Domestic airlines in Ghana: a comprehensive list

Domestic airlines in Ghana: a comprehensive list

With the increase of domestic tourism in the country, the flight industry has expanded and introduced a good number of domestic airlines in Ghana making it possible for Ghanaians to get cheap domestic flights. So in case you are planning for a safari next time, add a little bit of style and comfort to the travelling packaging by booking some of the domestic airlines in Ghana. The airlines in Ghana offer cheap and affordable prices with daily scheduled flights to some of the top tourist destinations and beaches in Ghana.

List of all Domestic Airlines in Ghana - contacts and prices
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The best part about the domestic flights in Ghana is that they offered customer tailored experiences across the Ghanaian skies. Passengers are guaranteed top notch quality service as they experience the warmth, professional etiquette and hospitality from the best in the industry. So planning on a family getaway in style or a vacation with your loved one? Well the local airlines in Ghana are the perfect solution to your quest.

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List of Airlines in Ghana

We have compiled a comprehensive list of airlines operating in Ghana, plus additional information on some of their destinations and their contact details. All the domestic flights have to be certified by the GCAA in order to operate. Most of the airlines are offer complementary services such as hotel reservations, booking and guides.

1. Aerogem Aviation Ghana Airlines

They started operations in Ghana in 2000 and operate a non-scheduled passenger and cargo airline as well as providing supervision and global flight support services. They bring new dimensions in serving the General Aviation, Charter, Passenger, cargo flights and helicopter offshore operations. They have well experienced and airline-minded staff supervisors with a connected network partners worldwide assured in providing run on time and precision decisions. All the services are performed in accordance with the standards of the industry.

They are committed in providing clients with the best service for a repeat business as well as supervision of flights. Other services offered include emergency medical evacuation services; passenger check-in assistance and fuel supply at the Takoradi, Western region of Ghana. They also deal in hotel reservation, catering assistance and aircraft security. For inquiries you can reach them through their email address and info@aerogemaviation or through their operations number +233 209986313/4.

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2. Africa World Airlines in Ghana

They are a Ghanaian registered private-sector company which has been in operation since it’s launched in 2012 upon receiving the GCAA certification. They offer ideal air travel with the best option for majority within the markets in the areas they operate. The airline operates flights to four cities in Ghana namely Accra, Tamale, Kumasi and Takoradi but they recently extended their flight services to cater for passengers to Abuja, Lagos, and Monrovia. They are also planning to expand into Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivore.

There corporate values include safety, reliability, cost consciousness, efficiency, punctuality and commitment. You can contact them to make reservations through their email address for the head office, concerns through and reservation support through They are the award winning airline for the fifth time in a row during the Domestic Airline Year for 2017 at the national Aviation Awards ceremony in Accra.

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3. Air Ghana local flights in Ghana

It has been in operation since 1993 as an established premier Ghanaian registered cargo, passenger airline, air logistics and bespoke services to the European, Middle East and African regions as well as airport representation, aircraft handling and support, with all aspects of aviation ground and cargo handling services. They have a well committed and experienced staff that seeks to identify and realize new and innovative opportunities for the growth of the market and the realization of the partner airlines and meeting the aspirations of the clients.

They operate the Boeing 737-400F in the sub-region. Other services offered include export and import cargo handling, passenger, VIP services, ground handling, and aircraft infrastructure and development. For inquiries, they are located on 4th Floor, Ghana Airport Cargo Center Building, KIA Cargo Village. You can also contact them through +233 302 774007 or +233 302 775228 in order to make reservations.

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List of all Domestic Airlines in Ghana - contacts and prices
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4. Antrak Airlines in Ghana

They are a wholly owned Ghanaian entity and one of the oldest airlines Ghana that commenced its operations in 2003. They offer both cargo and passenger services for domestic, regional and international routes.They provide competitive, safe, reliable and efficient professional services produced by an airline-minded staff. They are the largest domestic operator in Ghana that offers frequent scheduled and unscheduled flights to 4 daily services from Accra to Kumasi and 2 daily services to Takoradi, double daily to Tamale and one daily service to Sunyani.

They also extended their services to cover Wa in the North West of Ghana and to Lagos, Nigeria. They partnered with Swiftair as its technical partner and through a transfer of technology. Their approach to flying includes offering modern and reliable aircraft, convenient and punctual schedules, friendly and responsive Ghanaian services at affordable services. For inquiries, you can contact them through their email address or through their contacts +233 302 74 55 14 or +233 245 841 996.

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5. Gianair Airline companies in Ghana

The airline is based in Accra and was incorporated in 2009 but began its operations in 2010. They offer charter services including executive and private charter, emergency rescue and air cargo. It offers flights to neighboring countries through a safe, convenient, flexible and comfortable services operated on a 24/7 basis. They have the ability to accommodate and handle all requests within its limitations and capabilities. In case of inquiries, you can reach them through email address or through their telephone contacts +233 030 276 64 88.

They offer destinations to all airports in Ghana, foreign and local medical evacuation to airports in Ghana, South Africa and Europe. They also offer flight services to non-stop destinations like Abidjan, Abuja, Bangui, Brazzaville, Dakar, Freetown, Kinshasa, Lome, Lagos, Luanda and many more African regions. Their head office is in Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana. They also offer executive charter for private and corporate users with various flight destinations in the rest of the continent.

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Their air cargo services expresses up to 1 ton. This service is beneficial for users in urgent need of the packages, customers are guaranteed packages will be delivered on time and in mint condition. Their mission is to provide excellent and enjoyable airline service to the clients by ensuring quality, convenient and prompt services at competitive prices that meets the expectations of the customers.

6. Royal Fly –GH Airline

They are a registered company that offers scheduled passenger and cargo air services within Ghana and the rest of the West African sub-region. They began their operations of internal flights from Accra to Kumasi, Takoradi and Tame since 2011 but later on introduced two more sub-regional services to Abidjan and Freetown. Recently, they have also introduced flights to cover the Sunyan, Wa regions and the rest of the West African communities. They offer affordable domestic flight and regional air travel for every Ghanaian.

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You can contact them through their head office in Kotoka International Airport, Room 105, and Terminal 1 PMB CT 242 Cantonments. Their mission is to be the preferred airline carrier in Ghana and across the rest of the continent. They plan to achieve their mission through their collaboration with other major players in the industry. They strive to be an everyday essential brand to the customers, employees and the shareholders. In case of inquiries, you can reach them through their email address or through telephone +233 302 782 540.

List of all Domestic Airlines in Ghana - contacts and prices
Source: Wikipedia

7. Starbow Airlines

They are a Ghanaian airline located in Ghana with their hub airport in Accra. Their airline official name is Aero Surveys Limited which is one of the biggest Ghanaian airlines by passengers carried. They have destinations all over Ghana including Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale, Sunyani and Monrovia. They have three flights: the BAe 146-200 and BAe 146-300 and ATR 72-500. The airline is planning to expand their size in the coming year to accommodate more passengers.

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They currently operate on 46 departures a week while holding the largest market share of any carrier in the market in which they operate in. Fun fact is that they were incorporated in 1995 but began their operations in 2011. Five years later, the airline announced their resumption of the flight services in Accra-Tamale. They offer amazing deals and discounts to their customers at pocket friendly and safe service to all services. However, the airline suspended its operations following an incident with one of its flights but announced they will be back in the future.


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