How to check your Glo number in Ghana in 2021

How to check your Glo number in Ghana in 2021

Glo is one of the well-known network service providers in Ghana who offer both network and internet service to the Ghanaians. It has pretty much good coverage and also an immense amount of customers subscribing to their services.

How to check your Glo number in Ghana

In relation to their increasing number of customers, they have rolled out good self-service options that enable good and efficient access to their services. As a Glo customer, you might be asking yourself the best way to check your Glo number. It is easy, fast and can be done in the comfort of your own home. We shall look at them as below.

How to Check your Glo Number Ghana

Do you have trouble recalling your Glo phone number? The self-service options are simple with the most bulk of the Glo number check being all about the short codes. It is easy configured and has been rated the safest and fastest way to be able to check your phone number on any platform.

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How to Check your Glo Number With Code.

To check your Glo number using the Glo short code provisions, dial *777# on your phone. Your phone number will appear on the screen of your phone. The number however will appear bearing the country’s code as in the long appearance of the telephone number. In Ghana the number would appear as 234712345678 for example. This however should not worry you can replace the number easily.234 which is the regional shortcode for Ghana is replaced with the number 0 to read as 0712345678.

How to check your Glo number in Ghana

If the short code above does not configure for your phone, then you can also simply dial another short code,*135*8#.Like the previous one, the number will be shown over the screen and will also appear in the long format. You would again obviously obtain the number by deducting the country code and inserting your own zero.

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Also you can check your Glo number through their main and mostly used short code of *1244#.You then click on show your Glo number and that is all to it on getting your number on the Glo mobile network.

It cannot be any easier. Worry not that you have acute problems of remembering your mobile number, Glo has got you covered.

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