Sanpaku Eyes: meaning, how to tell if you have them, superstition and photos

Sanpaku Eyes: meaning, how to tell if you have them, superstition and photos

Human beings are pretty superstitious. Although there have been massive developments in science, technology, and medicine, some cultures still rely heavily on traditional methods of predicting the future. Palm reading, for example, is a commonly used method of fortune-telling. In the Chinese/Japanese culture, beliefs about Sanpaku eyes are common.

Sanpaku Eyes
Sanpaku eyes. Photo: @billieeilish
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Many people are curious about Sanpaku eyes and what they mean. The concept of these eyes was introduced into English by George Ohsawa in the mid-1960s. Today, many people desire to find out if they have them and if they mean anything in their lives.

All you need to know about Sanpaku eyes

There are numerous TikTok theories to YouTube videos about the meaning and curse of Sanpaku eyes. Discover if the theories you have heard about are correct today.

What are Sanpaku eyes?

Sanpaku comes from the Japanese words san and paku. San means three, while paku means white.

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Sanpaku eyes refer to the white sclera that is visible around three sides of a person’s iris. Someone with these eyes has the white space above or below the iris revealed.

On the other hand, people with non-sanpaku eyes have the iris directly bordering the upper and lower eyelids. Their white sclera is only visible on the left and right sides of the eyes.

In the medical world, lower scleral show or inferior scleral show are the terms used to refer to a condition in which the sclera can be seen below the iris.

What is the meaning behind Sanpaku eyes?

Many people believe that the meaning of Sanpaku eyes is tragedy and violence. According to George Ohsawa in his 1965 book, You Are All Sanpaku, Sanpaku is a sign of physical, spiritual, or physiological imbalance.

Note that superstitions are only as powerful as you allow them to be. In reality, Sanpaku eyes do not signify an early death or violent future.

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People with Sanpaku eyes typically fall into two categories: yin and yang, as explored below.

what are sanpaku eyes
What are Sanpaku eyes? Photo:, @Omar Alnahi
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What are Yin Sanpaku eyes?

A person with the white sclera showing beneath the iris is considered to have Yin Sanpaku eyes. This variation is said to be shared by alcoholics and drug addicts.

Some believe that people with this trait are more likely to put themselves in dangerous situations and not survive. They are supposedly more likely to develop an illness or die a tragic death. Princess Diana had this trait.

What are Yang Sanpaku eyes?

These eyes are distinguished by the presence of a white sclera above the iris. Superstitious people believe those with this trait may face danger from within. People with this trait are more likely to be perpetrators of tragedy and violence.

They are thought to be enraged, angry, or even psychopaths. Charles Manson was among the serial killers with this trait. The late murderous cult leader had wild eyes, and the whites could be seen above his irises.

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How to tell if you have Sanpaku eyes

You can tell if you have the yin or yang traits by standing in the mirror with your eyes open. Do not strain. Check if you can see three sides of the white sclera. If you can, you have the trait.

Causes of Sanpaku eyes

Sanpaku eyes are considered normal unless caused by certain health conditions. Below are some of the causes of this trait.

  • Natural occurrence: Sanpaku eyes are called scleral show in the medical world. Some people’s eyelids develop to show more of the sclera. This does not mean the individual has any health or personality disorder.
  • Physical trauma: People who have broken facial bones in the past can develop a scleral show in the process of healing and scarring.
  • Ectropion: This occurs when the lower eyelid droops away from the eye and turns outwards due to muscular weakness, facial paralysis, or genetic disorders.
  • Lower blepharoplasty complications: Blepharoplasty refers to surgery of the eyelids. Some patients experience a scleral show and ectropion around their eyelids.

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Is it okay to have sanpaku eyes?
Is it okay to have Sanpaku eyes? Photo:, @Burak Kostak
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How common are Sanpaku eyes?

No solid research has been done to show how rare or common Sanpaku eyes are. Even so, they do not seem to be exceptionally rare.

Which celebrities have Sanpaku eyes?

Some of the celebrities with this trait are:

  • Billie Eilish
  • James Spader
  • Diana Ross
  • Princess Diana
  • Giovanni Ribisi
  • Anya Taylor-Joy
  • Aubrey Plaza
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Marilyn Monroe

Is it okay to have Sanpaku eyes?

It is okay to have this trait. It is pretty normal to have the yin or yang trait, unless it is caused by specific health conditions.

How rare are Sanpaku eyes?

It is challenging to determine how rare this trait is because scientific studies on this matter are yet to be conducted. However, it is not exceptionally rare.

Are Sanpaku eyes bad?

No, these eyes are pretty normal and do not mean that you will suffer from ill fate. Note that your beliefs or superstitions about the trait can come true if you allow them to.

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