How did Okomfo Anokye Die?

How did Okomfo Anokye Die?

Okomfo Anokye was a great hero born in the Eastern region of Ghana, Awukugua-Akuapim in late 1600.His birth names were Kwame Frimpon Anokye. Anokye was born holding totem poles in his palms and nobody could separate them.

How did Okomfo Anokye Die?

The Ghanaians believed that it was from their gods. His parents were from different tribes, his mother Ashanti tribe, and the father Ayabe tribe. He was given the title names Akomfo Anokye when he became a priest. Akomfo means the priest. There was a shrine in his birthplace where he used to take off his sandals before climbing.

Okomfo Anokye miracles

The Denkyeres really wanted to make it in their war with Ashanti’s. He had of the shocking and amazing wonders that Anokye did, he begged for help and Anokye helped him to defeat them successfully. He also helped the Ashanti to defeat the Denkyeres, he was given land as a way of appreciation, and he settled there and named it Nzema. Shockingly, a Golden Stool just landed on his laps. He gave the Golden Stool to the Ashanti. He wanted peace between the Nzema and the Ashanti.

How did Okomfo Anokye Die?

He, therefore, buried a sword on the ground to act as a symbol of peace and unity. Nobody has ever seen the buried sword. Since then, those two tribes freely intermarry with no conflicts.

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He did very many miracles that left people in shock, he once planted a cooked plantain, on that same time it germinated, people saw it growing, it ripened, and they harvested it. Okomfo was a very powerful man in that the rain also respected him. He could command it to stop and it immediately happened.

How did Okomfo Anokye Die?
Statue of Okomfo Anokye at Adanse in Ashanti

Some movie directors in Ghana also got their inspirations from the story of the great hero, their movies are released and they are well performed. It is a good thing and acts to appreciate your great leaders.

Okomfo Anokye Death

According to the history, Okomfo Anokye did not die but he disappeared. Nobody knows where he was buried or where he went. In his end times, Okomfo Kwame Anokye Frimpon Kotobre gave something to a hunter, which is still used by the chief of Gyasase as part of the heirloom.

How did Okomfo Anokye Die?
Sculpture of Okomfo Anokye Receiving the Golden Stool

To remember the great priest, his footprints on the shrine that he used to climb with no sandals are there up to date. The Golden Stool is also there for the young generation to see and learn about him.

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