Elephant returns with baby 10 years after to man who cared for it to "say hello"

Elephant returns with baby 10 years after to man who cared for it to "say hello"

  • An elephant without parents that was alone in the bush was rescued by officials of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • Under the organisation's care, especially Benjamin's, the animal grew healthily enough and returned into the wild
  • Ten years after that departure, it returned with a baby to pay a visit to Benjamin and introduced the baby

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An orphaned elephant was found two decades ago as a baby by volunteers of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

Stranded and alone, the organisation took the infant animal into their care. While at their nursery, a man, Benjamin, became the animal’s caregiver, Global Positive News reports.

The elephant felt at home with Benjamin in a photo.
Many people say an elephant does not forget. Photo source: India Today
Source: UGC

Sunyei returned with a baby

Every day, Benjamin will see to the welfare of the baby, later named Sunyei. Sunyei was not the only infant in the nursery, there were others too.

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The baby elephant grew up well and was released into the wild in 2009. A decade after and to everyone’s amazement, the animal returned to see Benjamin.

This time around, Sunyei brought her newborn baby as some kind of way to introduce her to Benjamin. Sheldrick’s director, Rob, said that it seems the animal never forgot her old friend.

When the story was reshared on Instagram, it gathered tens of reactions from people. Legit.ng compiled some of them below:

piwippen said:

"Showing her child to Grandpa Benjamin!"

takecare_polarbear said:

"Imagine what that must feel like. So loved."

lulucci83 said:

"They do the most amazing job with elephants."

dogwithpurpose said:

"We foster one of the orphans. I love watching them grow. It’s a family affair…."

juststopsave said:

"They never ever forget!"

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shawnsoden said:

"Saw the world as much as he needed now back to chill with the fam."

the_nicole_marie said:

"I am in tears this is just precious."

A kid cared for birds

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh earlier reported that eight-year-old Gabi Mann in Seattle is a kind-hearted kid who started feeding crows that always came to the windows of her home.

It all started as a result of her childish clumsiness when she would mistakenly drop food at the porch of their house. The crows would watch her leave before setting on the food.

After she noticed what the murder of crows was doing, she started feeding them intentionally. To reward her new friends, she shared her lunch with them.

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