Mum Joyfully Reunites With Her Kids After Returning From Saudi Arabia In Cute Video

Mum Joyfully Reunites With Her Kids After Returning From Saudi Arabia In Cute Video

  • Sarah Mwikali could not keep calm after reuniting with her kids, whom she had not seen for over a year
  • The loving mum cut short her stint in Saudi Arabia for the sake of her kids, who were suffering in her absence
  • The woman from Kirinyaga said she noticed they were malnourished and not well cared for when she talked to them on video calls

People who go to Saudi Arabia return with different stories based on their experiences.

Kirinyaga mother Sarah Mwikali emotionally embraces her kids after returning from Saudi Arabia.
Kirinyaga mum in tears as she hugs her kids in a heartwarming video. Photo: Sarah Mwikali.
Source: UGC

However, one common denominator with most of them, if not all, is missing their family members.

A young mother cannot contain her joy after returning home from the Gulf, where she went searching for greener pastures.

Keeping in touch with kids via video call

Speaking to, Sarah Mwikali said she returned home not only because she missed her children but also because they were suffering.

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"When I would talk to them via video calls, they would say how much they missed me and wanted me back. I noticed they were malnourished, and they looked hopeless and discouraged. They were staying with at my friend's place, who tried to care for them, but from their look, they were in lack and confused.
They were young and had not found a stable home since I left them in 2022. They had been with my family before I took them to my friend, hoping they would be better cared for than my family, where they were being sidelined," she said.

Tearful reunion

The 27-year-old said she did not finish two years in the Gulf as her kids' situation was urgent, and she moved things around to reunite with them.

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She shared a video on her TikTok account as she emotionally reunited with her beautiful babies, delighted to see her.

"We cried together because of what have been through separately. They told me they were happy I was back home. They could genuinely smile and be at peace," Mwikali noted.

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