Most popular P Square songs and albums ever

Most popular P Square songs and albums ever

The talented Nigerian identical twins Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye popularly known by their stage names P-Square have greatly reckoned in Nigeria as well as internationally. The duo artists entered into the world of fame in 2005 after they released their 2nd album ‘Get Squad’ and since then all their albums went viral. In simple words, the Nigerian famous pair have fully entertained as with many hits like P-Square songs ‘Bringing it on’ that have led their beyond words success in their career.

Most popular P Square songs and albums ever

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However, the P-Square group is no longer working together this year. According to , the Nigerian duos have had controversy for a long time over the role of their manager as well all know that the group handle almost all their productions. On 25th September 2017 it was officially reported of the disband of the group.

The P-Square fans all over the world might find the reports of the breakup unpleasing, but let us hope for the best. This article decide to compile you a list of trendy and popular P-Square songs 2019 and albums that are still viral; read on.

1. P-Square - Nobody Ugly

‘Nobody Ugly’ single album is among the P-Square recent songs as it was released in 2017. This instrumental highlife song has an incredible and quality video crowning it with beautiful and bright colors. The great lyrics are rib-cracking because of its message full of humor making a boring day better.

The amazing song is dedicated to those girls who never appreciate themselves; those that try their very best to be perfect and they reminds them that nobody is ugly. You have to watch to this song with funny but reality lines like the one that says that ‘you go for window shopping take a selfie chakam you post am up they tag your maga gbagam’. That is what most ladies in this modern world do. Right?

It is a naked truth message from the Nigerian popular pair because of course everybody is beautiful and unique in their own way. ‘Nobody Ugly’ endorsement both local and international is just unquestioned.

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2. P-Square - Away

Are you in love with cool romantic R&Bs? If yes, ‘Away’ single album by P-Square released in 2017 is the kind of music for you. It will transport you into a world of romance with its beautiful soft and cool beats. The lyrics of the P-Square song has a message that expresses the love that they feel for their girls. Everything about the song being perfect including the quality of the video, have contributed to it inflating the bar notches at higher levels both locally and internationally

We think this love song can act as a great dedication to your lovely girlfriend or wife. This is because the duo artist placed strong lines like many men want you, but I need. This means if your finding difficulties to compose words to appreciate your better-half, you can just express you inner feeling towards them using this song. You can download it then send or just share the song to your girl via email, Whatsapp, and another means that is appealing to you. We assure you it will also strengthen your bond.

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3. P-Square - Bank Alert

‘Bank Alert’ is among P-Square song list single released in 2016. This song went viral to an extent of being nominated by the ‘Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Single’. ‘Bank Alert’ video is fully packed with both humor and true love. This is because Mr. Ibu a popular Nigerian actor we can as well call him a comedian for his actions that are rib-cracking is part of the video and you can just imagine his dance moves.

The lyrics of this song is interpreted differently because some may take it as an encouraging song to those men who have a goal of working hard, get enough money and be well-off to take good care of their long-term sweethearts. It is a great song with light beats of guitars that are perfectly shuffling and if your looking for a nice song to listen to, ‘Bank Alert’ is the best recommendation.

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4. P-Square - Bedroom

‘Bedroom’ is also one of the single P-Square latest songs featuring Akon an international star and it was released in 2017. The sweet romantic song endorsement is unquestioned for its quality superfine video with soothing voices of the talented artists.

The message of the song fits lovebirds who may interpret the song differently. According to this article, the lyrics of the song tells the lovers out there to deal with their love life dramas and issues privately (Let's take this fight to the bedroom). It is a wonderful message and you should at least listen to it and have your own interpretation.

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5. P-Square - Collabo

‘Collabo’ is an amazing song lying on the top list globally that contribute to ‘Double Trouble’ sound like P-Square new album. The fascinating song was released back in 2014 and it features a famous artist Don Jazzy (‘Dorobucii’ being one of popular songs for the Nigerian musician.)

‘Collabo’ it is a sweet song that made into being nominated 3 times in both 2015 and 2016 the ‘City People Music Award for Best Collabo of the Year’, ‘Nigerian Entertainment Award for Best Collaboration’ and finally ‘The Headies Award for Best Pop Single’. This just provide a proof that the song is worth downloading.

Both P-Square and Don Jazzy vocals and lyrics are wonderful making others place it in their favorite playlist. Purchase the album ‘Double Trouble’ and listen to the artist best bodywork; we bet you will love it too.

