The 100 stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley relationship timeline

The 100 stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley relationship timeline

In the seven seasons of The 100, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley were the lead actors. Their characters, Bellamy Blake and Clarke, had on and off relationships on the show. Unfortunately, the show writers did not allow the relationship between the two characters to develop until later in the show. Interestingly, many entertainment commentators believed that the two had an off-screen relationship.

Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley
Actress Eliza Taylor attends the "The 100" press room during Comic-Con International 2015. Photo: Jason Merritt
Source: Instagram

Are Clarke and Bellamy together in real life? Yes. After seven years of speculation, the two started sharing their pictures as a couple. In multiple interviews, they have also shared their love journey, from being friends to a couple.

2011-2019: Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley first meet

Even though it is unclear when the two met, they have been cast members of two shows. First, Bob and Eliza met in 2011 as supporting actors in Neighbours. Then, three years later, they landed on lead roles in the CW's play, The 100.

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However, they did not become friends until 2014, when CW shot the pilot episode of The 100. Through the seven seasons, they became good friends. Based on the behind the scene videos and bloopers posted on YouTube, their relationship grew from being strangers to good friends.

Both Eliza and Bob were in other relationships at the time. Bob was dating Arryn Zech while Eliza was rumoured to be in a relationship with William Miller and Brett Tucker.

February 2019: Meets as friends in Vancouver

After the two finished shooting the show, they lost contact. However, the two reconnected in February 2019 as friends. Bob Morley was working on a show while Eliza Taylor was settling in Vancouver. Since they had been in a show together, it took them a day to reconnect.

However, the two were fresh from toxic relationships. Bob was trying to clear his name from Arryn Zech’s allegations that he was abusive. On the other hand, Eliza was healing from a breakup. Due to their mental state, they did not think of getting into another relationship.

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March 2019: Bob Morley asks Eliza Taylor out

Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley
Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley speak at the TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites 2019 during 2019 Comic-Con International. Photo: Amy Sussman
Source: Getty Images

Bob had just finished shooting and was preparing to move out of the apartment he lived in at the time. On the other hand, Eliza was setting up a new apartment she had leased for one year. So, Eliza invited Bob to help her set up the apartment as his schedule was not as tight as before.

During this time, Bob asked Eliza out. While she did not think Bob was serious, she accepted. Eliza has confessed that the first date was magical on her Instagram account as she realized they shared a lot, especially about life.

So, when did Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley start dating? After the first date in March 2019, the two started dating. It was during this time that pictures of them on dates started circulating, especially on social media.

April 2019: They move to Australia

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After a month of dating, they went to see their parents in Australia. During their one month trip, Eliza and Bob discussed many things. They also examined the effect of their careers on their new love.

However, their time together helped them discover their shared interests in many things. During their stay in Australia, they met each other’s families. Also, they spent most of the time with Bob’s sister.

May 2019: Bob proposes to Eliza

After spending a month in Australia, Bob proposed to Eliza. Although most entertainment commentators felt it was too soon, the two were convinced they were compatible. However, they also faced many backlashes, especially from fans who thought that the two were trying to break the internet and hurt their exes.

They have never shared the proposal videos or photos due to fear of being cyberbullied. However, Eliza confirmed that she said yes to Bob’s proposal on her Instagram stories.

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June 2019: Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley’s wedding

When is Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor getting married? The two are already married. They exchanged wedding vows shortly after the proposal. Even with their big names in the acting space, Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor’s wedding was private.

The two married in Australia at a mountain top. However, they have shared less than five photos of the invite-only wedding, even after being married for two years.

But when they married, they shared the news on their social media pages. So the question "who is Bob Morley’s wife?” was finally answered through Twitter. In a tweet that has over 35 thousand retweets, Bob finally referred to Eliza as his wife.

June 2020: The former cast of The 100 celebrates its first wedding anniversary

Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley
Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley speak onstage at the WBTV Panel Block: The 100 panel during New York Comic Con at Jacob Javits Center. Photo: Dia Dipasupil
Source: Getty Images

In June 2020, the two celebrated their year anniversary as a couple. As expected, they shared on their social media accounts their joy of being married for a year. For Taylor, she shared one of the few wedding pictures on the internet to appreciate her husband, Bob.

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Unfortunately, they took a break on social media after their anniversary. While they later explained that they stopped posting to concentrate on their relationship, some fans thought they were having problems.

June 2020- to-date: Happily married

Eliza and Bob are now two years in marriage. Even though there are no events due to the pandemic, they still share pictures of one another, especially on Instagram. For example, they have been baking and sharing results with their fans.

Apart from growing together, they have bought properties in Australia and the USA. They also travel to Australia more often than they used to when they were single. However, they spend most of their time in the USA, primarily because of their careers and other interests.

While they are yet to get children, Bob and Eliza are pet owners. They have two dogs. Even with their tight schedules, they still find time to take dogs for walks.

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After being on the same set for almost a decade, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley finally married in 2019. Even though they have faced a lot of criticism due to their hurry in officiating their marriage, they are one of the most admired couples in the USA and Australia. shared an article on Dee Devlin, Conor Mcgregor's wife relationship timeline, kids. Since his debut in MMA, his wife Dee has been by his side, cheering him on for his comebacks. Dee Devlin is his long-term partner and fiancee. The two have become one of the world’s best-known couples, and McGregor credits her for his success.

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