African footballers who died of heart attack while playing; Nigeria tops the list

African footballers who died of heart attack while playing; Nigeria tops the list

Over the past years, Africa has lost some great football legends in death.

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Batholomew Owusu from Ghana. He died in 2010
Batholomew Owusu from Ghana. He died in 2010

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With most of the deceased coming from Nigeria, some these players died of heart attack while playing on the field.

They were doing their best for their respective countries, only for their life to be cut in that manner.

Many would wonder why an active person such as a footballer can have a cardiac arrest.

Well, it has been established that sudden heart attack in young energetic athletes may be caused by an underlying heart condition such as the abnormal enlargement of the heart.

According to scientists, cardiac arrest results from a blockage in either one or more of the coronary arteries.

This situation prevents oxygen and blood from reaching the heart.

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Consequently, the affected heart muscle dies off causing heart attack which often leads to sudden death but an emergency treatment that is carried out as soon as possible is helpful on some occasions.

Another cause of cardiac arrest is when the electrical system of the heart fails or suddenly breaks down, but the coronary arteries are without defects.

Most of heart attack cases are reported to begin without any prior symptoms; except signs such as dizziness, heart palpitation can occur before the attack.

Genetic coronary heart abnormalities, excessive or less exercise, and family history of heart attack also put one at risk.

These gallant African football stars were: Samuel Okwaraji; Amir Angwe, John Ikoroma; Bobsam Elejiko; Endurance Idahor; Orobosan Adun and Chinonso Ihelwere, David Oniya and Chaswe Nsofwa, all from Nigeria.

Others were Hedi Berkhissa from Tunisia; Marc-Viven Foe from Cameroon; Mohammed Abdelwahab from Egypt; Sekou Camara, an Egyptian footballer; Kodjo Etonam Adjassou from Togo.

Sekou Camara from Egypt
Sekou Camara from Egypt

There rest were Bartholomew Opoku who died in 2010 after collapsing on the pitch; and Benjamin Owusu, both from Ghana.

Still others included Guy Tchingoma from Gabon; Cheick Toite, an Ivorian, Mohamed Lemine M’Boye from Tanzania; Patrick Ekeng from Cameroon and Ambrose Wleh, a Liberian.

Beyond the shores of Africa, there were Victor Omogbehin from England and Shetemi Ayetigbo from Ireland.

Kodjo Etonam Adjassou from Togo.
Kodjo Etonam Adjassou from Togo.

Some of them died directly from injuries sustained while playing, while others died after being taken ill on the pitch due to cardiac arrests.

Africa will forever remember these gallant football stars!


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