Fantana: 8 interesting facts you never knew about the musician

Fantana: 8 interesting facts you never knew about the musician

It is interesting how the Ghanaian music industry has evolved to accommodate every creative mind's productions. And in the 21st century, there is certainly going to be some controversial pieces that would seem out of the ordinary for many people. Fantana, a Ghanaian musician, brought a new style to Ghana’s entertainment industry. And oh boy were fans waiting for such. She has managed to grow her popularity in a short time to become one of Ghana’s finest and most sought after entertainers. How much do you know about the beautiful singer that has managed to win numerous fan’s hearts?

Ghanaian musician and RuffTown Records signee Fantana. Photo: Fantana
Source: Instagram

As a musician, it is never enough to have hits songs that dominate both radio and TV. One has to have the ideal persona that fans are looking for, which is like the final ingredient to the recipe. Fantana's great love for fashion and a combination of remarkable signing talent has seen her gain great traction over time.

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You are probably wondering, “Is Fantana a Ghanaian?" You are not alone. The popular artist's colourful appearance and great fashion sense have given her a unique perspective in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Probably checking out more into Fantana's biography will provide great insight into her life.

Fantana biography

Where and when was Fantana born? Who are Fantana’s parents? She was born on July 3, 1997, in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America. This means that as of 2020, Fantana is 23 years old. The talented musician hails from Nzema land in the Western Region of Ghana. However, she spent a major part of her life in the United States of America.

Additionally, Fantana attended school in the US, where she went through a course in Business and Fashion. She even has a boutique.

Even though Fantana studied business and fashion in school, she couldn’t hold back her passion for music. The famous musician decided to return to her home country, Ghana, to launch her career. And that is how she managed to become one of Ghana’s fastest rising musicians.

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Fascinating facts about Fantana

Ghanaian musician and RuffTown Records signee Fantana. Photo: Fantana
Source: Instagram

Popular personalities try as much to keep their lives private, but they hardly manage. They are public figures, celebrities in their societies, and the tabloids always dig deep to find something to sell. For instance, how much do you know about Fantana other than what you see on her music videos, which is probably not a good depiction?

Maybe you have checked out Fantana Instagram account to learn more about her lifestyle. No matter how much you try to find out, there is always more and some facts are concealed to the public. That is why learning about some hard-to-know facts about a musician like Fantana is an interesting thing.

1. She studied business and fashion in school

Would you have ever imagined that Fantana studied business and fashion in school before focusing on her music career? The musician grew up in the United States of America, and before coming back to her home country, she studied the two subjects.

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It is quite evident, from her great fashion sense that her course paid off. Also, she owns a boutique that she probably manages using the skills she learned in the fashion course.

2. Fantana and Wendy Shay connected on social media

You have probably been wondering how Fantana, a person that is hardly experienced in Ghana's crowded entertainment industry managed to manoeuvre. She has Wendy Shay to thank for her breakthrough as she linked Fantana with Bullet. And how did that happen?

Interestingly, it was through social media exchanges. The two chatted continuously with Fantana sharing her demos.

After some time, Wendy gave Fantana a chance to connect with RuffTown records main man, Bullet and the rest happened naturally. Today, Fantana is a big star thanks to the connection that Wendy Shay organized before her debut.

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3. She is signed to RuffTown Records

Ghanaian musician and RuffTown Records signee Fantana. Photo: Fantana
Source: Instagram

After Wendy Shay introduced Fantana to Bullet, the founder and CEO of RuttTown records, she was subsequently signed in to the record label. This happened in January 2018 after the unfortunate death of Ebony Reigns. She was signed to the record label as well.

Immediately, fans started comparing her to the fallen artist. However, even though she was glad to have been signed by one of the greatest record labels in Ghana, she wasn’t looking forward to replacing the renowned musician.

4. Fantana grew up in the United States of America

Of course, when you carefully listen to her lyrics, you will notice something different – her ascent. It is quite different from most Ghanaian artists, and this is because she was born and raised in the United States of America.

Fantana was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the US and even went to school in the country. The musician came back to her home country after choosing to put more emphasis on her music career. Indeed, it was a great decision as she has gained a good audience with her song releases so far.

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5. She got her stage name from her current music label

Fantana has confessed that she got her current stage name from the CEO of her current music label, Bullet. Stage names are essential in an artist's branding as it is what fans associate with. Fantana immediately liked the name. The name goes well with her music genre, which is Afropop and Dancehall.

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6. She is good friends with Shatta Wale

There’s been great controversy about Shatta Wale and Fantana’s great connection. People have even speculated that they are cousins. However, they are very great friends. RuffTown records CEO, Bullet has recently come out to state that the two are not cousins and the story was a public relations stunt to create hype for the musician.

7. Fantana's real name is Francine Nyanko Koffi

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Ghanaian musician and RuffTown Records signee Fantana. Photo: Fantana
Source: Instagram

Once artists create a brand, their real names disappear. Although Fantana grew up in the United States of America, she was given good African names. Her real name is Francine Nyanko Koffi. Do you think it would have stuck if she chose to use it as her stage name? It probably would, but it is never a good idea as brand identity is the best thing to concentrate on in the entertainment industry.

8. She is not managed by Bullet

Although many people assumed that Bullet manages Fantana, that is not the case. The Chief Executive Officer of RuffTown Records has come out and stated that he doesn't manage the female musician, and she has her management team that reports to him.

There you have it, interesting facts about one of Ghana's fast-rising superstars. Fantana’s musical career has taken a good trajectory and is expected to make it big in the future. However, it is up to Fantana to make the right moves and manoeuvre the complicated Ghanaian entertainment industry.

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