Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project to Host Climate Leadership Training in West Africa

Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project to Host Climate Leadership Training in West Africa

The Climate Reality Project, a non-profit climate action organization founded in 2006 by former US Vice President Al Gore, will host the 54th Climate Reality Leadership Training from November 13 to 15 in Accra, Ghana. This event is part of The Climate Reality Project’s series of global training programs that aim to educate and equip advocates with the tools they need to effectively advance climate solutions.

Al Gore's Climate Reality Project
Al Gore's Climate Reality Project will hold a leadership training session in Accra Photo source: Supplied
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The three-day training focuses on the potential for the people of West Africa to create a new model of sustainable development and open the door to a better life for millions in the region. Attendees will hear from former US Vice President Gore, an esteemed lineup of scientists, and experts from West Africa and across the continent who will provide an overview of the latest climate science, existing policies, future solutions in the region, and opportunities for advocates to make a difference.

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“As one of the regions most vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis, West Africa holds tremendous potential to reshape its future through climate action and emerge as a leader of the emergent Sustainability Revolution in Africa,” said Vice President Gore. “By rejecting the false promises of the fossil fuel industry and activating citizens from all walks of life, this region can spur new economic opportunity, innovate the energy grid, and elevate the quality of life for all.”

As countries across West Africa work to strengthen their economies and expand access to electricity, they have an opportunity to diverge from the path of fossil fuel-driven growth, which has fueled the climate crisis and unleashed devastating floods, storms, and droughts across the region. West Africa is brimming with potential to chart a new direction for development that prioritizes clean and sustainable energy as well as resilience to a changing climate.

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Through this training on topics relevant to West Africa, participants will receive a best-in-class education in climate science, impacts, and solutions, along with the tools to organize and advocate for change in their schools, workplaces, and communities.

Upon completion of the training, participants will join Climate Reality’s global network of 50,000 climate advocates around the world, including business leaders, elected officials, entrepreneurs, concerned citizens, and students dedicated to bold, ambitious climate action.

The application for the Climate Reality Leadership Training is now open! To apply, visit


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