Emma Corrin: 13 interesting acts about The Crown's Princess Diana actress

Emma Corrin: 13 interesting acts about The Crown's Princess Diana actress

Emma Corrin is a new star who is taking the United Kingdom's movie industry by storm. She plays important roles in notable movies and TV shows and is grabbing prestigious awards while at it. When the brilliant actress featured in The Crown, she went from being an anonymous teenager to one of the most iconic women.

Emma Corrin
Corrin, The Crown's Princess Diana actress. Photo: @emmalouisecorrin (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Emma Corrin is an impressive actress worth watching. She was born Emma-Louise Corrin. Before landing her most notable role, she had starred in a comedy-drama film and one drama series. Evidently, the star's roles in Pennyworth and Misbehavior in 2019 and 2020, respectively, were a stepping stone to more prominent opportunities.

Interesting facts about Emma Corrin

The versatile actress is an embodiment of youthful talent and beauty. Corrin's acting career started while studying at Cambridge University, featuring in The House of Bernada Alba and Mojo and Unraveling The Ribbon. Afterwards, she appeared in local theatre productions. Below are some intriguing facts about her.

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1. Emma was born in December 1995

Emma Corrin's age is currently 25 years. She has been in the movie industry for less than five years but has acquired fame that may last beyond centuries. The talented actress was born on the 13th of December, 1995.

2. She has a bachelor's degree

Emma Corrin went to Woldingham School, a Roman Catholic all-girls high school. She attended the University of Bristol and studied drama for a while before quitting school.

Afterwards, she joined St John's College at the University of Cambridge in 2015 and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, English, Drama and the Arts.

3. She was a casual worker before walking into fame

The eye-catching actress did not just waltz into the United Kingdom's movie industry. Instead, she worked different casual jobs after graduating from the university to pay her bills while chasing her acting career on the side.

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According to some reports, Corrin was packing some underwear boxes at a London retail business when her agent called about a big break. The agent informed her about landing her debut television audition in the drama series Pennyworth.

Emma Corrin
Emma shot the picture remotely for Vogue magazine. Photo: @emmalouisecorrin (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

4. Corrin played Princess Diana's role in The Crown

Emma Corrin landed what would become her role ticket to stardom in the movie industry after getting the job to play Princess Diana of Wales in a drama series, The Crown. The series is about the royal family and the union of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

5. Emma Rose's mother prepared her for The Crown's Princess Diana role

After landing the catchy role, Emma needed the help of her mother, Juliette Corrin, to excel at it. Juliette, a speech therapist, helped her daughter's accent and speech pattern sound like the real Princess Diana's.

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6. She has an uncanny resemblance to the real Princess Diana

Almost everyone except Emma Corrin thinks the actress is physically identical to the real Princess Diana of Wales. The celebrity confirmed that her mother had always been mistaken for the real Princess Diana more than a few times; maybe that's how she got the resemblance.

However, The Crown co-actor, Josh O'Connor, who played Prince Charles, can not get over the similarities.

7. The actress is expected to appear in only Season 4 of The Crown

Emma Louise Corrin's The Crown appearance will be limited to only the episodes of the fourth season of the movie. Remember that Emma was brought into the series to play the part of young Princess Diana. Nevertheless, an older actress, Elizabeth Debicki, is expected to continue the role in the fifth and sixth seasons of the drama.

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8. Emma Corrin bought a Cockapoo in celebration of Princess Diana's role

After getting the enviable role, the star actress was elated and capped the celebratory mood by buying a Cockapoo puppy, which she named Spencer. However, she admitted that the name was in honour of the family of Princess Diana, and interestingly, so far, the dog gains more attention than her when she takes him for a walk.

9. She is reportedly in a relationship with Harry Styles

Rumours of Emma Corrin and Harry Styles' relationship became a thing at some point. People thought they were too freaky together to be "just friends." However, some reports have confirmed that it is just a friendship and nothing more. Emma Corrin and Harry Styles are also filming a movie, My Policeman, together.

10. Emma Corrin's awards

Emma may be new in the movie industry, but she already won some prestigious awards. She won in different categories of awards organised by Golden Globe, Broadcasting Press Guild, Broadcast Film Critics Association, International Online Cinema (INOCA), The Golden Derby TV, and Screen Actors Guild in 2021. Meanwhile, she has other pending nominations.

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11. She constantly engages her followers online

Emma Corrin's Instagram page keeps attracting more followers with her constant posts. Currently, she boasts more than 694,000 followers. Recently, the actress shared a picture of herself wearing a breast-binder, which affirmed her queerness. In a previous post, Emma shared an image of herself in a wedding dress with the caption "ur fave queer bride."

12. Corrin has an amazing family

Emma Corrin's parents are Christopher and Juliette. The father is a London businessman, while the mom is a speech therapist. Besides, Emma has two younger brothers, Richard and Charles. The family lives in Kent, England, United Kingdom.

13. Gender identity

Emma Corrin announced her association with the queer community in July 2021. She is binary and announced her gender pronoun as she/they. Nevertheless, Emma is still unsure about her gender identity. When she spoke to ITV News, she siad:

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I think visibility is key with these things. I felt it because I think my journey's been a long one, and I still got a way to go. I think that we're so used to defining ourselves and that's the way sadly society works is within these binaries. It's taken me a long time to realize I exist somewhere in between, and I'm still not sure where that is yet.

Emma Corrin's Diana role has catapulted her into the spotlight. But, interestingly, she does not take the chance for granted and already has some awards to show for her hard work. Without mincing words, Emma Corrin has a bright future in the movie industry, no doubt.

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