How to eat noni fruit the right way

How to eat noni fruit the right way

Noni fruit is reported to be very good for a number of ailments and more so a pain reliever. Not sure how to eat noni fruit? Find out here.

How to eat noni fruit the right way

How to eat noni fruit fresh

Noni fruit also known as Morinda Citrifolia is a small fruit believed to be native to the South East Asia and Tropical Northern. Many people are wondering can I eat noni fruit? Can you eat noni seeds? Don't worry we have you covered. The best way to eat noni fruit is when is fully ripen.

Ripe noni fruit is always yellowish green but the fruit is green when still young. The fruit contains lots of seeds on the inside that are safe to eat but if you don't want to eat the seeds alone you can chew the seed in the noni fruit or spit them either way is applicable.

In historical times noni was used to make yellow and red dye for clothing unlike today noni leaves are used for various healthy reasons, like to cure various health ailment, assist in recovery for people who are diabetic, preventing cancer, liver problems, boosting immune system by repairing cells that are damaged, smallpox, migraine headache, digestive problems, premenstrual syndrome, arthritis and other bone and joint problems.

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How to eat noni fruit the right way

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Three easy steps of on how to eat ripe noni fruit

  1. Wash a fully ripened noni fruit with water and make sure the fruit is translucent yellow.
  2. Put the fruit in a chop board and the cut it into slices to avoid the place being messy
  3. Try to eat noni alongside cheese or salt to improve the taste.

How to eat noni fruit raw

How noni fruit is eaten is very logical but to those who have had about the fruit for the first time, one can eat it raw but sometimes it can be very hectic many people don't enjoy the taste of it and usually have trouble eating it and they do avoid to eat it in pure form. However, opinions do vary many say the taste and smell is awful but don't worry the best way you can blend it into a smoothie or even eat it with oatmeal or even yoghurt it can be away to help mask the natural flavor of the fruit.

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How to eat noni fruit the right way

Effects of eating raw noni

Noni is possible safe but not in all cases. You are strongly advised against taking the fruit in the case that you are expectant it might cause abortions.

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