Men's African wear 2020: Photos

Men's African wear 2020: Photos

Some days are completely different from others, not because of the different times but majorly because of the approach you give the day. There are days you wake up excited and ambitious, yet there are those you wake up drained and lost. The mood has a lot to determine how you day goes right from the choice of outfit you put on. Today you have the zeal to be bright and sophisticated, the next charming and playful and the day after native and cultured. Of course am talking about the grooming as I will highlight the various men African wear styles.

men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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It is worth noting that style is not all about clothes. Style, rather, is a way of communicating who you are through how you put on clothes. This is the ground to which one can be judged stylish or otherwise. Style is more of an identity or personality; a self knowledge aspect expressed silently yet boldly. For instance a cautious person who be keen on what they wear, an irresponsible on is less concerned on what goes with what so long as nakedness is covered. Those falling in between we can tell who they really are by how they dress.

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Latest men’s African wear

men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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Africa has been seen as the Dark Continent because we experienced civilization last. However, this is a wrong stereotype as I will prove to you shortly. Yes civilization just came the other day, but there is a lot we take pride in as African. There are a whole range of mineral deposits, beautiful natural phenomenon, scenery and landscape, many variety species of both plant and animal and the diversity of culture. The latter is one of the unique things we have in Africa, our culture leaves a lot to admire from language to traditions everything is outstanding.

The beautiful peculiar thing that has made African have international recognition is the fashion industry for men in Ghana. Ghana prides in some very innovative and creative art and designs found nowhere else in the world. It is an industry leader in the men’s African wear styles, other are following a mile away from it.

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I would like to categorically put it that there are many styles for the male wardrobe that are presently trending and popular. They are some distinct for the boy child, teenagers, young adults and the elderly. Each brings out some identity although some styles can be shared for men of different ages groups. Here are some of the African wear designs for guys.

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African men’s traditional wear

men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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Ideally there are different times where men wore different African wear men’s styles. The very ancient for instance worn a piece of kente or Ankara fabric wrapped around the body with a tight knot on the left shoulder. This was a look he could rock even for ceremonial functions. The kings and the chiefs wore a gonja made outfit which comprised of pant and baggy shirt. The fabric was commonly blue/black white striped.

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However, as civilization came men embraced yet another look; the bright colorful kente fabric was used to make clothes; pants and shirt. The fabric has over 300 animal, floral and line patterns one can choose from which just explain the versatility. The fabric can be a combination of colors and patterns or one of the monotone colors. Either way these were the men’s African wear in Ghana and have remained a relevant style up to this day.

The tribal African wear designs for men

men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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This is an improved look from the traditional wear for men. Notably the two style seem to be closely alike only that you will observe various creative elements that lacked in the latter. For instance the tribal African wear designs for men has advanced tailoring work in fit, cut, quality of the fabric and design. If you compare the two notable differences are visible and the tribal look is flawless.

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Ideally, the man take commonly a monotone fabric made shirt and pants. The color combination styles are there although they are limiting because it is more of a ceremonial outfit and the modern man is looking for flexibility. The shirt and pants can be of same color, or contrasting. Embroidery is done on the shirt and pants; the breast plate areas, arms and the lower edges of the shirt. For the pants embroidery is done at the helm of the trousers. A bright color thread is used when making the embroidery so that it is visible and blends in the outfit. Some men would go for the small cap, some choose to stay without but all the same remain dazzling native.

Suit African wear designs for guys

men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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This yet another mark of creativity at its best, latest men’s African wear. Men have pulled good looks for the suit until it became monotony and art had to be put in place to come up with a unique design suitable for the modern to traditional man. Suits are a common wear but the African designed one is just one of the ground breaking trends in the world today.

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African wear designs for men have some of the spectacular design for the modern man. Suit ordinarily comprises of a coat and pants and in some cases the three piece half coat. Apparently, a suit can have African print detail in it yet remain dignified; for instance, a designer can choose to have a black suit but the collar, lapel, three pieces half coat be made from the African print. The shirt to wear can be monotone or as you prefer.

On the other hand, the designer makes an unconventional suit made of African print to be completed with a bright matching color shirt and the canvas shoes. Accessories may be worn if necessary.

Semi casual African wear styles for men

men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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This is an easy cloth for the Modern African wear designs for men. It offers much flexibility since it can be worn for any occasion apart from the formal environments. It is modish and suitable for men of all ages and is made into different alluring styles you want to try out.

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Pants of African print fabric and a matching shirt gives a casual look. Fitting is important here since the man of the day leave no such baggy detail unattended. He is more concerned of this look since he will be having it on severally and needs to be confident about it. The different way to steal the show would be to pair it up with a monotone top down button shirt that again is fitting, good shoes and a nice hair cut. I have observed men in this look go for canvas shoes and go socks less.

