Companies in Ghana for employment: Top 5 in 2020

Companies in Ghana for employment: Top 5 in 2020

Being unemployed or working for a company that does not pay well can be frustrating. The cost of living has escalated and a lot of money is required to afford basic necessities. It is time that people hustled their way to acquire employment in the top companies that pay their workers well.

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Top companies in Ghana 2020

Ghana happens to be one of the most enterprising countries in Africa. It comes at no surprise that the country is also home to a number of companies that perform quite well. Some of these companies belong to the Ghanaian government and a few Ghanaian citizens. However, there are also those owned by foreigners.

Top foreign companies Ghana

There are a number of top multinational corporations in the country, such as

  • Airtel Ghana
  • Toyota Ghana
  • Dredging International Services (Cyprus) Ltd
  • Engen Ghana limited
  • Hyundai motors & investments Ghana ltd

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A list of the highest paying companies in Ghana 2020

The average salaries vary from one company to another depending on the position that a person holds. Even though companies are recruiting, it is still possible to struggle to find jobs in Ghana. Sometimes, one gets jobs that are not well paying. Here are the richest companies in Ghana that pay well.

Ghana Cocoa Board

Ghana Cocoa Board

Ghana Cocoa Board is a government institution which deals with setting the prices of Cocoa in Ghana. Additionally, it is among the largest producers of cocoa around the globe. Ghana takes pride in production of cocoa. As such, a lot of activities including management functions take place in this company. Being a government institution, the company hires people from time to time and the pay is amazing.

Ashanti Goldfields

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Ashanti Goldfields

Being a huge producer of gold, the Ashanti Goldfields provides employment to several people in Ghana. Since gold is a precious commodity, employees have to be kept motivated to facilitate the process involved. High salaries usually add employees’ morale. This company is also one of the richest company in Ghana.

KPMG Ghana

kpmg Ghana

KPMG provides auditing, tax and advisory services. It is known to create employment opportunities regularly especially for young people. Additionally, many people are striving to secure jobs in the company due to the good pay.

Toyota Ghana Limited

Toyota Ghana

As Toyota models become popular in the market, the company has been able to make a lot of profits. The pay is handsome since the company aims at treat its employees fairly.

Enterprise Life Insurance Company Limited

This is one of the leading companies in the insurance industry in Ghana. It is actually listed in the stock exchange market. Its employees get decent pay, making it among the top companies to seek employment from in Ghana.

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