What is Project Blue Beam? Serge Monast’s Conspiracy Theory explained

What is Project Blue Beam? Serge Monast’s Conspiracy Theory explained

The Project Blue Beam conspiracy theory claims that NASA, in cooperation with other powerful forces, is attempting to implement a new age religion with the Antichrist at its head and start a new world order. Project blue beam NASA was written by Serge Monast, a Canadian born journalist. What is the Blue Beam Project in detail?

Project Blue Beam
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At the close of World War II, the increasing activity of unexplained flying objects (UFOs) attracted the interest of several experts. The US AirForce, scientists, and media initiated investigations after combining information about the sightings.

Committees were formed to provide explanations, but they were useless. As a result, Serge Monast began to speak up and have his voice heard. In 1994, he published a compiling report dubbed Project Blue Beam.

Who was Serge Monast?

Serge Monast was a Quebec journalist, poet, essayist, and conspiracy theorist. He is best known to English-speaking readers for Project Blue Beam and the conspiracy theories that surround it. He was one of the most outspoken critics of UFO activity, and he published an approach known as Project Blue Beam.

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Serge Monast was born in 1945 and died from a heart attack in December 1996, just a day after being arrested and imprisoned. Because he exposed so much about NASA's activities, his followers believe he was slain with psychotronic weaponry. What was in the document he published? What is the Blue Beam Project of NASA?

What is Project Blue Beam?

Serge Monast's conspiracy theory, Project Blue Beam, was meticulously recorded after years of research. It was said to be a four-step government operation to control people's minds and then introduce them to new world order and religion.

Step 1: All archaeological information questioned

Project Blue Beam
A handout photo provided by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem shows the archaeological dig on the northeastern slope of the fortress of Herodion near the town of Bethlehem. Photo: Hebrew University
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The development of sophisticated top-secret weaponry to trigger earthquakes in specific, strategic sites worldwide, unearthing religious artefacts, and creating the false impression that beliefs had all been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

The first stage is believed to have already been implemented in 2012 when the Earth experienced strong earthquakes. However, perplexed scientists had no clear-cut explanations for how the earthquakes happened in the space of two days.

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As a result of the earthquakes, there were purported discoveries of a tomb said to contain the skeletal remains of Jesus, giving rise to speculation.

Step 2: Use of Holographic technology

According to Serge Monast, there will be a conspiracy to stage massive space shows using three-dimensional optical holograms and laser projections. With images of Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, and Krishna, these effects would appear in four different parts of the universe and merge into one entity – the Antichrist – who will then begin to discredit the doctrines and begin to give explanations.

NASA's activity and beam projections have increased, with several sightings of holograms in the skies around the world. The reported Project Blue Beam hologram whale, which went viral on the internet, is one example.

Step 3: Two-way telepathic communication

This stage, he stated, would involve the use of waves to create a telephonic program that would examine people's minds and deceive them into believing that their god was speaking to them.

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In addition, the United States is believed to have begun research on telepathy, which entails transferring information/communication from one person to another via neural signals.

Step 4: Using electrical tools to manifest universal supernatural phenomena

Project Blue Beam
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According to Serge Monast, the last stage would involve employing various technologies that would manipulate people's minds that an extraterrestrial invasion was already taking place on other planets and that the rapture was about to occur.

The projections would disturb the Earth's regular peaceful cooperation, resulting in instability and mistrust. Moreover, these devices would allow the Antichrist to have complete control over the thoughts of the people.

Is Serge Monast's conspiracy theory true?

Project Blue Beam
The VLA (Very Large Array Observatorium) is one of New Mexico's observatories where scientists are seeking extraterrestrial life in the universe with the help of radio waves. Photo: plus49
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We can only wait and see if the events projected in the document turn out to be true. However, some of the events have begun materialising with the recent use of holographic technology.

The four stages have evidence that they are in progress, yet these things may be just coincidences.

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The most substantial evidence for stage one came in 2012 when bizarre earthquakes shook the Earth and the alleged discovery of Jesus' tomb after that.

Stage two offers the most abundant evidence, with numerous reports of holograms in the sky. For example, the recent metropolis appeared in the clouds over China and video evidence of a Jesus crucifix and a transparent humanoid emerging in the sky.

Stage three is more difficult to confirm; there have been claims that an entire US government department is striving to allow communication without the use of vocalised speech through brain signal analysis. The fact that telepathy has been used to manipulate monkeys' limbs shows that this is not far off.

Stage four likewise lacks solid evidence. One case is the alleged discovery of ghosts by paranormal investigators who used electronic voice phenomenon recording devices.

After its disclosure, Project Blue Beam has caused quite a commotion. Many people are concerned that the text includes accurate information that will come to pass. The disappearance of Serge Monast's children has raised fears that the administration is concealing something. We can only wait and see if the events predicted in the document occur. What will NASA accomplish if any of the Blue Beam's Project claims come true? What good will the new world order hold?

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