Man Demands DNA Test Before Signing Baby's Birth Certificate: "Can't Raise Someone's Child"

Man Demands DNA Test Before Signing Baby's Birth Certificate: "Can't Raise Someone's Child"

  • A man in a long-distance relationship has refused to appear on their baby's birth certificate until a DNA test is conducted
  • He argues that since his lover works at a huge construction project away from him, she could be having several partners
  • The woman insists the baby is his, but he is adamant he is not ready to "raise someone else's child"

A man has disclosed that he's having a disagreement with his partner, with whom he is in an ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy) relationship.

Photo of young African couple looking at the result of a pregnancy test.
The man is unsure if he's the child's father since his wife could be having multiple partners. Image for illustration purposes. Photo: Vgajic.
Source: UGC

An ENM means that the relationship is not fully monogamous, with both parties agreeing to have multiple partners.

Couple is in long-distance relationship

In a post on Reddit, the man explained that they chose the path because it works for them due to distance.

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His partner works at a huge construction project away from him and flies home for one week after working for two.

"Since the men outnumber the women, she has no problems finding partners," he started.

Things, however, took a downward turn recently when she informed him that she was pregnant.

Man wants to move out of their house

According to him, they are always careful and use protection even though he knows that isn't always 100% effective.

The news was welcome, but he is worried that, given the nature of their relationship, he is not the baby's father.

"I am excited for a baby, and happy we are starting a family, however I don't have any interest in paying to raise someone else's child," he voiced.

For this reason, he demanded a paternity test to confirm he was the baby's father, something his lover refused.

The man now maintains that without proof, he will not appear on the birth certificate and will be moving out so that he is not said to have acted as a parent.

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"Like I said I have no problem raising a child that isn't mine. I just won't pay for the privilege," he concluded.

Couple in long-distance relationship moves in together

In an earlier story, two lovebirds finally decided to move in together after years of living apart.

The two had been in a long-distance relationship which required them to spend hours on the road whenever they wanted to visit each other.

With the man living in Bloemfontein and the woman in Johannesburg, the couple decided to live together in the man's home city.

Members of the social media community were happy for the young couple and gave them their best wishes.


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