Otabil chastises Christian believers, says they tend to stop using their heads

Otabil chastises Christian believers, says they tend to stop using their heads

- Pastor Mensa Otabil's referred to some Christians as foolish Christians

- He said some Christians stop using their heads when they start to believe

- He says Christians are the easiest people to deceive

Founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mentsa Otabil, has said that a lot of Christian believers tend to stop using their heads when they begin to grow their faith in Christianity.

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Otabil chastises Christian believers, says they tend to stop using their heads
Founder of ICGC, Pastor Mensa Otabil

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Pastor Mensa Otabil, founder of both ICGC and Central University College, is one Man of God that many Ghanaians consider - compared to other "mega church" pastors out there - modern, and honest. Among other popular pastors currently known by Ghanaians, Pastor Mensa Otabil is known to preach a more pragmatic brand of Christianity.

In a video currently circulating on social media, Pastor Mensa Otabil talks about Christians who he refers to as "foolish born again Christians". These Christians, according to Pastor Otabil, are believers and not thinkers.

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According to the popular man of God, this group of Christians tend to believe anything they're told old. He goes to say that Christians tend to be the easiest people to deceive.

Pastor Mensa Otabil recounts a time that during the early days of his ministry, when an older pastor who he [Pastor Otabil] hilariously refers to as an "older practitioner" - since he wouldn't call him a man of God - told him that people liked to be deceived so one must deceive them or they would go and get deceived by someone else.

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Pastor Otabil's video surfaces in the wake of a similar controversial issue regarding the "special" offerings during an ICGC event held a few days ago.


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