List of Abraham Attah movies and roles played

List of Abraham Attah movies and roles played

Abraham Nii Attah is a Ghanaian Hollywood actor born on July 2, 2001, in Ghana. He is from Ga-Dangme ethnic group in the Greater Accra Region. Despite his tender age, Abraham Attah movies depict a genuine natural talent not portrayed by many people. His abilities have enabled him to interact with the best international producers and directors. This is not to mention sharing the stage with renowned actors and winning several awards.

Who is Abraham Attah is a question asked by most people. It is perhaps, due to Abraham’s talent and acting prowess that raises this question. Do not despair, as the subsequent paragraphs will help you have the answers to most of your questions about Abraham.

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Abraham Attah’s profile

Abraham Attah biography

Abraham Nii Attah born july 2, 2001 has achieved so much, as of the time of this writing, for his age. The Ghanaian hollywood star comes from the Ga-Dangme ethnic group. He made his debut in film in what many would call epic entrance, in the famous Beast of No Nation film. His played a lead role as a child soldier Agu, which has fetched him a number of rewards, including the Marcello Mastroianni's for being the best young actor.

Abraham Attah education

Abraham Attah is currently based in the U.S where he studies and pursue his career.

Abraham Attah career

His is a story of early beginnings and maximizing on what is available. At only fourteen, in 2015, this talented boy made his debut as Agu in the Beast of No Nation; which turned out to be more than great. Since then, the talented actor has featured in various movies as discussed below:

Abraham Attah films

Who is Abraham Attah

Even though he is still considered a newbie in the industry, Abraham Attah actor has already grasped the concept and giving his counterparts a run for their money. He has generally featured in three major movies which include Out of the village, Beast of Nation and Spider-man: Homecoming

The performance he displayed in them made him walk home with quite a number of awards and numerous nominations. Already being on the pedestal at such a young age, he definitely has a promising career. The following is a list of the movies and roles he played.

Beast of No Nation

List of Abraham Attah movies and roles played

Abraham Attah - beasts of no nation movie is actually the film that put him in the international limelight. He played a lead role as a child soldier in a fallen country run by rebels. The performance was so impeccable that it received 7.9 rating out of 10 in Metacritic website and 91% in Rotten Tomatoes-American review aggregation website. In overall, it was regarded as a film that displayed sobering, uncompromising yet hopeful image of the cost of a war in human lives.

It was based on a book of a similar name authored by Uzodinma Iweala. He is an American author as well as a medical doctor of Nigerian background. With the book being part of his thesis work, it was acknowledged by several high profiled magazines such as Times Magazine, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone among others.

Abraham Attah actor

The movie’s cast also featured some renowned figures whom Abraham Attah was privileged to work with such as Idris Alba, Ama K. Abebrese, and David Kwame Dontoh. With later being one of our very actor who has featured in numerous local movies, Idris and Ama are both British citizens.

The plot of the movie basically features a young boy, Agu acted by Abraham Attah. He was recruited by Army rebels through the commandant, Idris Alba to join in the war. This was after he survived a raid in his village where his father and mother died. His mother acted by Ama K Abebrese and two siblings were lucky enough to get a safe transport from the village as soon as the news broke out that the government had fallen.

The storyline is rather emotional but also gives a sense of hope as it shows how a young boy struggles in a harsh world where rape and war are the order of the day. It was directed and cinema-photographed by Cary Fukunaga. He is an award-winning film director, writer, and cinematographer whose reputation precedes him. He had been conducting a research on the Sierra Leone civil war for six years before coming across this book. Its plot immediately intrigued him and decided to base his movie on it.

Abraham Attah - beasts of no nation movie

Even though the movie does not indicate what the war-torn country is, it was actually shot in Eastern Region of Ghana in Koforidua and Ezile Bay at Akwidaa. English and Twi were the main languages used.

The production team also did a wonderful job, no wonder the movie gulped a six-million-dollar budget. Distribution rights werelater on sold to Netflix for around 12 million and simultaneously released for theatres and online subscription. You can check out the trailer for the award-winning movie to get a feel of what to expect and experience Attah's talent in motion.

Spider-man: Homecoming

Well, in as much as he did not feature in a major role as the previous movie, Abraham Attah spiderman homecoming movie was still trending in town. Having been produced by Pascal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Marvel Studios, it's a comic and science-fiction kind of movie. It was released in 2017 making it Abraham Attah latest movie.

Abraham Attah latest movie

Attah plays the role of Abraham ‘Abe' Brown, a student at the Midtown School of Science and Technology and a member of decathlon team of the school. He is also a classmate and a friend to Peter Parker. His nickname is the black tiger.

The plot of the movie features a young man, Peter Parker, who was once accidentally bitten by a spider and its venom caused some alterations in his body. He consequently acquired some supernatural skills with various spider-like abilities such as climbing effortlessly on steep walls and generating webs.

The idea of working with Avengers thrills him as he interacts with Tony Stark, iron man. However, being a superhero makes it difficult for him to balance his normal daily routine life and being a friendly neighborhood savior. At some point, he even affirms that he would not attend the Decathlon and instead go for an internship at Stark, which Michelle, Liz, and Abe try to talk him out of.

Nonetheless, he is eventually required to put his power to use when the evil vulture surfaces and threatens everything he holds dear.

Abraham Attah spiderman

Generally, this film was a thrilling blockbuster, with so much drama and sophisticated science equipment employed in almost every scene. The production team and the entire cast also played a huge role in making this movie a success as everyone fitted in seamlessly.

Comics from Marvel Studios enjoy a wider viewership, not only in America but across the globe. The company grosses millions every time one of their movies is released. With Attah featuring in one of the comics, definitely, it means his career has propelled to greater heights.