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Pants and shorts men’s African wear in Ghana

Although most men have embraced the latest men’s African wear. There are those who are open to new ideas than others; this means certain style would go down well with them and others are unwelcome. While there are men who can wear an Ankara or kente suit some this is a never outfit, however, they can wear pant or shorts of the African print and match up with a shirt or t-shirt of their choice.

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Men's African wear for wedding

men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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Teenager is more willing to explore this style than adults. However, shorts or pants can be worn even for hot sunny weather, for wedding, to social events and even for modern church. There is no single place cant you rock it so long as you are comfortable; the corporate environment is the only exemption. The up to the minute style if the suspender version of these.

African wears men’s shirts

men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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If there is any areas in the men’s African wear styles where designer have really taken the day is in the African wears men’s shirt. Am lost for words to describe the infinite yet spectacular designs for shirt I have seen around. Well let me just say, it is countless, if you have been looking for one am sure you did hit the most indecisive moment of your life. Not until you are able to narrow down to a few styles then shopping for the men’s shirt can be a hard nut to crack.

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men's african wear styles, african wear for man, african men's traditional wear
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There are many designs for the shirt but basically the African wears men’s shirts is mostly monotone. The elaborate details are on the front part of the shirt and primarily the neck and breast plate. The designs range from smart simple embroidery to detailed elegant embroidery. The cut is also something worth mentioning; ordinarily these shirts are custom made so they are cut as per the customer’s stature. Subject to the design of interest they can be long or short, short sleeved or long sleeved.

Men’s African wear for wedding

If you are looking for an eccentric appearance for a wedding or engagement party, you can look up for the men’s African wear in Ghana collection. There is always something for every man. In Ghana, different fabric represent different thing and have different meanings. For instance there is one that marked the union between the Ghanaian founding father, Kwame Nkrumah to his Egyptian wife Fathia. This fabric is used to mark unity between different countries as exhibited by his marriage to a woman of a different race.

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Bright color and patterned fabric is a sign of respect for the ancestors and is worn when people want to appease them for blessings. In a social event such as wedding ceremonies they had to be worn to signify these blessings. These are some of the ancient practices of the Ghanaian people although today the styles have been adopted for beauty and cover up purposes.

The Men’s African wear for the wedding can be a mix of the above styles. The subject of choice lies on the wearer and how they feel about the occasion. If let’s say it is so a friend, rocking Ankara pant with a shirt is no big deal, a suit can equally do a lot of service to the event’s memories and other creative designs compliment the masculine feel. Ideally, weddings are so full of style since there are not stringent provisions as what to wear and what not to wear.

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Unconventional men’s African wear styles teenagers

In every market I hear there is always a mad man. So in the African men’s traditional wear there are those outfits that are completely peculiar, weird yet are a beautiful mess I would say. This is where you see the height the human mind can perceive and the desire to be different at whatever measures it takes. Teens are explorative, they have the energy and time to test the depth of the water see if they can sink or can swim along. Surprisingly, how these ideas just come to actualization and get popular leaves a lot to be desired. Here is some of the craze in the latest men’s African wear;

Blocked patterns African wear designs for men

This is more of the traditional mix and match. What makes it unconventional is the fact that the fabrics used are not of monotone colors; that is not the whole issue still. The kente fabrics are patterned and these patterns could be of more than two colors, how about another completely different fabric matched together. Ideally, you get a confused look.

Well the teenagers are open to that sort of craziness, a shirt of assumable floral print is matched with animal prints fabrics. The super star confidence they show is probably what has made this trend. Can you visualize how a short of Ankara can go with the buttoned shirt of African prints also that is different from the latter? It appears crazy! But this is a style you can try if you are the fashionable kind of a guy – it is flirty.

Patchwork men’s African wear styles

Patched have been known to be a cover up for a worn out cloth just to make it more durable. This probably is how the style came up. Fashion designers then took up the role to improve the appearance of patches by making them appear more organized and in style. Today, it is not a wonder to see a patched up sweater, jackets, shirt and even pants. The patches are done professionally showing a thoughtful skill. This is one of the stand alone latest men’s African wear that can not only be worn by the young generation but also the older generation. For the older generation they can be in moderation by teens love the much exaggerated type of wear for the men. Good luck in your quest to get more African with these notable African wear styles in Ghana.

Interestingly, when you actualize crazy ideas, they can become a style in the fashion world. This is subject if they are acceptable, seen cool and causes a spur among many people. Sometimes a certain style may become trendy not because it is so elegant but because it shows thoughtfulness and an adventurous kind of being. The African wear designs for guy are what interests me, creativity at its best.

Thanks to new evolution men have become keener on their looks and actually take their time to dress up or recondition their wardrobe. Gone are the days when men would merely put on just anything for the sake of it. The modern man is fashionable each with their own personal style. In this piece I will focus my work on the latest men’s African wear, because even as civilization is pushing us to become westernized, the African textile heritage chiefly from Ghana is rich and should be preserved.

