Best groundnut soup and fufu Ghana recipe

Best groundnut soup and fufu Ghana recipe

Savoury African dishes are reminiscent of the old days before western influence tainted ancient recipes. Nonetheless, many renowned recipes have managed to withstand massive influence, shared from one generation to the next. Exquisite, nutty, and palate-pleasing meals have become favourites among Ghanaians. How many ways can you tweak your fufu recipe? Probably innumerable times. One of the best accompaniments that make this meal awesome is groundnut soup. If you are thinking of rekindling your fufu Ghana recipe by adding some peanut butter soup in the mix, then you will love the scrumptious final product.

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Like most African dishes, fufu is eaten by hand, which might be intimidating if you grew in a Eurocentric environment that emphasizes cutlery. One of the most amazing things about fufu is that it is a versatile meal, with many recipes and accompaniments that make it a national favourite.

Fufu Ghana – what is the food all about?

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Fufu or foo-foo is a West African staple, mostly eaten in Ghana and Nigeria. The term perfectly represents the ingredients of the food, which is a mixture of ground provisions like cassava that are boiled and pounded to form robust balls.

Maize flour is also another common ingredient for the delicacy. Although the hearty dish has been losing popularity over time as Ghanaians adopt western recipes, people still find ingenious ways of tweaking it to suit their desires.

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How to prepare fufu and groundnut soup

Do you want to know how to prepare fufu and light soup? It is hard to match the sheer joy of eating fufu, mostly when it comes with a bowl of light groundnut soup. It is a fantastic regional flavour that works best with certain stews. However, groundnut has proved to be among the best.

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  • A bottle of groundnut paste. (320g)
  • Five large tomatoes.
  • Two medium-sized onions.
  • One chilli pepper (these are very special extra hot peppers).
  • Marinated chicken pieces or any other preferred meat.
  • Royco shrimp cubes.
  • 2 pounds yams.
  • Salt (to taste).
  • Freshly ground black pepper (to taste).
  • One teaspoon olive oil.

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  1. Begin by steaming your chicken or any other meat that you have chosen. It is a great idea to marinate the chicken with garlic and ginger and leave it overnight for the flavour to soak in.
  2. If you are not using groundnut paste, you have to grind the peanuts first. However, if you are utilizing paste, pour it onto the chicken and mix until it is perfectly distributed. This procedure is going to ascertain that you fry the paste and allows the peanut oil to rise.
  3. Continue mixing as the oil is rising.
  4. After the oil appears, start pouring water, one cup at a time and ascertain that the paste dissolves well. Eight cups are enough to create a good soup.

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fufu Ghana
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5. Remove the chicken from the cooking pot and set aside.

6. Pour your chopped tomatoes and onions and let them soften from the heat.

7. Using a blender, grind all your vegetables and pour into the pot. You can add tomato paste as well to create the ideal thickness.

8. Now, add the artificial flavour of your choice and stir.

9. Add three pieces of okra or garden eggs to garnish the soup and continue stirring.

10. Leave it for about 35 minutes, and once you notice the oil has risen, turn off the heat. Do not forget to stir occasionally to prevent spillovers.

11. For the fufu, you’ll start by pouring cold water in a pot.

12. Peel the yams and be very careful not to overdo it or cut yourself.

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13. Once ready, cut the yams into small pieces and pour into the pot with cold water.

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14. Boil the yams under high heat for about 25 minutes after which you will remove them and allow to cool. Reserve about a cup of water in the pot.

15. Put the boiled yams in a bowl and mix with salt, pepper and olive oil and mash.

16. If it doesn’t achieve the desired softness, you can place it into a food processor or blender.

17. After mashing, use a wooden spoon to mix it until it becomes smooth. You can use your hands if necessary.

18. Shape the fufu into balls and enjoy with your groundnut soup.

fufu Ghana
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19. If you were wondering how to prepare light soup, then the above recipe is perfect for most people’s taste buds.

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Calories in fufu nutritional value

According to nutritionix, one serving of fufu is 33% carbohydrate, 15% fat, and 29% potassium. Of course, the nutrient components are reliant on the ingredients you utilize to prepare the fufu.

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Groundnut soup is rich in protein. The proteins are good bodybuilders. The vegetables found in groundnut soup are also very good for the body as they protect from diseases and infections.

Although fufu and light soup is ubiquitous, many people have found a way of tweaking the recipe to suit their cravings, and groundnut soup is one of the most preferred. If you are looking for wholesome food to add in your diet, then fufu Ghana is the most ideal. Give it a try; you will love the experience.


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