Billionaire Businessman Leaves Earth, Travels to Space, Will Study Environment Before Asking People to Pay

Billionaire Businessman Leaves Earth, Travels to Space, Will Study Environment Before Asking People to Pay

  • Billionaire Branson has shared his first video after he landed in space as he fulfilled a dream he has pursued for years
  • With the exploration, he will evaluate the environment and see if his space company can airlift people there at a price
  • Many people were amazed by the space video as some said it goes to show just how great the human drive is

UK billionaire and the owner of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson, has finally landed in space with four other crew members.

BBC reports that it has always been the man’s dream to get to space and that was fulfilled hours ago when he shared his first video from there.

People were wowed when they saw the moment he landed in space.
Many are seeing what being in space looks like through his video. Photo source: @richardbranson
Source: Instagram

How they launched

His Virgin Galactic rocket plane took off at what was called a 1.5-hour mission that took the spacecraft to an altitude that saw the sky turning black.

The launch happened above New Mexico at 08:30 EST. His company provided live streaming of the event according to the BBC.

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That very historical moment

Among the crew members, Beth Moses is the most experienced and knows what it feels like when a spacecraft is in ascent.

On his LinkedIn and Instagram pages, Branson shared the video of their craft as it landed and captioned it:

"Welcome to space astronauts."

Watch the clip below: compiled some of the reactions to the video below:

captainchris said:

"It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this, it makes me smile. Humans are amazing. Congratulations to the out of this world Ultimate Adventurer."

aliceblakelife said:

"Don't bother coming back down!!!"

_rachitacharya said:

"Crazy to think that I can be in space one day in the future."

David Grill said:

"I’ve watched this multiple times… It’s really amazing!"

Jeff Bezos is next!

Meanwhile, earlier reported that the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, invited Wally Funk to join his space ship which will be leaving the earth on Tuesday, July 20.

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With this, the 82-year-old woman will be taking the fourth spot on the maiden flight of the New Shepard spacecraft along with Bezos, Mark Bezos, and the man who paid over $28 million (N11,515,000,000) for the opportunity.

In a post on Bezos’ Instagram page, a video captured the moment he revealed to Wally that she would be joining them on the travel. She was very excited about it all.


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