Adorable Duo: Toddler’s Heterochromia Mesmerises Viewers In A TikTok Video

Adorable Duo: Toddler’s Heterochromia Mesmerises Viewers In A TikTok Video

  • A clip of a mother and her charming son has gone viral on social media, leaving many people in awe
  • The woman's son's eyes were what attracted many online viewers as they rushed to the comments to gush over him
  • People loved the video of the mother and son moment as it generated over 16 million views on TikTok

A lady captured an adorable time with her child, and the clip left many people in their feelings.

A TikTok video shows a little boy with his mom closet.
A toddler’s heterochromia mesmerised viewers in a TikTok video. Image: @magda.mysz
Source: UGC

Little boy's eyes wowed peeps online

A video posted by @magda.mysz on TikTok shows the young woman sitting in what appears to be her closet on the floor with her cute little boy. The lady said she would be trying out hair equipment in the clip. As the video progressed, the stunner's son could be seen with a comb in his hand as he tried combing his mother's hair.

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The woman then took the hair equipment and tried it on her hair with the help of her son. People loved the pair's adorable moment. However, the little boy's eyes caught the attention of many online viewers. The toddler had one blue and one brown eye, mesmerising peeps on the internet.

The video gathered over 16 million views, thousands of likes and many comments on TikTok.

Watch the video below:

People gushed over the little boy's eyes

The video of the lady entertained many online users as they rushed to her comments to compliment her on her son's adorable eyes.

Itzmayken said:

"Y’all have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, there are literally gorgeous."

Rama.0492 added:

"You two are so gorgeous."

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User wrote:

"He has the cutes eye color."

Camellia shared:

"You are beautiful like fairytale girls."

Irakarmanova said:

"They look like avatars. So unusual and beautiful."

Little girl with stunning eyes stuns netizens

Earlier, also sighted a video of a stunning little girl with a unique pair of eyes that compliment her striking beauty.

Many netizens were particularly obsessed with her big black eyeballs as she giggled and flaunted her beauty in the rending TikTok video.


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