sense of style and fashion. Besides, this is a gathering that has long been planned for so the all involved now that they have to give their best looks on the due day.

The men’s wear for the wedding has variations. Thanks to our ever thoughtful designers there is a style for everyone and every occasion. I would like to break down the broad spectrum of African men’s fashion into three; the groom wears, groomsmen wear and the male guest attires. This will give you insight on how wedding attire should be like for a man at any capacity they are involved in a wedding.

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African wedding attire for the groom

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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The groom is the epitome figure of the day, without him having done what he alone knows best then no wedding would be, of course with the other party involved. Grooms are mostly consumed with the wedding preparation, planning and organizing that more often they just want the day behind them. However, these are responsibilities bestowed upon him by the society and in fact, has somehow managed them to prove he can manage a home.

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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Nevertheless, the groom should look dapper on this day, there are many styles he can choose to do for the big day. The wow effect is what is being looked into. He should have the best of looks to both mark the day, and celebrate as well. Below are some of the top trending African men’s fashions for the groom:

Traditional wedding attire groom

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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The traditional African wedding attire for groom has come a long way. In fact grooming the groom did not just begin yesterday, this practice has been there for the longest time I can remember. Customarily, the groom and the bride had to dress in similar fabric patterns during their engagement and marriage ceremonies as a show of togetherness and be easy to tell apart.

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The man would have a piece of kente or Ankara cloth wrapped around his body and ties up on the left shoulder. The look could be completed by a beaded necklace, hat or a small cap and casual shoes ordinarily ethnic sandals. The bride would have two cloths of kente wrapped on the upper and lower side of her body. The wrapping was done skillfully to cover up all nakedness but to be flirty in showing the femininity.

This wear is still very popular today. Young men getting into marriage have embraced this new style; new because we had been absorbed into other practices. I was once told the more the things change the more they remain the same. We have long changes our practices, but as changes happen we getting back to them and the more things remain the same – African men’s fashion.

Ghanaian African wear for wedding

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men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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The diversity in the Ghanaian African wear for wedding is one that deserves the honor. Style and fashion is the most explored resource in Ghana considering it was the first country to weave cloth. The African wears for wedding are infinite with more creative work being discovered day in day out.

The men’s wear for wedding for so long has not been looked into because fashion designer gave overwhelming focus to the women wear. This caused a disparity that has recently been filled with some awesome hands-on attire for both everyday wear and for occasional purposes. As they make awesome bridesmaids’ dresses and gowns, they have not forgotten to make outstanding and unique designs for the groom and groomsmen wear.

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The Ghanaian African wear for wedding detailed; a kente fabric made shirt and pants. This could either be of bright pattern or of a monotone color. If need be the shirt could be embroidered to make it stand out, the pants could have good cut to be fitting. Casual shoes, a hat, walking stick among other accessories would complete the look. The groom outfit should be set apart from the groomsmen although some do not mind the uniformity. However, the bride can have their gown made from such a fabric or if going with a white gown have elements of the same.

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The shirt is the most pronounced part of the outfit and is in different designs. In fact, it is so trendy because it serves more than one purpose; it can be worn for anniversaries, wedding and event social functions

Wedding attire for groom casual

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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Conventionally, men have been going for suits as the African groom wedding attire. This has been routinely done such that even when worn nothing unique about it to tell we can see. Men have embraced an unforgettable look for the wedding and are welcome to all crazy and creative ideas about the designs.

A casual look for the groom is the in vogue trend in the modern world and highly applauded by men of younger generations who aspire to walk the same path sooner or later. Just as the bride has found easy ways to rock a gown, the man on the other end compliments the same.

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Easy wedding attire for the man is a native embroidered monotone shirt with matching pants. The shirt is not tacked into the shirt it flows freely. Notably, it is longer than a conventional shirt with asymmetrical cut creatively made to make a man look dazzling and flirty. Matching shoes alongside other accessories can be done in moderation to avoid drawing too much attention or appearing confused, lost and weird.

African groomsmen outfits

A man in African outfits never goes wrong for a social function. Ideally, groomsmen are there to offer support to the groom and show to the world that there is a strong battalion behind him. How they portray themselves can easily be interpreted to be how the groom is when no under pressure. The groomsmen generally should look good and decent.

There are many styles to rock in check today. The native look premiers the discussion about them. Most young men in the informal sector do not fancy the suit. For this reason, the groom can have his groomsmen wear a tribal outfit that will accommodate them all and make the outfit wearable for another occasion once the wedding is done. In fact, you will agree with me, this is the new trend in wedding and young people are bold to go with it.

