60+ lovely Jamaican girl names with meaning

60+ lovely Jamaican girl names with meaning

Jamaica is one of the countries with the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The island country of the West Indies is known for its amazing music and distinct culture. When choosing baby girl names, many Jamaican parents consider the circumstances during the birth of the child, the culture, and how deeply religious they are. Both new and classic Jamaican girl names bring delight to the families and the children named.

Jamaican girl names
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Jamaican names are influenced by English, European, Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern origin, and sometimes Africa. Due to the history of slavery, many Jamaicans got their family names from slave owners. Jamaican girl names are pretty and lively. Getting to see your child grow to love their names and become the happy individual you hoped they would make parents proud.

Short and cute Jamaican girl names

The following Jamaican baby names have six characters and below. The names are sweet-sounding, simple to write, and also easy to pronounce. The short and sweet names are for people that love one-syllable, two-syllable, and three-syllable names.

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  • Jalissa - A noble one
  • Amelia - Hardworking and fertile
  • Zekia - Pure
  • Aretha - Excellence, virtue
  • Kalisa - The one who has given herself to God
  • Vea - Chief or seen
  • Ronica - True image or strong counsel
  • Aubrey - Rules the elves
  • Ini -Time
  • Kenise - Beautiful, gorgeous
  • Aayla - Top of the mountain
  • Jamie - One who supplants
  • Kimona - Resting
  • Femi - God loves me
  • Jada - She was a God's gift
  • Vegas - Meadows
  • Zhade - Princess of the African violet
  • Ora - Prayer or gold
  • Kady- Pure and innocent
  • Alvita - One who is bubbly and lively
  • Kiyana - Light or deity
  • Irie - One who believes in spreading peace or harmony
  • Amoy - Beautiful goddess
  • Agape - Love and affection

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Classic Jamaican baby girl names

There is nothing as good as going the classic way when selecting beautiful Jamaican female names. Families and generations in Jamaicans have used these names for years. They are also loved by everyone. Their popularity keeps increasing as everyone wants to associate with names that bring vibrancy to one's life.

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  • Arabella - Beautiful grace or answered prayer
  • Peta-gay - Blessing from heaven
  • Trinika - Pure, triad, a trio or as in the Holy Trinity
  • Brianna - A strong ascending woman
  • Virtudes - Blessed spirit
  • Raeni - Like a queen
  • Tyonna - Princess
  • Jaqweshia - Half part of a queen
Jamaican girl names
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  • Xaviera - Feminine version of Xavier meaning bright or splendid.
  • Gabrielle - God, is my strength
  • Kyndall - Ruler of the valley
  • Kaleisha - A woman who is strong-willed, full of energy, or beautiful
  • Sabryna - Jamaican version of Sabrina meaning princess
  • Karalana - A girl with a pure and peaceful personality.
  • Tianna - Follower of Jesus Christ
  • Martisha - Martial or Warlike
  • Tamila - Dearest to the heart
  • Shanice - God of wine or Mountain of Zeus
  • Abigay - Joy or happiness of Yahweh or father of rejoicing.
  • Tashelle - Born during Christmas. Nativity or likeness to God
  • Jessica - The grace of God
  • Ladonya - Lady or woman
  • Atalyia - God is praised. The Lord is exalted.
  • Taniyah - A joyful, beautiful woman

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Beautiful Jamaican baby girl names

Popular Jamaican names for girls like Atalia, Bridgette, and Alesha are lovely for your baby girl. The beauty with these names is that they may sound similar, but they have different meanings which are even cuter. The following beautiful female Jamaican names are among the best things you can give your new-born.

  • Sharisha - Cherry
  • Requiem - Rest
  • Angelia - Messenger of God
  • Amancia - Someone who loves unconditionally
  • Latoria - Victorious one
  • Amoy - Beautiful goddess
  • Cedella - She is a beautiful princess
  • Chandice - One who is smart and talented
  • Amarika - Freedom
Jamaican girl names
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  • Delyse - Delightful, a girl with a delightful disposition
  • Antoinette - Beyond price or flourishing
  • Deshane - Yahweh is gracious
  • Arden - Valey of the eagle. Great forest.

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  • Straleen - Star
  • Durene - Someone with an enduring and everlasting personality
  • Ayanna - Beautiful blossom
  • Vinisha - Goddess, love, or humble
  • Dymond - Precious stone or gem.
  • Ava - Like a bird
  • Eralia - A well-spoken woman
  • Tiyanna - Joy or happiness
  • Allison - Of the noble sort

Jamaican naming system is not complicated. Many parents choose to go with English names that have a little Caribbean twist to feel authentic. Jamaican girl names radiate vibrancy, positivity, and good vibes. They have also been popularized thanks to the influence of pop culture worldwide.

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