Through the movie, he also got an opportunity to interact with bigwigs in the industry such as Robert Downey Jr. popularly known as iron man, Tom Holland, Zendaya Coleman, Marisa Tomei and Donald Glover among others.

He made his home country proud. People flocked to the Silverbird cinema at Accra Mall to have a glimpse of one of their own star in the much-anticipated movie, when it premiered. There was an atmosphere of thrill, excitement, and glamour as they came to ‘judge’ Abraham Attah’s performance. Fortunately, it exceeded their expectations. Its trailer will make you feel like flying.

Out of the village

Abraham Attah spiderman

This is also one of the movies by Abraham Attah that received international recognition. It’s a short film released in the same year as Beast of No Nation. Though it was just a short film the quality of talent and production utilized in it, was enough to prove to the world, that Abraham Attah is a rising star. All in all, unlike his other movies, the crew and cast were just from within the region.

The plot of the movie concentrates on the impact of Ebola outbreak in the society as well as cultural effects. It was directed from the perspective of a young orphaned brother and sister. It was shot in the western African region and only runs for seventeen minutes.

Abraham Attah played the role of Mebro, Hannah Attah as Vabiam while Kobina Amissah was Dr. Kofi. Its executive producer was Bryan Singer, a renowned figure in the industry, famously known for producing X-Men, a science fiction movie. Written and directed by Jonathan Stein with the main objective of raising funds and awareness to the plight of people in the western suffering from Ebola.

List of Abraham Attah movies and roles played

The success of this film not only put Attah in the spotlight, but it also won several awards including Grand Jury Prize-Nashville Film Festival 2016, Best International Film-Foyle Film Festival 2015, Best Short Film-Boston International Film Festival 2016 and many more. Watching its trailer will help prepare you for the suspense filled film.

Abraham Attah new movies

For the inquisitive minds,you should be aware that as for now, there are no Abraham Attah upcoming movies.The young lad is buried deep in his books studying intensively. However, there have been reports that he may have joined the cast of Shane Carruth’s third album, The Modern Ocean acting, alongside Anne Hathaway, Keanu Reeves, Tom Holland as well as Daniel Radcliffe.

He moved to the United States in 2016 to further his career and education. He enrolled at Cheshire Academy in Connecticut where he again received Scholastic Improvement Award for completing his first year with 4.0 GPA. This merely shows how talented and smart the lad is.

Abraham Attah latest movie

His story truly acts as an inspiration to the young talented minds still struggling for a breakthrough. He was simply discovered while playing soccer in the streets of Ghana and now his name is among the fastest rising in the industry, not just in Ghana, but worldwide. It will be no surprise if movies of Abraham Attah would be getting filmed-highlighting his journey to the hall of fame.

Abraham Attah’s awards

In general, the actor so far has won five awards after being nominated for fourteen different categories. The awards include Ghana’s very own Movie Awards, for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Discovery of the Year. With such an acknowledgment,obviously, Abraham Attah Ghana movies will be streaming in the near future-once porched by a reputable producer of course.

List of Abraham Attah movies and roles played

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Other awards our very own youngster was honored with comprising the following;

  • Blacks Film Critics Circle Rising Star Award.
  • Independent Spirit Award for the Best Male Lead.
  • National Board Review Award for Best Breakthrough Performance (Shared with Jacob Trembly).
  • Venice International Film Festival Marcello Mastroianni Best Young Actor Award.

With International recognition for winning Marcelo Mastroianni’s Best Young Actor, at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival, he definitely qualified to sit with the mighty figures in the industry. Abraham Attah Oscars presentation was certainly historical as he marked his name alongside other legendary individuals, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Kerry Washington, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Hart and many more. It's also a fact that he is the first Ghanaian to present an award at the Oscars.

Abraham Attah new movies

Abraham Attah societal contribution

Aside from Abraham Attah next movie or any other entertainment news, this youngster has volunteered to be an ambassador of government’s flagship ‘Free Senior High School’ initiative. He is considered to be an icon and inspiration to his fellow age mates, and therefore the right man for the job. Even though he is schooling abroad, he is still Ghanaian.

The initiative was the campaign promise for the governing New Patriotic party. It was enforced so as to give each and every individual a chance to get a secondary education. One of the contemporary issues that our government is trying to reduce is the level of illiteracy. That is why it has opened its doors for all the youngsters who are thirsty for education to get an opportunity to shape their lives.

Abraham Attah upcoming movies

From Attah inspiring story of moving from grass to grace, his message that education is the key will vividly be noticed. As an ambassador, he is required to encourage all his fellow youth to support the movement.

Other than Education, he is also an Ambassador for the tourism sector. The minister (Mrs) Elizabeth Ofusu addressed the media during the launch of the 11th Okwahu Paragliding festival 2016 confirming that Attah will be the face of tourism in our country.

According to her, he has really done the country proud and hence deserves to be pampered and celebrated. He needs to be encouraged so that what he has achieved can be able to take him even further.

movies of Abraham Attah

That is not all of the multiple award-winning stars as he also donated TOMS shoes in a number of selected schools across the country without excluding the refugee camps. This was part of the promise he made through his Abraham Attah Foundation. With his service of providing kinds of stuff as basic as shoes, his contribution to the society is conspicuous.

Attah has proven that there is nothing greater than talent when well utilized. It can take you place you never imagined. Embrace what you have and be committed and passionate about it and you will surely prosper as Attah. Aside from that, thanks to the progression of the internet, Abraham Attah full movie can be downloaded or streamed online.

Abraham Attah best photos

List of Abraham Attah movies and roles played

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