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6. P-Square - Bringing it on

There is no contesting; ‘Bringing it on’ will forever hit and get more popular. The Nigerian pair are truly talented because almost all P-Square songs are making waves both locally and internationally not mentioning Dave Scott’ one of the international artist featuring the song that was released back in 2014. The lyrics of ‘Bringing it on’ is dedicated to those who make efforts to chase money. The Nigerian duos and Dave Scott encourage them to keep on moving without ever thinking of losing hope at any onetime. It is a wonderful message. Right?

What many love about their songs is that they always have a hidden meaning; it is not just singing like some of the musicians out there, but communicating an informative issue or thing to their listeners. This explains why they have fans all over globe.

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7. P- Square - No one like you

P-Square old songs like ‘No One Like You’ will forever be listened during weddings and as a dedication to lovebirds. This is because of the quality video of the song packed with both Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye (P-Square) dancing and singing with wedding suits together with their chosen life partners in beautiful gowns.

This song rendered many speechless since it was released in 2011 in their ‘Nigeria Gold’ album for its many downloads and likes from social media like YouTube. The R&B beats are danceable crowning it with lyrics that take you to a journey of walking down the aisle with your spouse. The moment you listen to this song, you will have a gasp of what good music is made of.

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8. P-Square - Financial woman

The Instant classic ‘Financial Woman’ by Phyno a famous Nigerian artist featuring P-Square was released in 2016 and it is also turning as the artist best body work this year. This is because it has had received massive acceptance almost every part of the world from the radio plays to the streets; number of viewers for the song escalating day by day.

You need to revive your playlist today with this popular song and have a gasp of the well-placed traditional up beat as well as amazing vocals from the duo brothers and Phyno. The fascinating lyrics show emotional romance and love in a higher level with a story line the article wish to share with you.

According to P-Square and Phyno ‘financial Woman’ is that woman that will never associate with a broke guy; a broke guy is ugly. Phyno even goes a head of telling his experience in the song that back before he become famous, he met an admirable girl who they called Ebele. Ebele did not want to have anything to do with him as he was broke, but she made sure she spent some of Phyno’s little money. Later, he became famous and Ebele came looking for him. It is an amazing song, with a quality video that will brighten and cheer up your free time.

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9. P-Square - Chop my money

‘Chop My Money’ is one of the 2012 released P-Square songs list in their ‘The Invasion’ album. This song made the duos haters to witness their success as it featured popular international artists May D and Akon.

The soul genre song had wonderful lyrics ranked by the 3 talented soothing vocals, and beats that makes one click repeat again and again.

Do you know what the song means? Well, once you view ‘Chop My Money’ video, you will definitely know that it means ‘spend my money’. The storyline is about a girl who wins the heart of the 3 famous artist in the song, they overflow her with love, and they finally find out that they fell in love with the same girl. You just need to view the fascinating song yourself and we bet it will be your daily re-play.

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10. P-Square - Beautiful Onyinye

P-Square songs like ‘Beautiful Onyinye’ in precise, intensely hit year-by-year making 2019 not to be spared. This soul as well Hip-Hop genre song was released back in 2012 featuring an international American rapper Rick Ross. The song is still making waves for the presence of soothing voice of the duos at first and then the well-rapped lines before commencing to the end of the song.

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The quality video that takes us to the water bodies beauty crown the song with a message that can suit well to all the guys that have find their one true love. Dedicate it to your spouses and appreciate their presence in your life; it is also away to make them feel special and cared. Do not hesitate to purchase ‘The Invasion’ album and also listen to the other popular songs in it.

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11. P-Square - Personally

‘Personally’ is a P-Square song in the ‘Double Trouble’ album released in 2014. The instrumental beats in the song plus the sweet vocals of the duos just make its popularity this year to go unquestioned. ‘Personally’ is a great song that has gained favor to be pleasing to quite a number of people from different parts of the globe to an extent of getting it nominated in the:

  • World Music Award for World’s Best Video in 2014
  • World Music Award for World’s Best Song in 2014
  • MTV Africa Music Award for Song of the Year’ in 2014
  • Nigerian Entertainment Award for Music Video of the Year (Director) in 2014
  • Soul Train Music Award for Best International Performance in 2013

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It is a superfine song that has great everything from the vocals to the lyrics. Most people fall in love with their Michael Jackson moves, a talented artist who took his rest on 2005. We just wish he was alive and see artists getting inspired with his amazing moves. Check it out and watch the exceptional excellent video.

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12. P-Square - Kidogo

‘Kidogo’ is a Diamond Platinum a popular Tanzanian artist featuring the talented Nigerian duos released in 2016. ‘Kidogo’ is a Swahili word that simply means small and the beats, the vocals, and the lyrics had a perfect combination. The lyrics of the song is best if you dedicate it to your crush, wife, or girlfriend. This is because it is a love song with a message that express you love for her.

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