List of 2014 Animation Films

List of 2014 Animation Films

Animation films have individual paintings, illustrations, and drawings. Each image has a frame. Each frame's image has a slight difference which makes you have illusions that the individuals are actually moving.

List of 2014 Animation Films

The frame is projected to move at a rapid speed approximately 24 frames/second. Very few people are aware of the movements of the projected images.

Animation films

Most people tend to think that animation films are directed to kids. They confuse cartoons networks with animation films. Cartoon networks exaggerate the reality of life while animation brings real illusion stories into life. This is the reason why kids find cartoon networks very interesting. Most of them do not even understand the storyline but they really enjoy watching. Both kids and adults can enjoy animation films. The animation films have greatly improved since time immemorial. Advance in technology is really improving the world of entertainment.

Animation film lists

List of 2014 Animation Films
The Book of Life

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In 2014, there a couple of list of animation films that were released. They include Big Hero; this animation movie action was released November. The Lego movie is a 3D computer film that was released in February. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, August 8th. The Book of Life, October 17th. How to Train Your Dragon 2, June 13th. Nowadays, there are series animation films. Some films that were released in 2014 have other episodes, which may be released in the following year. Others were released before 2014, but people continue to follow the storyline, which was probably released in 2014. If you are an animation film fun, you should keep checking for the other episodes of the film series released. You can get the information from the Internet or adverts in the social media.

Animation movies list

There are 3 main types of animation films. They include traditional, computer and stop-motion animations. Most people prefer using the computer animation films. This is because they are 3D films that are of very high quality. Those who go to theaters have noticed that images are very visible. Their disadvantage is that they need big storage space. The traditionally animated films are 2D. They are not as visible as the computer films but they need slight memory storage.

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Top animated films

List of 2014 Animation Films

Animated films released in 2014 are endless, which had a storyline of either adventure, comedy, romance or about families. Paddington (2014) was among the adventure top animated films. The funny faces and moves contribute to an increase of animated films funs.

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