Meet beautiful 67-year-old Babette Davis a fitness expert, motivational speaker and chef (photos)

Meet beautiful 67-year-old Babette Davis a fitness expert, motivational speaker and chef (photos)

- A 67-year-old woman Babette Davis has become an inspiration to young women all over the world

- The woman who transformed her lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle is a successful motivational speaker, fitness expert, chef and an author

- Davis makes it her passion to help people embrace a healthy lifestyle

A 67-year-old lady identified as Babette Davis has proved that she is a jack of all trades as she successful runs a world-class vegan restaurant. She is also a successful motivational speaker, fitness expert, chef and an author.

The talented woman is an inspiration to lots of women around the world. According to Davis, she decided to transform her life at the age of 40 after living an inactive life for so long.

Davis who had a challenging childhood grew up with an absent mother. She was also a victim of domestic abuse. It is amazing that a woman who went through so many unpleasant situations as child became a force of nature and an inspiration to others.

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In an interview with Huffington Post, the 67-year-old revealed that she was introduced to the world of fitness and healthy eating by her husband, Rondall. She further explained that she and her husband started the lifestyle in 1990.

She said: “I lead a very sedentary lifestyle. My current husband, Rondall, introduced me to the world of fitness and healthy eating. We transitioned and became vegan at the same time, in 1990. The books Fit For Life, by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, and the Mucus-less Diet Healing System by Professor Arnold Ehret, changed my life. After reading them, my entire perspective on the association of dis-ease and the consumption of animal proteins changed.”

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Davis and her husband have a restaurant together in Inglewood, California. The vegan restaurant was opened in 2008. The couple comes up with different ideas for vegan foods for their menu.

The 67-year-old said: “The menu was created by taking some of the foods we like to eat, and creating a vegan version. The food is familiar to our customers yet, a healthier version.”

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She also talked about how exercising plays a big role in her life and in her ability to work.

Davis said: “Exercise plays a big role in my life and in my ability to work the hours I have to put in. I don’t do yoga, but my desire is to get on a really good yoga program. I love to meditate, and at some point in my day will close my eyes for even a brief moment. I love massages and wish I could have one daily. In terms of overall fitness, I love to create my own exercise challenges, like now I’m on the planks and it’s incredible to me to set a goal and force myself to accomplish it.”


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