Man Living with the Dead in Graveyard for 15 Years Goes Viral, Says His Problems Drove Him to it

Man Living with the Dead in Graveyard for 15 Years Goes Viral, Says His Problems Drove Him to it

  • Instead of living with people in a house built with bricks, a man chose to reside in a graveyard in Bandari Kavu, Tanzania
  • The 55-year-old man has been living with the dead with his two children for the past 15 years with no regrets
  • According to the man who claimed to be once rich, his wife is responsible for his predicaments in life

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A graveyard is a place where the remains of the dead are buried or interred, but for Rasta Magoda Bakari it is a home.

The father of two left life with people in his community to reside in a graveyard with his two kids.

Man living with the dead in graveyard for the past 15 years goes viral, says his problems drove him to it
A man living with the dead in a graveyard for the past 15 years goes viral, says his problems drove him to it
Source: UGC

Magoda told Afrimax in an interview that he has been living in the graveyard located in Bandari Kavu in Tanzania for the past 15 years.

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Why Magoda chose to live in a graveyard

On why he chose to live in a graveyard, the 55-year-old said it was the best place to get peace and escape problems with people.

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He also blamed his estranged wife for his misfortunes in life and the problems that birthed his choice of a graveyard as an abode.

According to him, he was a rich man when he met the lady, but bad advice from two men and her voodoo practices swallowed his wealth.

"When I met my wife, I was a rich businessman and everything was going on smoothly. Then two men came one certain time and are responsible for my wife's change in behaviour.
"The two men convinced her that I wasn't any good since I was becoming bankrupt. They told her they would find a younger and stable man for her and she consented,'' he said.

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Magoda said his wife's extramarital affairs began when he began experiencing financial woes. The high point of it was when he had an accident. She left him to his fate with the kids.

Magoda says there is nothing scary about living in a graveyard

The hardworking man told Afrimax that he had never had any extraordinary experience with the dead since living in the graveyard.

He said:

"The fact that I am surrounded by graves doesn't make me scared at all.
"I believe that once a person is dead, they are dead for good and cannot come back to life and chase me away from here
"All the years I have lived here, I have never seen anything extraordinary except for some people who come here to throw away things that they believe are sources of witchcraft
"Apart from that, everything else is okay."

To make ends meet for himself and the kids, Magoda rides a motorcycle as well as sells vegetables and other items to villagers in the community where the graveyard is situated.

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He sells vegetables, woods and others to make ends meet. He also rides motorcycle for a living.

Netizens share their thoughts on the man's story

Candice Darbyfox said:

"Touching story...God bless him and they need to set up a fund because it would only take a week to get him money for a house. Many people will see this from all over the world."

Anointed Mash said:

"Graveyards are very peaceful, i like to go there at night just for a walk... Nothing terrifying bcs the dead are harmless. May God protect and bless this man over here."

Rebecca Onyando said:

"Let's appreciate his dedication in raising his children. As long as he is peaceful with himself, we can only pray to God to bless, protect and keep them safe. God has a purpose for every happening. What's important is they're happy and satisfied with life."

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Ebosele Rachael said:

"Nothing suits the mind than being at peace with yourself, eating and drinking alone in your own house without any form of drama or trouble - You are a good man and a good father, may God smile on you and may success come your way."

Man plans his burial ceremony while still alive

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man had made adequate plans for his burial ceremony while still hale and hearty.

In a video documentary by Afrimax, the man stated that he does not want to become a burden to people after he is gone.

To achieve that purpose, the man did not only dig his grave, he prepared everything that would be used during his funeral.

The man bought enough drinks to entertain guests that would grace the event. He also got cement and bricks for the grave.


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