8 ‘wild’ statements and accusations by Shatta Wale following Ebony’s death

8 ‘wild’ statements and accusations by Shatta Wale following Ebony’s death

There is tension in Ghana at the moment following the death of talented young singer, Ebony Reigns.

The tension is being caused by the activities of some “men of God” who, since news about Ebony hit the nation, have claimed to have predicted the young girl’s death.

In additon, some of the “men of God”, who seem to only see negative visions have disclosed that the next big artiste to die is Shatta Wale.

8 ‘wild’ statements and accusations by Shatta Wale following Ebony’s death

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But as everyone expects, Shatta Wale has responded fiercely to the “death sentence” made on him by these “self-acclaimed” prophets of God.

In a video Shatta Wale released of himself to his Facebook page, he warned that he would not tolerate such prophecies, and threatened to deal with those prophets.

YEN.com.gh brings you eight other wild statements Shatta Wale has made in this regard.

1. Burn churches: The dancehall king has threatened to go on rampage with his Shatta Movement team to burn churches of all “fake” prophets in Ghana. He indicated that if he should be alive from now till December, then there would be “war” on those prophets.

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2. Fears God: Again, Shatta Wale has indicated that the only person he fears in his life is God, not death and fake prophets. According to Wale, he would not be intimidated by such “useless” prophecies of “fake” prophets because he is well versed in the Scriptures.

3. Deep biblical knowledge: According to Shatta Wale, he knows the Bible so well like the back of his palm. He added that he is also aware that God doesn’t kill his children and so there is no way those “death” prophets could claim that they saw their visions from God.

He has stressed that those prophets who are only interested in prophesying doom about celebrities are fake and must be ignored.

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4. Prophets responsible for Ebony’s death: Shatta has also accused the “fake” prophets of killing Ebony in order to prove the fulfillment of their fake prophecies. He has stated without mincing words that the activities of these prophets put the nation at risk, therefore, the government must strictly scrutinize their activities.

5. He only respects three pastors in Ghana: The dancehall king has also disclosed that in the whole of Ghana, he has respect for only three men of God. These men of God are Pastor Mensah Otabil, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and “Angel” Daniel Obinim.

These pastors, according to Shatta Wale, are the only truthful ones he respects so much. Earlier, he named Mensah Otabil as his god father and Duncan-Williams, his mentor.

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6. His God doesn’t sleep: In the heat of his anger, Shatta Wale has also said that his God doesn’t sleep.

He added that his God also doesn’t go on vacation and so he would not watch for him Shatta to be killed or harmed by the “fake prophets.”

7. Ploy to extort money: Shatta Wale has also described the activities of some Ghanaian prophets as ploy to extort money from innocent citizens all because they want to live flashy lives.

He wonders why Ghanaian pastors are bent on living “comfortable” lives when Jesus never sought that for himself.

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A pastor who wants to drive Jeep, is that one too a pastor,” Shatta Wale questions. He warned that he is always on high alert and so no pastor can take advantage of him with quack prophecies.

8. He is living by Grace: Shatta Wale has also disclosed that left to the activities of his haters, he should be dead by now, but he is living because of Grace.

According to him, “people have taken him to places to be killed but God has preserved him alive”, therefore, no “fake” prophet can take his life with fake prophecies.

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