2021 in Review: 4 Talented Kids who Built Aeroplane, Motorbike, Others with no Support

2021 in Review: 4 Talented Kids who Built Aeroplane, Motorbike, Others with no Support

With little or no financial support from people, some Nigerian kids have announced themselves to the world with great inventions and innovations made using local materials.

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Some of these kids go on to bag scholarships after their innovation came to light while others continue to hang on to self hope that they'd get the needed support some day.

One built an aeroplane: 4 talented Nigerian kids who built great things with no support
2021 in review: 4 talented Nigerian kids who built incredible things with no support Photo Credit: El Yaseer Black Bilal, Darlington Ibekwe
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YEN.com.gh highlights 4 talented Nigerian wonderkids who created mind-boggling things in 2021 with no support.

1. Boy who built a motorbike that looks like helicopter

In Imo State, a boy identified as Kenneth Akobunde became an internet sensation after he built a motorbike that looks like an helicopter.

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Before the creation of the motorbike, Kenneth had built remote-controlled toy cars, an helicopter as well as other incredible automobiles.

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Fortunately for Kenneth, his talents happened to get the attention of a philanthropist who offered him scholarship to pursue his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer.

2. Boy who built remote-controlled excavator prototype

A Nigerian boy, Hope Emmanuel from Akwa Ibom, showed rare talent as he built a remote-controlled excavator prototype.

Emmanuel who had built a similar machine in 2019 said it took him 2 years to build the prototype.

Interestingly, the young lad revealed he wasn't taught to build neither did he learn it anywhere - he simply beings to light his imaginations.

3. Boy who built a radio-controlled aeroplane

Quite incredibly, 19-year-old Abdulmumin Adinoyi Taofik left people awestruck following his invention of an aeroplane that is controlled using a radio.

The student of agricultural and bioresources engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Minna created the aeroplane form bamboo branches and papers.

The wonderkid told YEN.com.gh that he had been building small planes since he was seven but couldn't make them fly until his latest invention.

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4. Boy who built automatic trash can

To save one the stress of manually disposing dirt in a trash can, a 9-year-old Nigerian boy invented an automatic one.

David Onuah invented an automatic trash can that opens on its own accord whenever it senses a presence in front of it.

The talented lad told YEN.com.gh that his innovation was inspired by his desire to limit people's contact with waste bins in order to reduce spread of diseases.

Boy who built small cars with aluminium zinc

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh previously reported about a young Nigerian lad who built small cars with aluminium zinc.

The secondary school leaver who has had to remain at home for the past 3 years due to his inability to get admission into the university revealed that he has always fancied building things with his hands.

In an interview with YEN.com.gh, Femi excitedly narrated how he started building cars using cartons before evolving to using aluminium zinc so it doesn't get spoilt when in contact with water.

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He disclosed that world richest man, Elon Musk, is his role model and expressed desire to work for the electric car boss in the future.

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