13-year-old girl adopts as pet large Bumblebee who sleeps next to her and follows her around

13-year-old girl adopts as pet large Bumblebee who sleeps next to her and follows her around

  • A 13-year-old girl has taken a large bumblebee to be her pet after it had refused to part ways with her
  • Lacy Shilinglaw was said to have seen the bee lying on the road two weeks ago and rescued it by placing it on flowers
  • The bee named Betty has ever since refused to leave her side and even sleeps next to her as well as follows her to shops

A teenager has taken a bee as her pet despite having a dog.

13-year-old Lacey Shilinglaw took the decision after the large bee refused to go away, Mirror.co.uk reports.

Girl adopts large bumblee as pet after it refused going away
The teenager had come to the rescue of the bee after which they became an item Photo Credit: Mirror.co.uk
Source: UGC

Lacey, who resides in the UK, happened to come across the bumblebee two weeks ago lying on the road and came to its aid by removing it from there and placing it on flowers.

As a result of her kind gesture to the bee, it has refused to leave her sight.

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The bee named Betty now sleeps next to Lacey and follows her to shops.

Lacey's mum expresses surprise at the relationship between her daughter and a bee

Lacey's mum Laura Pashley has expressed surprise at how her daughter isn't scared of the bee.

According to Daily Mail, the 35-year-old woman said that the doors in their homes are usually open but the bee still wouldn't buzz off.

Laura described the relationship between her kid and the bee as beautiful.

She said:

''She absolutely loves her.
''It's completely lovely and also bonkers.
''Betty wanders all over her. including her face, and her glasses, and even in between her toes.
''She's on her 90 per cent of the time during the day. It's so beautiful - just gorgeous.
''I can't believe Lacey isn't scared.

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''Bumblebees sting, and like wasps, they can repeatedly sting you without being hurt or dying like honeybees do.
''Lacey's hair is down to her bum, and Betty climbs in it like some kind of jungle
''We have all the doors open a lot and she's just never gone - I haven't the foggiest why.''

Black dog 'babysits' kid in cute video

Meanwhile, Yen.com.gh previously reported that a black dog had 'babysat' a kid.

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, a cute black dog could be seen performing good babysitting functions as it entertained a little baby.

The canine beauty mimicked the child on his fours and it stooped to the baby's height, almost kneeling in front of him.

Whenever the kid tried reaching out to the dog by touching its face, it would gallop to the side to avoid contact with the toddler while releasing harmless cute barks.

As a way to tickle the baby, the dog would lap at his face. Every time the animal did that, the baby let out a loud laugh.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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