Who is Seth Abramson? 15 interesting facts about the political columnist and analyst

Who is Seth Abramson? 15 interesting facts about the political columnist and analyst

Seth Abramson was a former criminal defence attorney and investigator. He later became a poet, a professor, and most recently one of the most influential journalists in the United States. Since 2017, Seth has been acclaimed to be one of the most eminent Twitter-thread stars because of his critical analytics on various matters such as the U.S election.

Seth Abramson
Seth is one of the renowned political columnists and analysts in America. Photo: @douglevy
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Seth Abramson is an American-born activist and a popular figure known for his political views. Like most celebrities, Seth Abramson's Twitter handle has close to a million followers. However, this supersedes the audience that has been garnered by famous journalists like Jamelle Bouie and Tanzina Veg.

15 interesting facts about Seth Abramson

Abramson is a famous media personality with many accomplishments to his name. But then, who is Seth Abramson behind the camera? So, here are some interesting facts about him that you should not miss:

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1. The professor was born in 1976

On October 31st, 1976, Abramson was born to a family in Concord, Massachusetts, United States. His father was a product manager, and his mother was an art teacher. It would not be out of place to commend his parents for their efforts in getting him schooled at that time because, in the '70s, the U.S economy suffered greatly from inflation.

2. Seth had been a public defender since his junior years in high school

At Dartmouth, the professor studied English and sociology, and during the fall of his junior year, he worked for a public defender in Washington. Due to the responsibilities associated with the job, he visited extremely deprived localities, and this experience helped shape him. Hence, he later went to Harvard Law School to become a certified attorney in New Hampshire.

3. Abramson wasn't always so outspoken

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In his early years, Abramson was an introverted child. He didn't engage much in conversations. However, by his senior year, Abramson had matured into an extrovert and became outspoken, especially on political-related matters.

4. Poetry was initially an escape route for Abramson

The professor worked for low-class clients who had problems ranging from vandalism to drug charges, burglary, and unfair judgment through the period of his legal practice, among others.

However, the job was draining for him, and eventually, he found solace in his inspired poetical pieces. This was how Seth Abramson's books of poetry came to be. Abramson's books and their year of publication include:

  • The Suburban Ecstasies (2009)
  • Northerners (2011)
  • Thievery (2013)
  • Metamericana (2015)
  • DATA (2016)
  • Golden Age (2017)

Interestingly, Seth Abramson's book, Northerners, won him the famous 2010 Green Rose Prize from New Issues Poetry & Prose.

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5. "Proof" is a common word in some of his work

Seth Abramson's podcasts and non-fiction books have a thing or two to do with the title, 'proof.' Between 2018 and 2020, Abramson authored three books that were out to show proof of collusion, proof of conspiracy, and proof of corruption. This is one of the reasons why some people criticize him.

Seth Abramson
Seth is an American-born activist and a popular figure known for his political views. Photo: @iadgraduateprograms
Source: Instagram

6. He is a recipient of many awards

Thirteen years ago, Abramson won the J. Howard and Barbara M.J. Wood Poetry Prize. Then two years after that, he won the Green Rose Poetry Prize. In another two years afterwards, he bagged the Akron Poetry Prize before winning the National Council for the Training of Journalists Honoree in 2018.

7. Seth is very active on Twitter

On Twitter, Seth Abramson is a force to reckon with. He is a dedicated anti-Trump tweeter, and he gathered an incredible number of followers after the 2016 presidential elections were concluded.

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8. He is a very influential journalist

Most Trump-haters love Seth, and during the Trump-Russia story, Abramson's name appeared in many prominent newspapers. He often appeared on Vanity Fair, CNN, and CBS, and despite lots of criticism from opposers, Seth still has a firm grip on his followers.

9. Seth is well-schooled

He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1998, and three years after, he attended law school at Harvard University. Then, in 2009, Seth graduated from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and with only a year break in between, he obtained a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016.

10. Abramson also works at the University of New Hampshire

After working as a trial attorney for six years, Abramson decided to take up a lecturing appointment at New Hampshire. His areas of dominance are post-internet writing, communication arts and sciences, post-internet cultural theory, legal advocacy, and digital journalism.

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Seth Abramson
One of the professor's best-selling books. Photo: @marksiegel2020
Source: Instagram

11. Seth is estimated to have a net worth of over $1 million

Not much is known about the earning capacity of Seth Abramson. Still, if we look into the pay obtainable at different media houses he writes for and appears on, the number of bestseller books he has published, and his thriving poetry career, it follows that his net worth would be over $1 million.

12. Seth is a married man

Although not much is known about Seth's wife, when they married or had any children together, evidence from Twitter suggests that Seth is married. And as he tweeted it, he is married to the most patient woman in America.

13. The poet is a typical Scorpio individual

With all that happened during the Bernie-Hillary saga and even during the Trump-Russia situation, it becomes clear the personality type to which Abramson belongs.

Usually, Scorpios are born between October 23rd and November 21st, and their dynamic personality can easily be misunderstood. This would explain why Seth tried so vehemently to prevent getting misunderstood.

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14. Seth spoke up for Bernie Sanders

Bernie was somehow the underdog in the Democratic primaries of the 2016 presidential election, and most people didn't have faith in him. Of course, he didn't win the primaries in the end, but it must have meant a lot to him that Seth was firmly behind him.

An article by Seth Abramson on why Bernie was winning the primaries must have helped to garner some support for Bernie, no matter how insignificant it appeared.

15. The poet initiated the MFA Research Project

Following Thomas Brady's footsteps, Abramson authored a Master of Fine Arts website between 2007 and 2014, where graduates could seek information before heading to college.

While there would always be periodic criticism for any great man, even the haters of Seth Abramson would concur to his profound insight as touching national matters. Then, it is agreeable that his methods could be crude at times, but he only wants to contribute to a better America.

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