5 clever ways most Ghanaian pastors are secretly robbing cash from Ghanaians

5 clever ways most Ghanaian pastors are secretly robbing cash from Ghanaians

With every hundred steps you take in Ghana, you are very likely to find a church somewhere somehow. In fact, there are hundreds of pastors across the country and most of them, like we already know, is in for the cash and wealth.

Unfortunately, most of us Ghanaian Christians let ourselves to be 'duped' by these self-acclaimed men of God. This write would help you deal with this issue once and for all. This article shows you the secret ways your pastor could be chopping your money!

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1. Mind games

One of the tools most pastors use to lure members to paying huge sums of money is through mind games. This could mean trickery or even the use of the Bible to make you surrender your all to them. This is not what Jesus taught us, in fact, Jesus Christ said we must be willing to surrender our wealth to the poor (not a pastor) if we aim to get into Heaven.

2. Tithes and offerings

It is a perception that most of us have, that many men of God use tithes ad offerings to fill their pockets and get richer by the day. The Bible taught us to present our tithes and offerings not to the Church but rather to Him, Jehovah.

This means you are at liberty to give your tithes and offerings to orphanages are widows if you so feel the pastor is just in to take these monies out of your pockets. Trust me, there is more blessing giving to these vulnerable groups. The Bible says God shall reward those who support the 'fatherless and widows'.

3. Emotional pranks

We all wish to be rich, this is no fact at all. In fact, 99.9 percent of all congregants go to church for sermons on how to get richer and richer. Unfortunately, most of our pastors have taken advantage of this need to use some 'pranks' to get us give out our all.

This can be through the popular seed sowing activity where you are told to sow a seed in the house of God. Some even tell congregants of certain birth days and dates to give special offerings that best suit their days or dates of birth. All these are not written in the Bible.

4. Monetization of the Bible

Sometimes, we often wonder why Jesus was not a billionaire or trillionaire. He was and continues to be the founder of Christianity but no where have we seen his inheritance or fleet of cars. Why then has Christianity in Ghana been all about money and wealth and prosperity? Well, times are very hard and this is definitely how men of God will strategize to also make money.

5. Power of the internet

Most pastors are now using the internet to make billions of cedis. Even though you may decide not to give in Church or fall prey to many tricks by some pastors, you can still be trapped online. Remeber one thing that everything on the internet is now about money.

The more you share the 'miracles' of your pastor, the more they get viral which translates to more money for them. So you may not be giving hard cash but the fact is that you are using your bundle or credits to make them rich.

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This is not to say you have to stop going to Church, not at all, this article is just meant to let you know that the way to Jesus Christ and Heaven is not through a pastor or how much you pay in tithes and offering. It's all about your capacity to understand the principles of the Bible to better yourself as a Christian.

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