Man Scares Woman With Snake Found At Home, Mzansi In Stitches

Man Scares Woman With Snake Found At Home, Mzansi In Stitches

  • A naughty man decided to scare a woman in his household with a snake he caught
  • A TikTok video of the moment was shared, the lady can be seen scared for her life
  • The online community reacted to the clip, with many rolling with laughter and sharing their experiences with snakes
A TikTok video captured a man scaring a woman with a snake he found in his household.
A man hilariously scared a woman with a snake he found in his household. Images: @thokozanikabini/ TikTok, @kristianbell
Source: UGC

One man decided to be naughty after catching a snake at home. He decided to scare a lady she was with.

In the TikTok video uploaded by @thokozanikabini, Siyabonga can be seen with a broom on which the snake was playing.

Another woman, terrified of the creatures, is seen on top of the couch, scared for her life. Her mistake was to hilariously show her fear to Siyabonga.

The young man took pleasure in that and scared her with the snake. He kept on getting closer to the woman who screamed her lungs out.

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Siyabonga scares a woman with a snake

Watch the funny TikTok video below:

TikTokkers laughed at the situation

The video garnered over 800k views, with many online users laughing their lungs out at Siyabonga's naughtness.

@phomo19 shared an experience:

"I remember this other day I saw a snake tail 2 munites before loadshedding I was on top of the table for 2 hours until it came back.."

@sipho_1 compared himself:

"I'm the siyabonga in my family."

@Døm joked:

"That was your only chance to ask for money and get it."

@raaat.ii said:

"I’d simply die ."

@misscoffeebean0 imagined:

"I'd never set foot on that house I'd run and never look back."

@Alexis shared a lesson:

"LMFAOOO I feel like she knows if she runs he'll chase her with it which is exactly what he wants. I have brothers & I've learned NEVER run, EVER."

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Man thinks wife's hair is snake

In another story, a man recently woke up to a nightmare he never thought would ever come through: midnight wees will never be the same.

Social media user Mona Bushiru took to the Zambian Snakes And Other Crawlies Facebook page to share how his wife’s braid had him tripping, thinking it was a snake.

Fellow social media users got a kick out of Mona’s post and filled the comment section with hilarious comments.


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