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What are the challenges facing the men’s African wear in Ghana?

Ghana prides in being the first country to make woven cloth which was done by hand in 1400s. Since then the fashion and textile industry has experienced notable growth and expansion thanks to the new technology. The kente or the gonja is the fabric used to make clothes in Ghana, which ideally is the national wear for the Ghanaians. Style and fashion for this reason is advanced and widely explored. Their unique styles have hit the world by a storm causing and intrigued interest to find out more about the wear. As a result, the African wear in Ghana has become popular and gone international.

However, all is not green as it appears. Well, it is true in deed that Ghana majorly depends on the fashion industry as the main economic activity; the exports are done in enormous bulk. The only back lagging thing is the local consumption; it is relatively low because it is perceived expensive.

Second hand clothes imported into the country is the primary cause of all this. The ordinary citizen has an escape route to follow are they are cheap compared to the locally made one. However, they quickly forget that they are trading off their own industry for the boon of other industry trivializing quality because of price. This has posed a major threat to the economy and the government is equally concerned.

As the economy suffers, the republic of Ghana government took a tactful strategy. This is the introduction of national wear on Fridays. Everybody in both the formal and informal sectors targeting those in the corporate world would wear the native kente, Ankara or gonja wear. Of course this sounded crazy from the onset and was cordially accepted little did the populace know that would help them boost the local industries.

Based on the men’s African wear in Ghana discussion, it is clear that there are many variations in style and designs for the African wear. In fact the number is infinite which makes it all harder to pick a style from the pool. However, one has to make a decision since you cannot have everything your desire or finds cool in life. Life is full of making sacrifices so long as one can do without. Here are some of the factors that influence your style and help narrow down to one style of preference;

Factors influencing the men’s African wear styles

The following are some of the thing that would influence someone’s personal style and as a result the African wear styles for men. Surprisingly, one would think they have something to do with the fashion industry. Well by association but these factors have little to do with the industry.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder must be a cliché you have heard severally. But in the choice of clothing the eye have to set sight on something attractive before one develops the desire to behold of the outfit. Besides, nobody wants to have something that is not good for them. Good in this case can be found is how you perceive something after seeing it.

The same would affect in deciding for the African wear styles for guys. This is because before someone sees the beauty of what you are wearing you must have seen it and felt it. If say you walk to the stores and nothing looks good to you, you will have to walk out with nothing. Remember there is a price tag for it.

Hyped brands

There are some highly rated brands or cloth lines that make people assume they are having the best. Well, they could be having the best of the outfits but not necessarily. However, such hyped brand thrives from the esteemed reputation who even the consumers want to be associated with.

The ranking may be because of association with a seasoned fashion designer, celebrity rocking it or has been the brand ambassador, and public figure link – for instance owned by an affluent man or politician. African wear for men similarly may be affected by this fact. If a brand is known to produce quality and unique designs for men, most men would have a preference for that brand and will tend to have a liking for their styles.

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Media is a powerful tool that can mould or demolish. This is the platform for conveying messages or for interaction. Mainstream media plays a big role in convincing the audience what is in check and what is not. If let us say the TV advert have a native African culture portrayed as cool then even the white will have this in their minds. The opposite is also true.

Social media equally can work for or against a product. The worst or good bit about it is that it gives more and impromptu interaction than the mainstream media does. If a certain African wear design for men is highly dignified, then men tend to be fascinated by it and as a result will most likely buy such a product. If the media downplays a style with all sort of names given to it then the style can never be popular only those who want to swim against the tide can; that ordinarily are few if any.


Friends are more of a reflection of who you are. Conceptually there are various characteristics people who have a common goal, ideas, and opinion share. If I am evil, somehow I will diffuse this into my friend and the same would happen if I was good. This is in exemption of a few who stand by their principles and refuse to be swayed side to side as the click would please.

How you friends dress is what most likely you get to be wearing your clothes. If for instance, your friends love the men’s African wedding attire, then you will develop a liking for the same either in or out of your own knowledge. Such is the extents friends can take you. However, not all friends shopping tactics are bad some keep you up to date and in style.


In simple terms this refers to what is happening in the contemporary world of entertainment, news, fashion, health, business, and lifestyle and so on. The trends that actually influence the choice of male dressing is fashion. I belong to the school of thought that believes that when something has an overwhelming support is good – I stand to be corrected if I am wrong in this case. I doubt how possible it would be for a trending African wear style for men are out of fashion yet all the eyes see nothing wrong with that.

Nobody wants to be associated with an inferior good that is struggling to gain market even locally. We always for purchasing things that are popular in the eyes of many and are up to the minute. Who want to have a primitive look? Who minds being fashionable? Who does not know the men’s African wear in Ghana is the way to go? Now you know, utilize this knowledge.

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