Christian names and their meaning

Christian names and their meaning

Generally, everyone wants to call their new born the sweetest names on planet earth. Names that will sound inspiring when mentioned. People from all over the world look for the best names to call their children, from any source they can. Knowing Christian names and their meaning will increase your choices and give you a chance of giving your child the best name ever.

uncommon christian names and their meaning
biblical names and meaning
biblical meaning of names
names of women in the bible

It is common to hear somebody who is anticipating the arrival of their baby, asking for the best names. Many people will look for the names that are inspired by faith, character and the greatest achievements of Christian believers. Whether looking for the name to call your child or helping a friend find a good name, looking for Christian names and their meaning will give you a deeper understanding and increase your accuracy when selecting the right name for the child. These names, from inspiring sources and the Bible, will act as a mirror and a conduit for transferring faith to the younger generation. This article will give you a wide range of Christian names that you can consider when naming your child.

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Female Christian names and their meaning

Christian sources will give the best ever female names that will never go out of fashion. Biblical female names have gained popularity all over the world ever since they came into being. They remain the most sought-after names. However, there a few changes adopted due to modernization to make the name sound modern. Here are some of the best and popular Christian girl names and their meaning.

  • Atarah

This is a beautiful girl name whose origin is from Hebrew. Atarah means a 'Crown'. It is one of the most perfect names for your child.

  • Abigail

Abigail means 'the father's joy'. As girls are the darlings of their fathers, this is the most beautiful and perfect name for your girl child.

  • Adriel

If all you want for your child is an uncommon name, then go for Adriel. It is one of the most beautiful biblical girl names that is both religious and unique, whose origin is Rome Hebrew. Adriel means flock of God.

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  • Bernice

The name originates from Greek. It means one who brings victory. It is a musical name and a traditional name too.

  • Charity

You might be probably looking for a name that describes how much you adore your child. Charity is the perfect and beautiful name for your child. It originated from Latin and it means dear.

  • Diana

It means luminous and perfect. It originates from Latin. It is a beautiful name for your child.

  • Julia

If you are not averse to the common Christian names, then Julia is for you. It means soft and tender hair. This is a very common Christian name. You can give it a chance.

uncommon christian names and their meaning
biblical names and meaning
biblical meaning of names
names of women in the bible

Christian male names and their meaning

If you are a religious person, it is logical to find a religious name for your son from a credible Christian source. The bible is a warehouse for all the best names you ever longed to call your son. Here are the best biblical names and meanings

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  • Aquila

Some Christian names will sound perfect when they incorporate the meaning of appreciating God's nature. If you are looking for such meaning, you can go for Aquila. It means an eagle. Hope you remember the interesting character traits associated with an eagle.

  • Asher

A fantastic boy name. It means happiness in Hebrew. The name will hopefully help you fill the world with happiness love and laughter.

  • Caleb

A beautiful boy name which has a Latin origin. It mean brave. It is a perfect name for your son.

  • Daniel

This is a common biblical name which means God is my judge

  • Ebenezer

It is not a very popular Christian name. However, it has a strong meaning that will inspire you. It means rock of help.

  • David

A classic biblical name that will probably never go out of fashion. It means well beloved or dear.

  • Lamuel

A very uncommon Bible name. It comes from Latin and it means God is with him or them.

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  • Elisha

The name grows perfect and elegant as we move on. So long as you are looking for a name for your child, Elisha is a great choice for someone who is looking for a classy yet simple one. It is a Latin name which means the salvation of God.

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Uncommon Christian names and their meaning

Biblical names never seem to go out of fashion. There are hundreds of men and women named in the Bible. Some of their names have been explored overtime but there are names that are lesser known. These names carry the strongest meanings and the history of the traditional boy and girl names and still avoid the pitfalls of the commonly used names. Finding the biblical meaning of names that are lesser known will give you a chance of naming your child with a unique and most unpopular name. Some of the uncommon Christian names in the Bible include the following.

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  • Cyrus

It comes from the Greek name "Kyros". The name carries several meanings, which will all be great for your son. It means first sighted or young. It also means the lord or the heir.

  • Azariah

It appears repeatedly in the Bible. Among the notable bearers of this name were descendants of David. It means Jehovah is the keeper.

  • Jason

Many people would be surprised to know Jason is a Christian name and more so found in the Bible. It has a Greek origin of the name Lason. It means to heal.

  • Esli

It also takes the form of Hesli and Eslei. It means God at my side or Jehovah hath reserved.

Names of women in the Bible

Many women have been mentioned in the Bible. Some with no notable events and others with notable events that influenced their world. Here is a list of notable women in the Bible.

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  • Sarah

She was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. She is known for demonstration of faith and obedience while believing in God.

  • Ruth, the Moabite

She was the daughter-in-law to Naomi. She overcame her past through giving her life over to the living God.

  • Priscilla

The Bible describes her as an effective mentor. She ministered the world of God together with her husband Aquila.

uncommon christian names and their meaning
biblical names and meaning
biblical meaning of names
names of women in the bible
  • Mary Magdalene

Her deliverance from the life of demonic oppression and experience of the power of Christ is notable in the Bible. She was the first to announce the resurrection of Jesus.

  • Hannah

She was a fervent prayer. Her vow to God teaches us that consistent faithfulness and persistent prayer catches God's attention. She is one of the most known women in the Bible who never gave up on prayers and her quest for God.

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Generally, everybody wishes to hear his or children having the most beautiful and unique names. There are names that will never go out of fashion and will never sound boring. They will always give the kind of meaning you desire. You never find these names anywhere else apart from the bible. You will get Christian names and their meaning from the essential source-the Bible-from both the new and Old Testament. From all the collection of names found there, be sure you have a lovely name for your son and daughter.

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