Man with Fake Nails Teaches Women Self Defence in a Video

Man with Fake Nails Teaches Women Self Defence in a Video

  • One guy is offering a free lesson to women who prefer to have artificial nails but struggle to defend themselves
  • The guy headed to TikTok to share a video clip as he demonstrates to women with fake nails as far as how to pack a punch
  • Some guys are joining the conversation and they are challenging him, some saying it’s very difficult to fight when having man-made nails

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A man who is seen spotting artificial nails is an internet sensation and he is offering a free lesson to women when it comes to self-protection. The guy is just unique but many people found his tricks or lessons a bit unrealistic.

Some social media networkers are arguing that it’s very difficult to clench your fist when you have such nails. They say it’s all about slapping, not punching an opponent when you have such nails.

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At the same time, some people are impressed with the colour of the nails while some have shared their pictures having similar nails.

The viral clip was initially shared on TikTok but found its way to Twitter through @Skeliora_, who wrote:

“Fighting with long nails.”
Man, With Fake, Nails, Teaches Women, Defence, Video
A man is now teaching women how to defend themselves. Image: @Skeliora_/Twitter
Source: UGC

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The post reads:

@Throwtheball12 said:

“This is for women who clearly knows how to throw a punch. This isn't the advice for the others.”

@Takemeback said:

“Oh honey black woman been fighting with the claws for years. Sorry.”

@DCAdonis said:

“Either way, it looks like you are going to hurt hands. I say pull them off and go to town full fist.”

Gayelectro said:

“Furthermore, both of these techniques are great if you don't think you can throw a punch. Without the correct technique, you can easily hurt yourself throwing out a punch (especially on your wrist)! And these methods hurt. A solid palm strike or hammer fist is GREAT in a fight.”

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@Roundmeatboy said:

“Even when you don't have long nails, you're not supposed to curl your fingers or even have your fingers reach all the way down to your wrist. There's an even medium where your fingertips rest on your lower palm. You will scratch yourself with long nails but you won't stab yourself.”

@GabrielKent1 said:

“Change the title to a more accurate one like: “how to break your hand thus leaving you even more vulnerable.”

@NobodyMiyu said:

“On a side note, that glossy blue looks really good on him.”

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