7 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions: be in the know

7 serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions: be in the know

Like other developing countries in Africa, Ghana faces multiple issues. Its contemporary society is highly influenced by rapid social and technological changes. These changes can no longer be solved using traditional approaches. It is time to think about new solutions to various social problems in Ghana.

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A social problem is any condition or situation that adversely affects many people in a country. It disrupts the normal functioning of society. There are multiple social problems in Ghana. Some can be resolved easily, while others are more complex to solve.

Serious social problems in Ghana and their solutions

The social problems experienced by most Ghanaians today tend to form a chain. One challenge often leads to another.

Main social problems in Ghana in 2022

Below is a list of social problems in Ghana and their solutions.

1. Unemployment

Unemployment refers to the share of the labour force without work but are available for and seeking employment. The rate of unemployment in Ghana in 2020 was 4.70%, a 0.05% increase from 2020.

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The Ghanaian Times reports that about 1.74 million people, which is equivalent to 13.4% of the total working population of 13 million aged 15 years and above.

The rate of unemployment can be attributed to numerous factors, including the prevailing economic recession, corruption, slow economic growth, and a sharply increasing population.

2. Corruption

What is Ghana struggling with?
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One of the most pressing social problems in Ghana in 2022 is corruption. The same is being experienced in multiple African nations.

For a long time, Ghana has earned a significant amount of cash from its natural resources, including gold, manganese, bauxite, and diamonds. Unfortunately, a considerable portion of these resources goes down the cesspool created by corruption.

This means that despite the nation being naturally endowed, resources benefit a few and leave the rest in poverty. The country has many institutions and departments where one cannot receive service without bribing the officers.

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3. Illiteracy and inaccessibility of quality education

Education is an important tool for development in any country. In Ghana, the quality of education is lagging behind. While there have been a few positive developments in the sector, much is desired.

The Ghanaian educational sector faces multiple challenges, especially in rural areas. The basic facilities in public schools are in deplorable states and inadequate. Besides, the human resources to fill the minimum criteria of a school are inadequate.

Many children, especially those from resource-poor settings, do not go to school or drop out early. As a result, the level of illiteracy is quite high.

4. Poverty

What is Ghana struggling with?
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According to Oxfam, approximately 24.2% of the Ghanaian national population lives below the poverty line. Numerous people, especially on the northern side of the nation, earn less than one American dollar a day.

Although the country is blessed with the resources needed to end extreme poverty and bridge the disparities between the rich and poor, it is failing to do so because of corruption.

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5. Forest encroachment and desertification

Ghana is among the tropical countries that have suffered the most from deforestation in recent years. Shocking results show the forest cover has shrunk up to five times in one century.

The increasing human population has also encroached on land that should otherwise be left for forests and wildlife. Forest encroachment and desertification have led to climate change, especially long episodes of drought.

6. Rural-urban migration

Many young Ghanaians move from their rural homes to urban areas looking for jobs. In the capital city of Accra, for instance, the population has doubled since the ’90s.

Young people perceive urban areas to be the epicentre of economic opportunities and exciting modern lifestyles. Some of the challenges of rural-urban migration are poor housing conditions due to congestion in the cities, increased crime rates, and deterioration of the rural economy leading to chronic poverty.

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7. Lack of well-defined child welfare practice systems

What are some of the economic problems facing Ghana?
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Child rights and gender-based violations are pretty common in the country. Many would expect that in 2022, children's welfare is prioritised. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

The nation has poorly defined child welfare practices. In fact, it lacks a clear definition of what child abuse is. This makes it hard for social workers to fully protect the rights and freedoms of children and women.

The existing social service agencies often fail to meet the needs of the populations they serve due to a lack of clear policies and guidelines. The problem is further aggravated by poverty and corruption.

Solutions to social problems in Ghana in 2022

How can Ghana solve the problems explored above? Below are feasible measures that can be enacted to resolve the challenges.

Solving unemployment in Ghana

The high rate of lack of jobs can be solved in the following ways.

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  • The government should provide better financial support to technical institutions in the country. The demand for hands-on skills outdoes the supply, so the government should encourage young people to pursue technical courses.
  • A youth-programmed fund should also be initiated to fund start-up businesses for the youth.
  • The relevant authorities should also address the monster of corruption. If addressed, funds to expand the economy and create jobs will be availed.
  • Additionally, the government should facilitate the export of human capital to get qualified Ghanaians job opportunities overseas.

Solving corruption

What are some of the social issues?
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The government can implement the following anti-corruption measures.

  • Make reforms in public administration and finance management. This should be coupled with strengthening the mandate of auditing bodies and agencies.
  • Providing rewards and incentives to citizens who report corruption cases.
  • Creating pathways that empower citizens with relevant tools and knowledge to engage and participate in their government.
  • Promoting transparency and access to information.
  • Creating, funding, and strengthening agencies that prosecute corruption cases.

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Solving illiteracy and inaccessibility of quality education

Illiteracy and inaccessibility of quality education can be resolved in the following ways.

  • Ensuring the education sector is well-funded.
  • Every child has the right to an education in a safe and healthy setting, so basic education should be made mandatory for all.
  • Setting up programs that ascertain students transition from different levels of study to the highest where they earn the right skills.

Solving poverty in Ghana

The country can resolve poverty in the following ways.

  • Ensuring all children access quality education.
  • Ensuring basic health care for all.
  • Prevent child marriages and promote proper child welfare practices.
  • Supporting environmental programmes.
  • Improving childhood nutrition.

Solutions to forest encroachment and desertification

Forest encroachment and desertification be solved in the following ways.

  • Sensitising all citizens about the dangers of forest encroachment and desertification to society.
  • Running tree planting programmes in communities.
  • Resettling people who have settled in forest zones and giving stringent punishments to those who encroach on these areas.

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Rural-urban migration

Rural-urban migration can be solved in the following ways.

  • Creating employment opportunities in rural areas.
  • Promoting agriculture in rural areas.
  • Improving transport and communication network services.

Solving poor child welfare practice systems

Child welfare practice systems should be improved in the country. Policies on children's welfare should be updated, and terms should be defined clearly.

list of social problems in ghana
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What is the meaning of a social problem?

A social problem is an issue that affects many people within a society. It arises from fundamental faults in the structure of a society.

What are the social problems in Ghana?

The social problems in Ghana include rural-urban migration, unemployment, forest encroachment and desertification, corruption, poverty, illiteracy, and inaccessibility of quality education.

What are 5 social problems?

The five pressing social problems in Ghana are unemployment, poverty, corruption, rural-urban migration, and the inaccessibility of quality education.

What are some of the social issues?

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Some of the social problems in the world are unemployment, poverty, corruption, rural-urban migration, forest encroachment and desertification, and inaccessibility of quality education.

What are some of the economic problems facing Ghana?

Some of the economic challenges facing Ghana are unemployment, corruption, state-society gap, inconsistent economic policies, poor human capital development, poor health system, and crime and terrorism.

What is Ghana struggling with?

Ghana is struggling with unemployment, corruption, inaccessibility of quality education, poverty, forest encroachment and desertification, rural-urban migration, and poor child welfare practice systems.

What are examples of social problems?

Examples of social problems are corruption, unemployment, poverty, inaccessibility of quality education, forest encroachment and desertification, rural-urban migration, and poor child welfare practice systems.

There are several pressing social problems in Ghana. Most of them can be solved by implementing stringent government policies and measures.

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