Investment banks in Ghana: Get the list of 10 banks in 2022

Investment banks in Ghana: Get the list of 10 banks in 2022

The dilemma of saving or investing is everyone's nightmare. The investment path's inherent risk is evident, and many people wonder whether the initiative is worth it. Perhaps getting a sound, profound and reliable investment platform might convince you otherwise. Investment banks in Ghana have created a suitable avenue for Ghanaians to efficiently utilise their resources for future gains. Which are the best banks to utilise for investments in Ghana?

Investment Banks in Ghana
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One of the best things about investments and banks is that you have innumerable alternatives, and it is upon you to settle on one that offers the best package. What lacks in one is present in the other considering their diverse business tactics. It is integral to know the best investment banks in Ghana and their interest rates to make a sound choice.

The best investment banks in Ghana in 2022

If you are looking to learn more about the Ghanaian market and its mechanics, you need an investment partner or adviser to impart the necessary knowledge. Investment banks help you complete whatever deal you are trying to make with the right advice and facilitation.

Therefore, it is a great idea to make the right choice for a long-term relationship that could bear fruit for years to come.

1. National Investment Bank

Investment Banks in Ghana
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National Investment Bank, abbreviated as NIB is a state-owned bank in Ghana and one of the best. The bank aims to make a difference in the banking and financial services landscape.

Today's investment bank emphasises the development and commercial banking activities, with 70% of its portfolio made up of loans to the Ghanaian private sector.

Since its inception, the National Investment Bank has undergone significant structural and financial restructuring to strengthen its services. Today, the NIB has more than 48 branches nationwide. The National Investment Bank manages funds for clients to attract high returns.

2. Ecobank Ghana

Investment Banks in Ghana
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Ecobank possesses lucrative investment banking solutions for corporates and ordinary clients. It is a full-service bank focused on Middle Africa and provides wholesale, retail, investment and transactional banking services.

Ecobank was incorporated in October 1982 and started its operations with its first subsidiary in Togo in March 1968. The bank has been in operation ever since, and that is why Ecobank Ghana investment rates are among the best in the market.

The bank emphasises transformational solutions for diverse growth sectors built on 30 years of deal-making. This makes the bank perfect for executing deals in challenging environments.

Ecobank investment services have been fine-tuned over the years and built on their Local Knowledge Africa (LKA) method. The bank has brokerage services across all sub-Saharan Africa and works closely with big international financial institutions to facilitate client's investments.

3. Stanbic Bank Ghana

Investment Banks in Ghana
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Stanbic Bank Ghana is one of the best investment companies in Ghana to partner with. The bank helps clients by creating more value socially, economically, and environmentally. It is one of the leading banks in Africa because of its unique investment and financial solutions.

The firm allows clients to plan for their future with attractive investment solutions tweaked to fit the corporate and individual clients. Stanbic Bank Kenya promises the highest rates in Ghana and amazing, profound flexibility covering several investment periods.

4. Omni Bank

Investment Banks in Ghana
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This bank was formerly a loan company but met the high standards of getting a licensed in Ghana as a bank. It has had progressive growth over the years and has proven to be eye-catching with its reasonable interest rates. It is a commercial and investment bank in Ghana licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the Central Bank, and the national banking regulator.

Omni Bank offers attractive interest rates for its different investment options, making it an excellent bank to invest in Ghana. For instance, one can open an investment account with a fixed duration for small, medium, and corporate clients looking to invest funds over some time.

5. Societe Generale Ghana

Investment Banks in Ghana
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The Societe Generale bank was incorporated on February 7, 1975, as a private limited liability company named Security Guarantee Trust Limited. It later altered its name after a change in ownership structure that saw Societe Generale, one of the world's largest banks acquiring 51%.

The bank has outstanding investment banking solutions that are customised to meet every client's needs. Also, Societe Generale provides competitive interest rates for various investment products.

6. First National Bank

Investment Banks in Ghana
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First National Bank can trace its roots to the Eastern Province Bank formulated in Grahamstown, South Africa in 1838. Today, the institution is one of the best investment banks in Ghana with an excellent footing in the industry. The company offers a comprehensive range of products to its clients under competent management.

If you prefer to watch your money grow in sound investment solutions, First National Bank possesses lucrative options to suit every client's needs.

7. Standard Chartered Bank Ghana

Investment Banks in Ghana
Standard Chartered Bank building. Photo: @StandardCharteredGH
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Standard Chartered Bank is a banking and financial services firm in Ghana with deep roots in the global financial market. These advantages make it one of the most reliable investment partners for corporate and individual clients.

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana allows clients to access an unparalleled range of emerging markets and G10 currencies via different investments. For instance, one can obtain high rates for foreign exchange transactions and 12 currencies based on telegraphic transfers.

On top of this, the bank promises clients a fast turnaround time on all currencies. Standard Chartered Bank Ghana offers a wide range of assets and markets that clients can invest in like mutual funds.

8. Access Bank

Investment Banks in Ghana
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Access Bank Ghana is a great investment bank with various products for its clients. It was licensed by the Bank of Ghana and the national banking regulator to offer banking services.

9. UBA Ghana

Investment Banks in Ghana
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UBA Bank has more than 70 years of uninterrupted banking operations in Ghana, and today, it has 19 African subsidiaries. UBA Bank's mission is to be a role model for African businesses by creating superior value for all stakeholders by applying sound values.

One can go for the bank's wholesale or personal banking that possesses different investment solutions. The bank's experience in the financial niche in Ghana and other parts of the world makes it a sound investment partner and one of Ghana's best investment companies.

10. Fidelity Bank Ghana

Investment Banks in Ghana
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The headquarters of this bank is Accra located at the Ridge Towers. It is among the 27 licensed banks in Ghana and has terrific interest rates. Fidelity Bank has several ATMs all over the country and exceptional products for clients.

The bank's savings and investment accounts are tailor-made for the future and rainy days. The available options can suit your investment desires. The bank offers competitive interests rates calculated daily and credited every quarter.

Which bank is best for investment in Ghana?

The Ghanaian banking sector has undergone significant changes over the years, and some investment banks have created a good foundation in the industry. Standards Chartered Bank Ghana is perhaps the best investment bank in Ghana that offers some of the most fantastic investment packages.

However, you can choose the desired investment bank in Ghana according to your unique interests. Some banks can offer you lucrative investment deals once you negotiate your case.

Which bank has the best investment account?

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana stands out as a great bank with the best investment account providing clients with attractive interest rates. However, other investment banks in Ghana like Ecobank, Access Bank, Fidelity Bank and others give an excellent investment platform and provide beneficial investment accounts.

Investment banks in Ghana provide ordinary citizen and companies with ample opportunities to get huge returns on their funds. The above list gives an excellent insight into the banks that are best suited for the financial move that many find hard to make.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility! featured an interesting article about the top private firms in Ghana in 2021. Ghana has been experiencing tremendous growth and development in the private sector, and now, there are thousands of registered firms in the country.

Among the top firms, Accra Brewery stands out considering its massive size. Other firms like Aerogem Aviation Company have grown because of an increase in the demand for their services.

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