I Was Loosing my balance: Man Shares Story as He Hears with His 2 ears for the 1st Time

I Was Loosing my balance: Man Shares Story as He Hears with His 2 ears for the 1st Time

  • A Nigerian man, Ezeji Emmanuel Ogochukwu, has celebrated hearing with his two ears for the first time in 32 years
  • The photographer stated that he had thought people only hear with one ear as he could only hear with his left ear as early as age 7
  • His journey to using both ears properly began after a friend advised him to see a doctor at a general hospital

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After 32 years of his life, a photographer identified as Ezeji Emmanuel Ogochukwu now gets to hear with his two ears.

Taking to Facebook page to celebrate the development, Ezeji recounted how he began noticing that he could only hear with his left ear at about age 7.

Nigerian man celebrates as he narrates how began hearing with his two ears for the first time in 32 years
He had being without the use of his right ear from a tender age Photo Credit: Ezeji Emmanuel Ogochukwu
Source: Facebook

He thought hearing with two ears was unnatural

To Ezeji at that time, people hear with only one ear with the other ear probably being a surplus creation of God.

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"Naive me since then I have always thought we always hear with one ear, sometimes I would just be talking to myself asking myself questions I have no answers to, from day one I have been a quiet type I hardly communicate with people except my close friends."

The photographer stated that he wasn't born deaf and would continue hearing with only one ear as he grew older.

His mum wasn't even aware until one day

His mum learnt of his hearing challenge when he was 10 years old. Ezeji narrated how she had wanted him to check if a wristwatch was functioning by listening for sound in his right ear.

His mum was shocked to learn he couldn't hear with his right ear.

"Boom maami (as we call her) had this wristwatch and she put it on my right ear to hear if it was still working, I told her to put it on my left ear she asked me why, I told her I can’t hear with my right ear she was shocked I could see her reaction on her face. Me I told her I have always thought we hear with one ear ."

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He blamed her lackadaisical attitude on the matter on their financial challenge at that time.

Ezeji stated that his hearing challenge resulted in him losing balance and would often feel dizzy.

Friendly advice that changed everything

At the venue of a photography job in February 2021, a friend recommended he visit a general hospital and see a doctor about the situation.

An MRI scan done by the medic revealed he needed a hearing aid to regain the use of his right ear - the hearing aid cost N300k.

Ezeji had consequently rallied around in order to get help in balancing the N150k he had. Fortunately, he got N181k from friends and well-wishers and purchased the hearing aid, solving a 32-year-old problem.

Nigerians celebrate with him

Itz Josh Babs thought:

"Congratulations bro .... Hmm I wish on my case hearing aid was a solution but no da*mn I can't say it ......"

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Afolabi Triumphant Nelson opined:

"Happy 4 u brotherly...Am happy Ur balancing is restoring gradually...the day I noticed it, I thought u were under influence of alcohol...I Neva knew u av issue of Ur right ear until u told me concerning the predicament.. Keep Winning brotherly."

Onuawuchi Blessing wrote:

"I had to hold down my right ear t understand you. I sure understand what you have been through these years. I am super happy for you."

Aydee Freedom stated:

"Mine's the left ear, I can't hear with it.
"And like you said, I don't know if I was born deaf on the left side.
"The balance stuff, people complain alot. I'll just walk and hit you I loose balance easily.
"Wo! One day I'll share mine too.
"I'll hear with my two ears."

Deaf Nigerian man bags PhD from American varsity in style

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a deaf Nigerian man had celebrated bagging a PhD from an American university.

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The deaf man said that while in the university, he maintained the habit of sleeping five hours every night and napping for only 20 minutes during the day.

During his postgraduate studies, he entirely scrapped napping and maintained the five hours at night for sleep as he revealed that he always went to bed at 2 am.

Nnaemeka said having a vision was very important and he dealt with it as such. To succeed in school, he decided that if people who were not deaf can read one book ahead of lecturers, he would do 10.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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