10 road safety tips you need to know

10 road safety tips you need to know

Road accidents have been a cause for concern in recent years, as the death toll of citizens through road carnage have risen in terrifying numbers.

The shock of losing someone dear to your heart through an accident is a painful experience and many have wondered whether there was any way such sad occurrences could be avoided.

With the recent reports of multiple road accidents leading to staggering casualty numbers in the first month and half of 2018 alone, especially the most recent tragic loss of dancehall diva, Ebony Reigns, there have been many calls on government to ensure road safety for citizens.

Ebony wearing black Adidas jacket
Ebony Reigns was killed in a road accident on Thursday night on the Sunyani-Kumasi highway

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However, there are some safety tips you can follow on your own, as preventive measures against losing a limb or life through a car collision.

YEN.com.gh bings you 10 important safety tips, by courtesy of a Facebook post by Frank Ayim Damptey:

1. Unless in real emergencies, never travel at night. Road signs are unavailable or when they are, they are not visible, road markings are non existent or badly faded and undetectable.

2. You can’t trust other drivers on the road especially at night. Too many factors on Ghanaian roads make driving a nightmare and drivers prone to bad driving.

3. Pace yourself. Being in a hurry on a Ghanaian road is bad business. Start your journey early enough to make it to your destination safe and sound.

4. Be extra patient and vigilant on a Ghanaian road. From unmarked speed-rumps to broken-down trucks parked in the middle of the road and potholes big enough to swallow your entire vehicle, you run the risk of surprise if you fail to be extra vigilant.

5. Know your vehicle. Use it cautiously and prudently on a Ghanaian Road. Most Ghanaian roads are under-maintained. Hence your vehicle may not perform at its best on a Ghanaian road and may be prone to higher risk of accidents.

6. Always check tire pressure and keep vehicle in well maintained condition at all times.

7. Get enough rest before you get behind the wheel. When tired, stop over and take a power-nap. Don’t drive when you are not feeling well.

8. Do not drink and drive. Alcohol reduces your reaction and response times, agility and alertness behind the wheel.

9. Seatbelts are lawful and compulsory. Above all, they are proven to save lives during accidents. Always use your seatbelts and insist that everyone in the vehicle does same.

10. Avoid loud music, eating or ‘drinking while driving...avoid excessive conversation and arguments with those in the vehicle and concentrate on your driving.

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