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Alternatively, as I said here before, the groom can be personally thrilled by suits. To satisfy his desires the groomsmen can wear the suit. It equally is awesome and never gets out of fashion. To make it more vibrant accessories can be used. It is good to hear their view as a groom, some have great ideas about the African men’s fashion and may make your day more memorable.

African men’s fashion for guest

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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Guests are not tied to the uniform wear for the wedding as the groom's men are. So long as they understand the theme, they always pull some of the show stopping looks for both the groom and bride and the cameras. This is where you will find a lot of versatility in fashion. The young and the old men have mastered the art of exquisite African wear styles for wedding.

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Ordinarily, most will go for the native tribal wear. It is easy, comfortable, stylish and tasteful. If there is no provision as what to wear, just go with a kente fabric made shirt and pants. The pants or the shirt can be of a monotone color interchangeably but if one does not mind the two being from the same patterns, then that would be a fine one. Alternatively, if they desire the shorts African men fashion, this too never disappoints it remains very fashionable.

However, there are men who shy away from kente fabric because they believe the colors are too shouting and bright. Well, I would like to state categorically that there are monotone designs that can be worn and are comfortable. Alternatively, a suit or casual wear; khaki pants and fitting shirt and a blazer also do wonders in complimenting a good look.

The above are some of the best of the African groom wedding attire and the African grooms’ men outfits. Well, there are many more that I have not mentioned and you, therefore, need to look out for more and different unique style for wedding – men. Besides, they are not only worn for a wedding only but can be a good wear for informal and some semi- formal set up. This is because the styles used are very modern and relate to the dynamic changing times and the need to have more than one use for one commodity.

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Men’s African wear for wedding has so interesting emerging trend you need to observe. One is how the conventional suit is made cultural through the use of accessories or patchwork. This makes the suit wearable for office and social easy occasions. White and gold is another combination that is trending. The outfit conceptually has both the pants and the shirt being of white color and embroidered in gold. Gold is not the only color that can be embroidered on white, but also the theme colors can be to make a comfortable modish wear – Ghanaian African wear for wedding.

Finally, I have observed with interest, that sometimes the groom and the groomsmen or generally the bridal party could change their outfits. This helps accommodate the religious rites where men can wear a certain style then change much later to usher in the festivities and dance during the reception. The suit and the native style are the trending styles that are interchanged. This brings various elements to your wedding and can be a very awe feature. There are other emerging trends as the industry keeps experiencing that we should be looking forward to seeing. Meanwhile, let us embrace the various African men’s fashion for men put up here. Your closet or wardrobe can be revamped by this Ghanaian African wears for the wedding, besides it doesn’t hurt to get to your roots or try our new things if you are not African.

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I am taken aback by some of the trends in the men’s African wedding attire today. Conventionally, the wedding had taken up so many concepts of the western countries; the suit styles for the groom and his men and the white gown for the bride. The need to be unique is probably one of the things that are silently taking us back to our roots. If say one was to have a western wedding today, sadly there is nothing new per say to offer since there is no much diversity and it seems we have seen it all. I think all options to make it stand alone are by far exhausted.

On the other hand, if a wedding was to be African themed, which is a new trend there is much to make the day yours and make some unforgettable memories. Remember this is a once in a lifetime event that once done its done and never to be repeated. It would be wise to make the only event that marks a new life one consciously choose to get in nostalgic and the ceremony worthwhile. Guest will take their time to pull up the best look just to make your day beautiful; the groomsmen and the entire bridal team will bring the wow effect, the bride will crown the day with elegance; what will the groom do?

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Ordinarily, men tend to forget that as much it is the day for the bride it is also a day worth recall for the groom. As everyone shines all the way, the groom equally needs to be at the centerpiece of it all. The attention should be drawn to both the bride and the groom. The African men’s fashion offers a lot of options the groom can consider for their look. They come in all styles, designs and make; the ball is now rolling on their side to play it well as the fashion designer has played their part.

Before we get deep into the African wear for the wedding, I pause and wonder why a wedding is important after all? Why should we dress up for the occasion? Is it really necessary? I get into research and find the following?

Why is a wedding important?

According to the traditional African society, a wedding was a happy occasion where the man got to be given a girl in presence of the community with the blessings of the gods, and elders. Nothing much has changed in the modern African setting. But why is a wedding highly regarded?

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men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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Marriage as per the traditional teachings was ordained by God. This makes the occasion scared as you seek to have the blessing of God before going into the new life with a life partner. The fear of the sovereign deity made it all the more sacred. It was and still is a religious practice

Secondly, marriage marked a new beginning, the girl gets to have a life partner who she commits to living with for the rest of her life. The transition from one stage in life to the next culturally is esteemed. Thirdly is a mark of honor, the girl gets new titles and so happens to the man. There are things or decisions they could not make for the community but now can, rites they could not perform but are then accepted.

