Thailand female names and meanings

Thailand female names and meanings

One of the best parts about expecting a baby is choosing the name. A parent only gets one shot, and they have to be careful because a child’s name will be with them for the rest of their lives. Most parents think about what they will name their little ones for months, as this is not an easy decision to make. However, recognizing when you have the perfect name for your child will be easy, it will just feel right. If you're strapped for ideas, Thai female names are an excellent place to start.

Thai female names

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One of the countries with the most exciting cultures is Thailand. The children’s names are picked after a lot of deliberation. One tradition that is followed in Thailand is giving the newborn baby two names. The first name is the formal one, and the second name is a nickname that will be used in social settings.

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Thai parents are very particular about baby names, and all the names used are carefully crafted. This results in names that are long and a bit clumsy for daily use. This led to the need for simpler nicknames for daily use. Therefore, at birth, a child is assigned two names.

Another very famous tradition is naming children after celebrities. This is believed to gift the child the qualities that the celebrity has. This could be creativity or even leadership. However, one should be careful when doing this so that you don’t name your baby girl after a celebrity who doesn’t have any good qualities.

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Thai girl names and meanings

Thai female names for baby

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So you just found out that you are going to have a baby girl. You want to give her a beautiful and unique name that is also meaningful. Due to their rich culture, almost all Thai female names fit this description, and most people have a hard time picking which name they would want for their child. This is because Thai girl names are especially beautiful. Some of those names include:

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  • Buppha: Flower
  • Kulap: Rose
  • Bussaba: Flower
  • Chimlin: Cute
  • Chuenchai: Refreshing
  • Gun: Grape
  • Dao: Star
  • Kamlai: Bracelet
  • ChailaiI: Pretty
  • Kanya: Girl
  • Karawek: Bird
  • Kosum: Flower
  • Ngam-chit: Good heart
  • Kwang: Deer
  • Lamai: Soft
  • Lawan: Beautiful
  • Malee: Flower
  • Pakpao: Female fighter-kite. Kite fighting is a common sport in Thailand that has been played by Thai kings throughout history, and the battle between the male Chula kite and female Pakpao kite is the beautiful highlight of the game. It is a common choice for Thai female names.
  • Waan: Sweet
  • Penchan: Full moon
  • Mali: Jasmine
  • Pensri: Beauty and goodness of the moon
  • Phailin: Sapphire
  • Phairoh: Sweet and pleasant sounding
  • Phawta: Pleasing to the eye
  • Ratana: Crystal
  • Samorn: Beautiful and beloved
  • Sanoh: Sweet and pleasant sounding
  • Solada: Hearkens
  • Saengdao: Starlight
  • Som: Orange (the fruit)
  • Waen: Ring
  • Sroy: Chain
  • Phueng: Bee
  • Sukhonn: Lovely fragrance
  • Taeng: Melon
  • Vanida: Girl
  • Hom: Fragrant

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Taiwan female names with meanings

Common Thai names for girl

Thai female names

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There are also common Thai names girl. This does not mean that they are not also beautiful names. In fact, these names are unique and perfect for your baby. Having a unique name is a blessing for kids. They will always be recognizable wherever they go, and they will thank you when they are old enough to realize this.

  • Achara: Pretty angel
  • Apinya: Magical power
  • Boonsri: Beautiful
  • Busarakham: Yellow sapphire gem
  • Duangkamol: From the heart
  • Gamon/Kamon: Heart
  • Kanda: Darling
  • Kannika: Beautiful flower
  • Karawek: Little bird
  • Khun Mae: Honorable mother
  • Kohsoom: Lotus flower
  • Kulap: Rose flower
  • Kwang: Deer
  • Kwangjai: Sweetheart
  • Lamai: Gentle and caring
  • Lawana: Beautiful and graceful person
  • Madee: A good start
  • Malee/Mali: Flower
  • Malivalaya: Climbing jasmine flower
  • Manee: Precious gemstone
  • Nin: This Sapphire gem
  • Pakpao: A fighter kite (a type of Buddhist kite for the sport of kite fighting)
  • Pensri: Beautiful moon.
  • Phaelin/Phaelyn: Sapphire
  • Phawta: Pleasing appearance
  • Phitsamai: Adorable woman
  • Pimchan: Beautiful like the moon
  • Piti/Preeda: Full of joy
  • Phueng: Bee (the insect)
  • Prija: Intelligent one
  • Ratanaporn: Crystal blessing
  • Ratree: Jasmine flower
  • Rochana: Uses words sweetly
  • Rune: Happiness
  • Rutna: A gem
  • Saengdao: Starlight
  • Samorn: Gorgeous one
  • Sasithorn: Of the moon
  • Sirikit: Queen
  • Siriporn: Glorious blessed one
  • Sopa: So pretty
  • Suchin: Beautiful thought
  • Suda: Ladylike daughter
  • Sukhorn: Pleasing fragrance
  • Sunstra: Beautiful eyes
  • Ubon: Flowering lotus
  • Waan: Sweet
  • Wattana: Advanced soul
  • Ying: Feminine
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Thai female names

Cute Thai female names

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Thai baby girl names are some of the most beautiful names in the world. They are also guaranteed to turn heads, especially if you don’t live in Thailand since they are very unique. The names listed here can be used as either the formal name or the nickname, depending on the name’s meaning.

  • Anong: Gorgeous woman
  • Achara: Beautiful angel
  • Buppha: Flower blooms and blossoms
  • Malee: Flower
  • Kulap: Rose flower
  • Chantara: Moon and water
  • Preeda: Joyful
  • Boonsri: Beautiful
  • Arinya: Gorgeous woman with knowledge
  • Chimlin: Cute
  • Darika: Star
  • Daw: Beautiful and gorgeous
  • Duangkamol: Right from the heart
  • Duanphen: Full moon
  • Kannika: Beautiful flower
  • Karnchana: Beautiful lovely girl
  • Kulap: Rose flower
  • Lawan: Beautiful
  • Madee: A good beginning
  • Kwang: Deer
  • Mayuree: Beautiful
  • Nin: Sapphire
  • Pensri: The beauty of the moon
  • Phaibun: To prosper and flourish
  • Pimchan: Beautiful as the moon
  • Phawta: Pleasing to the eye
  • Phitsamai: An adorable woman
  • Prija: An intelligent and smart woman
  • Rochana: Sweet with words
  • Samorn: A woman who is beautiful and beloved
  • Saengdao: Starlight
  • Siriporn: Gloriously blessed
  • Tansanee: Beautiful view
  • Sunstra: A woman with beautiful eyes
  • Sopa: An incredibly pretty girl
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The cultural diversity in Thailand is the greatest in the world. The best part about the naming procedures is that children are allowed to change their names if they feel like they don’t like it. This means that there are always new names around. You can use this Thai names girl list as a guide when picking the perfect Thai female names for your child. You are guaranteed a unique name that your child will most definitely love as they grow up. reported on the best Colombian names for boys and girls. These names are guaranteed to impress wherever your child goes. They are not only beautiful, but they also have significant meanings behind them.

The best part is that the list has 100 names for both genders. You will be spoilt for choice as all of them are unique and extraordinary. Having these exotic names will make them the coolest kids among their peers, and every parent wants that.

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