By force fasting, and 4 other things that come to mind when you are broke

By force fasting, and 4 other things that come to mind when you are broke

Money has become such an essential part of our very existence that, it becomes really hard for anyone who goes broke.

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Cost of feeding, accommodation, clothing, transportation and other miscellaneous things contribute to people who do not have various streams of income going broke within a short period. explains five things that come to the mind of people when they go broke or have no money in their account.

By force fasting, and 4 other things that come to mind when you are broke
By force fasting, and 4 other things that come to mind when you are broke
Source: UGC

1. Wasting money on useless things

Often times, when we run out of our monthly budget or whatever budget we have set for ourselves, we regret how much money could have been saved by not purchasing things that were not needed or better still, 'useless' things.

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Most of these useless things could be shoes that are in vogue and not really a necessity.

Other things people consider useless could be kitchen wares which were not really needed.

We then tend to regret spending so much which could have been saved for rainy days on such things

2. Who owes you

Once our account balance starts to reflect in negatives, automatically, we begin to cast our minds back to who owes us what and when exactly they promised to pay.

We end up going after those who are on our debtors' list, just in case they pay what they owe us.

This is a sure way to ensure that you have some cash you can fall on in such hard times.

3. Going back to check if you are really broke

When reality hits you hard that you have no money in your account, the first thing to do is to double-check if really you have no money at all left in your account.

Doing this mostly kind of leaves you feeling hopeless especially if you have nothing and no other streams of income coming in.

4. Where to get money to survive

Once you go broke, you sit down to critically brainstorm where exactly to find money in your room.

A broke person would comb through his or her room to ensure that every corner, purse, or bag is checked to ensure that no money is hiding.

Also, a broke person would be looking for alternatives as to where to get money to survive. It could be to borrow from friends and family, or better still, borrow from Mobile Money.

5. By force fasting

A broke person certainly does not go around with a high taste bud, craving for all sorts of food.

If you ever go broke, the goal is to ensure that you are surviving, therefore, you do all you can to save up on what to use for what is top of your priority.

For instance, a broke person who has to show up on a regular basis does not go about using his or her transportation to buy food to eat but rather does by force fasting in order to save money.

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