Finally, the coming together of a man and a woman was time to make merry, celebrate and feast. These are the primary characteristics you will find in a wedding across all communities. Love and friendship is celebrated in style, people gather up to share in the good moments, cheer on in their next phase of life and wish them well. That is not all; the groom prepares a sumptuous meal to share with the guest to crown the day. Weddings are really important.

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Determinants of the African wear styles for wedding

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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As I had earlier on stated, the variations in style and designs for the groom and his men is something one cannot exhaust. There are different designs which are utterly beautiful but then they have to narrow down on one style which they settle down with. In most cases, this is not easy because you always have an idea of what your dream wedding should be like yet the variety leaves you at dilemma and completely indecisive.

Ideally, the man may identify a good men’s wear for the wedding design yet when they get to the stores, other designs have come up which even looks better. That said and done, there are a few considerations one should look into when designing the design to go for the men;

1. Wedding theme

This is the chief reason why a groom and his men will go for a particular African wear style for wedding and not the other. A wedding could be African themed, western themed or western African themed – in some cases people narrow down to nature themed, reggae themed among another thing the parties relate to. This means there is what is desired long before they get shopping or planning for the wedding.

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men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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If let’s say a wedding is African themed, then the element of the cultural heritage should be factored into place such as the traditional outfit for the men, art, meals, décor, interior design among other things. Similarly, the men’s African wedding attire has these conditions to meet. This determines whether you are going for the native tribal look or the western suit; of course, the groom must be slightly different from his groomsmen.

First is the African heritage, which mean all affairs done trace back to the roots, color is another thing that determines the wear. For instance, if the color of color is royal blue and bright red, this means you cannot go shopping for purple wear for the men’s wear for wedding. Saturation of color and contrast is something that should be looked keenly into not to have to shades of the same for the wedding or an outfit that does not compliment that of the ladies. The wedding theme by far and large determines the kind of wear for the men and groom.

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2. Personal preferences

We always dream of a fairytale wedding and a happily ever after, right! Everybody loves the fine side of life and to have things fall into place as planned. This is where the opinion of the groom and the bride is required after all this is their day and should run smoothly as per their wish.

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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Big to small details that are desire should be looked into. For instance; the man could have a picture of the tribal African wear styles for the wedding and not the conventional suit; there are those with the preference of Ankara or kente fabrics mixed into the outfit. Still, there are groom who wants an easy look, another sophisticated modern look yet others want the very native appearance Either way their preferences determine the attire for the wedding. This directly affects the choice and subsequent purchase or make for the wedding.

3. Cost

Of course, there is a price to pay for the men’s wear for wedding. The choice of style one chooses is subject to the money willing and ready to exchange for its value. The more elegant an outfit is the higher the tag attached to it. For instance, you walk into a store and find a design that interests you, however, it is highly priced and you cannot afford to buy it. This forces you to decide on another outfit or irrationally adjust your budget.

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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Nonetheless, wedding is a once in a lifetime event, I would advise you go for the best. Never trade off quality for the price, you obviously do not want to be disappointed or embraced on your big day. However, do not break the bank for the good look, shop around to compare prices and go for the best offer

4. Situational factors

The African wear styles for wedding can be determined by even unplanned factors that come along the way. For instance, you have a design in mind, but your fashion designer being very knowledgeable about the industry advises you on an alternative that you reason out should be the course to follow. Similarly, you shopping around with your friend and you happen to pick on a certain style; having probably had such an outfit may advise you otherwise.

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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The situational factors must not always be from someone else, they can also be within. For instance; I am looking forward to an African themed wedding; then as days go by I realized the slightly westernized one would go well with me or am not open wholesomely to the general idea of an African themed wedding. Of course, here I will have a change of plans and settle on yet another African men’s fashion for wedding.

5. Environment

Here, I am referring to the physical environment and the external factors. If say you the wedding venue is in a hot climate area, the ideally men’s African wear for wedding should be comfortable in that environment. For instance, not too warm; should be relaxed and easy. On the other hand, if for instance, the wedding is to be held during winter a suit will be the most appropriate. If the African theme is to be their accessories such as tie, lapel, hat, the belt can be used.

men's african wear for wedding, african wear for wedding, african dress wear for a wedding
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Additionally, the social environment determines the kind of wear to go for the men. This is where we can tell of being conservative or liberal minded. There are people open to new ideas and trends, yet there are those who are staunch followers of what they grew up knowing as acceptable. The conservative man will go for the conventional African wear for wedding – most likely a suit but the liberal-minded man can rock any easy or trending style and is easy to groom.

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