80+ Juice WRLD's quotes and lyrics about love, life, success and heartbreak

80+ Juice WRLD's quotes and lyrics about love, life, success and heartbreak

Jarad Anthony Higgins, best called Juice WRLD, joined the list of famous artists who passed away early, leaving his fans heartbroken. Nevertheless, some of his fans have resorted to consoling themselves with Juice WRLD’s quotes.

Juice WRLD quotes
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Juice WRLD's quotes are culled from the late talented artist's interviews and lyrics. Although dead, fans still revere the Chicago-born singer and songwriter as one of his generation's most iconic emo rap and hip hop stars. He mastered his craft so quickly but fought drug abuse.

Juice WRLD's inspirational quotes

The most popular Juice Wrld quote has to be the one that involves motivating his fans towards making the best of their opportunities as humans on earth. So, here are a few quotes to inspire you.

  • I admit it, another who got me finished. Broke my heart, oh no, you didn’t. F*ck sippin’, I’ma down a whole bottle. Hard liquor, hard truth, can’t swallow.
  • Honestly, the way I make music, you know it is like I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but I try my best to make time with music that doesn’t have an expiration date.
  • I got family members that are police officers. I don’t get any problem if you a cop, as long as y’all doing y’all job, and y’all not harassing.
  • My music is straightforward because I want to give people me and let them know they’re not alone in going through the things that they go through.
  • Either I am a grow with you or outgrow you, I am not standing still for nobody.
  • People will do you wrong over and over, but the one time you call them out your suddenly the bad guy.
  • We are trying to hide our feelings, but we forgot that our eyes speak.”
  • Growing up means realizing a lot of your friends are not really your friends.

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Juice WRLD quotes
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  • Everybody stay positive no matter how negative life gets.
  • A minor set back paves the way for a major come back.
  • We’re perfectly imperfect children Rose from the dust, all of us are on a mission Never gave a f*ck, really came from rags to riches Now we live it up, driving with the rooftop missing.
  • Break away from everybody, break away from everything. If you can't stand the way, this place is take yourself to higher places.
  • Bye negative energy you’re not welcomed anywhere near me in my saviour’s name, AMEN.
  • A lot of men make fun of you for expressing your feelings because they don’t get it. They can’t wrap their heads around the concept of being completely honest and forthright.
  • It’s always good to put thought into sh*t, but something’s gonna come more from like, a feeling and heart and the soul, less like the mind.
  • By default I’m kind-hearted and it’s a gift, not a curse, you just gotta know who to show your kind heart to.

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Juice WRLD's quotes about love

The American rapper is not averse to love and shares how Cupid shot through his heart with other humans, especially ladies. Below are a few of the best Juice WRLD's quotes:

  • She does cocaine in my basement. I am her doctor, but I am running out of patience. She told me that she tryna closer to satan. She is talking to him when she is in the matrix.
  • One thing my dad told me was, never let your woman know when you’re are insecure.
  • Once you fall in love you fall, there’s a reason why we use that word.
  • Did I say that out loud? I am so crazy about mine.
  • I’m your everything so that everything isn’t a problem.
  • Don’t know when I met you but I met you. Don’t know why I love you but I love you. It is something bound that dress, the way it fits you. I don’t even wanna tell you to take it off but baby take it off.
  • What am I to do it seems I fell in love with you.

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juice WRLD quotes
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  • Telling you right now, all you’ll find is a lost soul, rich and blind.
  • I’ve been through the wringer, tryna put a diamond ring on her finger.
  • You done woke me up from my eternal slumber, I’m the lightning you’re the thunder.
  • Wake up from a dream she’s my ever-everything; I need her more than anything, she’s my tranquillity.
  • I can't go to sleep without her next to me; So I'm sure she's the one for me.
  • But back to you, baby, you're a Picasso piece; yes, indeed, you're lovely and I can't help it.
  • You can bury me with her and if she die before me, kill me and carry me with her, know if I die before her, lil' shorty dyin' a widow.
  • When I fall, she taps out; let’s get a house and settle down, Let's have a child, watch him run around.
  • I'm at my all-time high now, You're my sunshine through life's rain clouds.
  • Do you hear me callin'? Do you hear me callin'? Me no want no drama, not a fighter, a lover.
  • Let me in your heart, don’t you dare forget me; I'm your fan, your poster's on my walls.
  • You drive me insane, no girl make me feel this way.
  • Wait girl, you got your ways, girl you are my getaway; wait, let me keep you safe.
  • The best feeling in the world is laying with my beautiful wife.
  • Don’t know when I met you but I met you. Don’t know why I love you but I love you. It is something bound that dress, the way it fits you. I don’t even wanna tell you to take it off but baby take it off.
  • I thought you were the one listenin’ to my heart instead of my head.

