BECE results checker: view your WAEC grades online

BECE results checker: view your WAEC grades online

It has now become so easy to check WAEC result. The procedure has been made easier through the BECE results checker where all the results are posted online.The Junior High School candidates who sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination can now check their results after they were released by the West African Examination Council.

BECE results checker: How to view your WAEC grades online
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The WAEC/BECE results check can be accessed online by students through the official website after purchasing a scratch card bearing the PIN and the serial number. The WAEC further noted that they were in the process of dispatching results to schools through the Municipal and District Directors of Education.

Check BECE results 2018

The BECE examination awards successful candidates with certificates to advance from Junior High Schools to Senior High Schools and other Technical institutions in Ghana. Students are legible to sit for the BECE examination after completing the Junior High School. It is usually conducted annually in the month of June.

According to, the BECE results 2018 will be released late in September. Once the results have been released and potential candidates have received their results, the admission process commences in the month of October and November.

The whole process of placement takes close to six weeks. The Senior High Schools in Ghana usually upload their entry details and school choice files online for processing. All Senior High Schools must be recognized under the Ghana Education Service to admit students.

BECE results checker: How to view your WAEC grades online
Source: Ghpage

Alternatively, to check the BECE result after the declaration of the national release of the results, students can access their results at their respective participating schools. The results are sent directly to the schools that hosted the BECE results. You can access your results easily through your respective school without necessarily visiting the web.

BECE certificate

Apart from the online results, successful candidates usually receive certificates after 30 days from the announcement of the BECE results. The certificates are normally sent to the respective schools where the candidates sat their BECE examination. The certificates are produced only once and can’t be replaced in case of damage or loss. The certificates are requirements by most of the Senior High Schools during admission.

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BECE results checker online

All BECE examination results checker are accessed through the online system, We have compiled a step by step guide to help students check their BECE examination results below:

1. Launch an internet browser on your device like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Once you have launched enter the following address in the address bar

2. The BECE results checker will automatically be directed to the official page of the WAEC website. Under the main menu bar, search for ‘results’ and under the option click the ‘results checker.’ A result checker form will automatically open.

3. You will be required to fill the field with the examination information. Enter the index number you used during the examination. Since you are looking for the BECE results, click on the BECE under the type of examination. Select the year of the examination.

4. Enter your card security information. Also, enter the card serial number found on the back side of your scratch card. Enter the PIN code with s usually a 12-digit code. After completing this, countercheck to ensure all the information given is accurate to avoid complications. Submit the information into the system and wait a few minutes for the pop-up window to appear.

BECE results checker: How to view your WAEC grades online
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WASSCE 2017 results

According to the year saw a total of 289,210 candidates sit for the examination. The WAEC immediately issued certificates for the successful candidates two months after the release of the results. Candidates were urged to check their results promptly and make inquiries in case of complaints.

Many of the delays for checking the WASSCE results are usually caused by many people accessing the same page. To check your results, you need to purchase a scratch card from any of the recognized banks, post offices, and WAEC offices near you. Check the scratch card to ensure it contains the Personal Identification Number and the serial number.

BECE results checker: How to view your WAEC grades online
Source: Ghpage

Visit the official WAEC result website You will immediately access the application form which contain details and fields of information concerning your examination details.

Fill the center and seat number in the required field. Ensure that the registration number corresponds to the one you wrote on the examination paper. Enter the year you sat the examination, in this instance it will be 2017.

Select the exam type, this refers to the time period you sat for the examination. In most cases the time period for sitting the WASSCE occurs in May/June. You can finally submit the details of your scratch card which includes the PIN and the serial number. Countercheck to see if all the information availed are right. Submit the form to view your results.

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For candidates in remote areas of the country without access to the internet can also check their WASSCE results. This done through the WAEC results SMS option. Candidates need to purchase the scratch card number in the nearest banks and authorized dealers. Then send a code in the following format. WAEC*Examination number*PIN*Year of examination. Check the code carefully to ensure all the details are correct. Send the code with the number to 32327.

How to check WAEC result without scratch card

You have noticed while going through the WAEC direct BECE results checker, a scratch card is a mandatory field for logging in into the site. A scratch card is an important tool which has your Personal Identification Number and the serial number to help you log into the WAEC website and access your results from their database. The PIN and serial number are unique forming a code that is noticed by the WAEC website. It is impossible to log into the website without having the PIN and the serial number.

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To the WAEC result check 2018 without a scratch card you must first have logged into the website and have your results sent to you via your email address. Once you are done with the process, you can log into the website to print or check the results without necessarily acquiring a new scratch card. This is quite handy for students who are supposed to hand in the printed copy of the results during admission or clearance of their former schools.

So, once you have logged into the WAEC website with a scratch card, you don’t need to purchase another scratch card to re-check or print the WAEC results 2018. You will use the link on your email address to redirect you to your page with the results on the WAEC website.


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