Biometric birth certificate in Ghana

Biometric birth certificate in Ghana

Registration and certification of birth in Ghana is very important as it strives to offer accurate and trustworthy data of the birth that happens in a country for social and economic growth of a nation. Note that birth certificate in Ghana is the most significant certificate that you will ever need for any purpose. Ghana birth certificate registrations started back in 1888 but at this time, it was restricted to the registration of births, particularly for the expat employees of the then colonial government.

Biometric birth certificate in Ghana

The first amendment of the legalization of birth certificate in Ghana was effected in 1891 and in 1912; it changed to birth, death and burial ordinance that was later amended in 1926. The last amendment took place in 1965 and that is the registration that is being used currently.

Due to the advancement in technology, the births and deaths registry Ghana has embarked on a mission to ensure that there is further development that introduces the emergence of express birth certificate which is known as biometric birth certificate in Ghana. This is important to the country since it plays a vital role in a quest to embrace that fast-growing technology system.

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Biometric birth certificate in Ghana

Most people in Ghana were not aware of the biometric birth registration. They only knew of this thing when they faced numerous situations that required them to renew and get new birth certificate since original birth certificate are not accepted for any official registration any more.

With the help of new development and other numerous reasons, the majority of Ghanaians had a chance to know that their government has introduced a new technology that allows them to pay for any services online. With the E-service payment platform, every citizen has a chance to pay for services provided by government institutions through electronic payment systems. This is a government official online portal that comprises a number of sub-portals such as citizens, Non-Citizen, Business and Government. The links are designed to direct a person to different services rendered by the government.

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This electronic payment allows you to apply for the most important services offered by the government and this includes an express birth certificate in Ghana known as a biometric birth certificate. The payment mode for these services can be made using VISA card, MasterCard and Mobile money.

Requirements for a birth certificate in Ghana

In order to regulate Ghana birth certificate number and those entitled to register, a couple of documents are needed for you to get it. The following documents must be presented in a scanned form for you to be approved for Ghanaian birth certificate. They include an affidavit from one of your parents if you are a minor, old birth certificate, baptismal card, and birth notification or clinical weighing card.

How to get a biometric birth certificate in Ghana

Just like in any other entities that are involved in the government, a series of the routine must be offered that is meant to assist someone when applying for the biometric birth certificate in Ghana. Below are the steps to follow

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  • Visit the site and log in using your details in the online portal. This platform comprises a wide range of prompts that will direct you on how to navigate through.
  • Check on the top left side of the portal and click on the instruction apply for a birth certificate. Go to the next page, click on register or create a new account for the new users in the platform. This step will direct you to a Ghana birth certificate form.
  • Make sure you fill the form accurately and must be in Block letters and submit once you are convinced that it’s okay.
Biometric birth certificate in Ghana
  • Once you complete the registration, a confirmation message will be emailed to the email address that you provided.
  • You will get a confirmation link in your email that you will help you in confirming the registration. This link will redirect you back to the portal.
  • Upon clicking on apply for birth certificate link or the BDR link, you will be directed to instructions
  • Read the instructions carefully to make sure you understand them and click on the new applicant to continue, and this will direct you to a form.
  • Complete the form using uppercase and upload the relevant forms needed.
  • Just before the whole application procedure is complete, an appropriate mode of payment will be made accessible for you to proceed with making the payment.

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Requirements for a birth certificate in Ghana

The cost of birth certificate in Ghana is very affordable as this service will cost GHS 50 to get a Ghanaian biometric certificate.

The process can also be done at a reputable hospital since they have birth and death registry Ghana centers.

Perhaps you are wondering that how many days does it take to get a birth certificate in Ghana. This should not worry you since your certificate will be ready to be picked within 14 working days. Below is a sample of biometric birth certificate in Ghana

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How much is a birth certificate in Ghana

  • Registration of a kid between birth and three weeks is free
  • Registration of birth of kids between three weeks and one year is ₵ 10,000 (cedis)
  • Applying for a registration of birth when the kid is more than one year old is ₵ 20,000
  • Applying for a registration of name within one year of registration of birth ₵ 10,000
  • Application for changes in the register of birth ₵ 5,000

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Since you know how much is a birth certificate in Ghana, make sure you register your child immediately her or she is born to avoid paying high amounts.

How to get a birth certificate in Ghana

Even though registration of birth certificate in Ghana is a simple process, you must submit an application for the certificate for you to get one. It is important to be aware that a birth certificate is not offered immediately once the birth is recorded. On top of that, the birth certificate verification will undergo different strategies.

All the undertakings and activities that involve registration of births must be coordinated at the office of the registry that is situated on Ghana capital, Accra. The whole nation is divided into 10 registration centers that also serve as the political and administration areas of Ghana. The ten registration regions are subdivided into 110 registrations districts that coincide with the administrative local authority regions. Every district registration district has an office that is managed by district registration officer. The government executive is responsible for supervising the registration platforms via the registries and reporting centers.

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The registration officer is required to submit the registration forms every month. The forms that contain serial birth certificate number are presented to the regional office who will process and forward them to the central registration office so that the national data will comply. Note that the registration data is stored at three levels to secure the data for the processing of the three levels. The old Ghana birth certificate sample looks like this.

Biometric birth certificate in Ghana

The birth certificate application of every infant in Ghana must be conducted at the district registry where the child was born.

Note that there should be no form of discrimination that should be exercised between mother and father. For this reason, the name of the father should be incorporated in the birth certificate even if the parents are unmarried.

It is the sole responsibility of any of the parents to report the birth of the child. And in case both parents are not present, the apartment owner where the birth took place must report, the individual present during birth like midwife, doctor or nurse must report.

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The person reporting the birth should present various documents such as notification of a birth or clinical weighing card.

While reporting, the informer will receive a birth report form from the registration assistant. The data filled in this form is then recorded in the register of birth. Note that the birth certificate is issued after the registration of birth.

As mentioned above, registration for children below 21 days old is free and anything beyond that age limit will attract a prescribed fee. Registration form of kids over 12 months are remitted with the office of the register of birth and death for Ghana.

The Ghanaian law is lenient to its citizens since it is designed to provide for late registration. Nevertheless, the law stipulates that registration should not be done upon the expiry of the one year except with a written permit from the office of the birth registration upon the payment of the birth certificate fee.

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A parent or a child is allowed to apply for a licensed copy of an entry in the registry any time they need it. As per the regulation is given by the Ghana Reciprocity Schedule, every person in Ghana must submit the application at the appropriate office of the registrar in person.

Every child born in a health facility will be registered by the health staffs at the immunization center. This is because the hospital-based registration is not allowed.

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What you need to apply for birth certificate in Ghana

To apply for a birth certificate, you need the name of the applicant, first-middle-last name, and address. You also need the date of birth, place of birth, the name of mother and father with their respective date and place of birth.

Just like in any other routine, the legalisation of a birth certificate in Ghana is essential to both the social and economic activities of the county. With the help of the information contained in this article, make sure you register for a birth certificate and wait for its processing.

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