"You Are Too Beautiful": Lady Who Behaves Like AI Robot Appears In 4 Different Traditional Attires

"You Are Too Beautiful": Lady Who Behaves Like AI Robot Appears In 4 Different Traditional Attires

  • The Nigerian lady who is famous for behaving like an artificial intelligence robot has been seen in traditional dresses
  • In a new video, the lady, Jadro Lita, dressed in Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and Edo traditional outfits
  • She still exhibited her robot-like character while greeting her fans and followers in different traditional ways

The Nigerian lady who imitates AI robots decided to tap into her traditional side. She dressed in different native wears as she appreciated culture.

Amadou Elizabeth Aminata, popularly called Jadro Lita, once again exhibited her robot-like character.

Jadro Lita, Nigerian lady who behaves like a robot.
Jadro Lita was dressed in traditional attire. Photo credit: TikTok/@amadou_elizabeth.
Source: UGC

In different scenes, Jadro Lita was dressed in Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and Benin traditional attires.

She greeted people in native languages while also showing how a king is greeted among the different tribes.

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Jadro Lita captioned the video:

"Good evening and greetings to the various kings of the major tribes in Nigeria! Represent your tribe."

The young lady looked so beautiful and charming, and social media users did not fail to mention this in the comment section.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as Jadro Lita greets like an AI robot

@davidjatto226 said:

"Edo people gather here."

@Big Lady_LIVE commented:

"You’re too beautiful."

@so help me God reacted:

"Even esan girl chose Yoruba first. Where are my Yoruba brothers and sisters?"

@T.I.G said:

"OYA all my Yoruba people gather here."

@stephen___celeb said:

"Long live the Benin kingdom."

@Ruthana said:

"I watched it more than 5 times."

@Ella_amor said:

"You’re gorgeous, Lita."

@may27 GEMINI said:

"Edo dressing is so beautiful. I'm proud of my tradition."

@She said:

"We are waiting for u to do Ghana. Tag me in that post. I can’t wait."

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@M _Guru said:

"You look amazing in all."

@gloriaokpo commented:

"Impressive. Please, wear the Ibibio/Efik attire."

Jadro Lita looks dashing without costume

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh reported that Jadro Lita appeared in another dress, different from her usual robot costume.

In a new video shared on TikTok, the lady was spotted in a room talking with a fan who asked her to introduce herself.

The trending video showed how Jadro Lita introduced herself with a voice that sounded like a robot's.

Source: Legit.ng

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