100+ best Thai girl names for your female child and meanings

100+ best Thai girl names for your female child and meanings

Choosing a name for your baby is exciting and terrifying at the same time. You have only one shot at picking names the child will be delighted to use for the rest of their lives. Parents research about names for months because it is not an easy decision to make. Thai girl names are an excellent place to start if you are short of ideas.

best Thai girl names
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Thailand has exciting child naming cultures. Each newborn must have two names. The first name is formal, while the second one is a nickname. Adults pick the names after a lot of deliberation because they consider the Thai names and meanings.

Thai girl names and meanings

Another famous tradition is the use of celebrity female names in Thailand. It is believed that such names gift the child the qualities that the celebrities they are named after. However, they avoid giving their daughters Thailand female names of stars who are wrong role models.

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Unique Thailand female names

Most people have a hard time picking Thai female names because all names are beautiful. If you just found out that you are going to have a baby girl and you feel like giving her unique Thai women's names, here is a list of names to choose from:

  1. Adranuch: Virtuous lady
  2. Ambhom: Sky
  3. Achara: Pretty angel
  4. Apinya: Magical power
  5. Bun Ma: Good luck
  6. Bussaba: Pearl
  7. Ceanay: Boss
  8. Chaem Choi: Gracefulness
  9. Chai Charoen: Triumphant
  10. Chailai: Pretty
  11. Chaisee: Innocent
  12. Dok Phi Sua: An avatar
  13. Dok Rak: Love
  14. Dok-Ban-Yen: Blossoming
  15. Dusadi: Sensational
  16. Gun: Grape
  17. Hansa: Cheerful
  18. Hanuman: Monkey god
  19. Hom: Fragrance
  20. Isra: Freedom
  21. Ittiporn: Powerful
  22. Kwangjai: Sweetheart
  23. Khun Mae: Motherly
  24. Lamai: Caring
  25. Sanoh: Pleasant
  26. Solada: Respectable
  27. Saengdao: Star's light
  28. Som: Orange fruit
  29. Tansanee: Glamorous
  30. Tha Kai Bok: The willow tree
  31. Thahan: Soldier
  32. Thai: Freedom
  33. Madee: A good start
  34. Rachini: Queen
  35. Yindee: Pleasure

Common Thai names for girl

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Thai girl names
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Have you ever told people your name, but they forgot it almost immediately? Your kids will rarely encounter that if you give them common Thai names because they are easy to remember and pronounce. There are many common, but beautiful Thai names to select.

  1. Anchali: Greetings
  2. Apasra: Adorn
  3. Benjakalyani: 5th girl
  4. Dao: Star
  5. Darika: Shinning star
  6. Daw: Beautiful
  7. Cea Hying: Princess
  8. ChailaiI: Pretty
  9. Charanya: Young girl
  10. Charunee: Refined woman
  11. Hom: Fragrance
  12. Kamlai: Bracelet
  13. Kanda: Darling
  14. Karawek: Little bird
  15. Kwang: Deer
  16. Lawana: Graceful person
  17. Malee/Mali: Jasmine flower
  18. Nin: Sapphire
  19. Phairoh: Sweet
  20. Pensri: Goodness of the moon
  21. Samorn: Beloved
  22. Sarakit: Memorable event
  23. Siriporn: Blessed
  24. Sopa: Pretty
  25. Suchada: Best sister
  26. Taeng: Melon
  27. Ngam-chit: Good hearted
  28. Sirikit: Queen
  29. Ubon: A blooming lotus
  30. Vanida: Girl
  31. Waan: Sweet
  32. Waen: Ring
  33. Ratana: Crystal
  34. Rochana: Sweet-talker
  35. Rune: Happiness

Modern Thai female names

Thai girl names
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You can choose a name from your culture and use popular Thai girl names as nicknames. Thai-American names are so unique in other parts of the world that people love to use them as nicknames.

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  1. Anong: Gorgeous
  2. Arinya: Wise
  3. Apsara: Enchanting
  4. Busarakham: Yellow sapphire
  5. Boribun: I feel complete
  6. Charoenrasamee: Radiant
  7. Charoen: Great progress
  8. Chaloem Chai: Victory
  9. Chatmanee: Jewel
  10. Chimlin: Cute
  11. Duangkamol: My heart
  12. Duanphen: Full moon
  13. Gamon/Kamon: Heart
  14. Han: Fearless
  15. Kulap: Rose flower
  16. Lawan: Magnificent
  17. Pakpao: Fighter
  18. Phueng: Bee
  19. Phaibun: Prosperous
  20. Piti/Preeda: Joy
  21. Prija: Intelligent
  22. Ratanaporn: Blessing
  23. Rutna: Ruby
  24. Sanan Nam: Fame
  25. Sarai: Seaweed
  26. Si Fah: Blue
  27. Sukhorn: Aroma
  28. Sunstra: Ravishing eyes
  29. Thong Dam: Black gold
  30. Thong Khao: White gold
  31. Tida: Daughter
  32. Wattana: Blissful
  33. Ying: Feminine
  34. Wipa: Charming
  35. Yu-Pha: Naïve

Thailand has the most remarkable cultural diversity in the world. You can change your name or your daughter's name if you want and adopt Thai girl names. Your princess will always be proud of these beautiful names.

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