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Juice WRLD's quotes about heartbreak

One of Jarad Higgins' popular singles was Lucid Dreams and most people believed that his experience with heartbreak inspired the lyrics. While the rapper never confirmed this rumour, the lines show he has a broken heart. Below are some episodes with such heartbreak inspired quotes:

  • She told me to put my heart in the bag and nobody gets hurt. Now I am running from her love I am not fast so I am making it worse.
  • I don't know if it's because my heart hurts or if I am insecure.
  • I can admit and say that I have feelings.
  • I still see your shadows in my room.
  • Why did I fall for you? I gave it all for you.
  • I cannot change you, so I must replace you, oh easier said than done.
Juice WRLD quotes
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  • I admit it, another ho got me finished. Broken my heart, oh no you didn't.
  • Date me break me, easily replace me. Hopefully, you see it clear. Hopefully, it's HD.
  • Now I am insane, demons in my brain, love peace I can't obtain cause all these girls the same, love.
  • You were my everything. Thoughts of a wedding ring. Now I'm just better off dead.
  • Who knew evil girls had the prettiest face?
  • You made my heartbreak, You made my heartache.
  • They are rotting my brain, love. These hoes are the same.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, my heart is dead, I am such a fool.
  • One thing my dad told me was, never let your woman know when you're insecure.

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Juice WRLD's quotes about death and life

Some fans of the emo rapper's music believed that he had premonitions about his death because he consistently shared messages about life and death a couple of weeks before he passed away.

  • Thank you God for waking me up when u ain't have to. This life is a blessing I won't take for granted.
  • The devil is so beautiful and strong...but don't be fooled...you are much stronger.
  • A minor set back paves the way for a major come back.
  • I'll never forget about the demons I conquered. Ik I got a way to go but I still made it further than most.
  • The goal in life is not to live forever but to create something that will.
  • When it gets dark outside, in you I confide, you help me face my demons I won't hide.
  • You left me falling and landing inside my grave I know that you want me dead.
  • Never been afraid to die but I always been afraid to die before I get where I'm going.
  • You make me want to start smoking cigarettes so I die slowly.
  • All gone f*ck around and miss out on something with that fake heartless attitude.
  • What's the 27 club? We ain't making it past 21.
  • I know I have a purpose, but I don't see the purpose.

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Juice Wrld's quotes about success

Like most musicians who have mastered their music craft, the American Hip Hop artist had a huge net worth while he was alive. Interestingly, he has made over $15 million posthumously. So, it is safe to take money advice from Juice Wrld.

  • Trust me: it's cool to invest.
  • I'm running to the money all the time so I can never be late.
  • Shoot 'em down with a 50 round. Run the town Ballin'hard you outta bounds So much money, damn it. I forgot the count look at my bank account look at the cash amount.
  • I need to work with your legend.
  • It's good to put money back into communities.
juice WRLD quotes
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  • I don't want to get lost in everything. I just want to keep the same work ethic.
  • If you ain't payin' a hundred thousand, get them features out my face.
  • I just walked in the building. Look like a million, but I'm worth more than a million.
  • Uh, people love to talk about the money that they make/Nobody wanna talk about the money that they save.

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Juice Wrld's songs lyrics

Some fans claim that they relate to Juice Wrld's songs easily because the lyrics help them conquer fear, anxiety, and depression. The trap rapper was heavily involved with drug abuse, and he talked about the adverse effects in his music. Some of his drug-related quotes are:

  • Sometimes life's a mess, I get high when I'm upset.
  • Drugs got me sweating but the room getting colder looking at the devil and the angel on my shoulder, will I die tonight? I don't know is it over? Looking for my next high. I am looking for closure.
  • I don't sell drugs, I cop 'em (I got drugs, gotta cop 'em)... I'm on two perks again/ Something don't feel right/ But this sh*t real right, slatt/ This sh*t real right? Uh/ This that pure white crack.
  • Codeine in my sippy cup/ I chug it, don't sip a lot/ Your bitch on my d*ck a lot/ I guess that's not your bitch, uh/ Funny, laughing to the bank, and it's, funny/ Perky in my brain I'm a junkie.
  • I'm on a whole 'nother level/ I take Perkys to fight all my demons... Sipping on red lean... Pour me a four and another, I love it/ Sip, sip, sip, uh/It's me and Hendrix in the club/ Wondering if we gon' take your bitch/ We already got five, we was gon' make her six/ I didn't eat today, but I took the Perc/ And I prayed to God, it won't make me sick.

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There are more Juice WRLD's quotes out there, and you can familiarise yourself with some of them by listening to some songs from his Legends Never Die and Death Race For Love albums. The rapper may be gone, but he is fondly remembered and honoured for his impact on the music industry.

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