Different types of African dresses

Different types of African dresses

Fashion has become one of the most trending things nowadays; and is considered a form of art. When somebody describes a fashion dress, the first thing which comes to our mind is the designs imprinted on it. Africans are very much fond of fashionable dresses which is the main reason why there are different types of African dresses ranging in style,size and color.

Different Types of African Dresses, african dresses and tops
african ladies dresses styles
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Look at the above picture, it has the perfect combination of matching prints. These types of couple sets are trending in the African market. If you are planning for an evening party or a candlelight dinner, then it will suit you well. These designs are impressive. Below we shared ideas on African dresses 2018. 

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1. Long African dresses styles

african dresses styles, african wear designs, african wear designs
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A dress describes a person’s choice and personality in every way possible. There are different kinds of attire for different occasions. Speaking about African dresses, there are plenty of styles that Africans follow in dressing; and more importantly, to meet the needs of fashion, there is variety of dresses for men and women. Below we shared some more designs of African dresses.

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2. One piece African dresses and tops

While going through the African wear for ladies and African dresses for girls, it can be seen that there are plenty of dresses available from traditional to modern. To complement the beauty of a woman, dresses play a vital role, they also help in highlighting your beauty.

Different Types of African Dresses
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One-piece dresses come in many styles. Some people in Ghana love lavishness when it comes to dressing. This market demand is the reason for the variety of African wear designs. Selecting the type of dress is also important to match your own preference, whether you want the dress to be one piece or two pieces, half shoulder or full shoulder, ankle length or knee-length and many more. 

Different Types of African Dresses
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Are you a fan of printed tops? If the answer is yes, then the above outfits are you. You can wear sunglasses to add some personality to the looks. The models in the above image are wearing a tight fit jeans with a unique printed top.

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3. African print dresses styles for women

Among all other dresses, skirts play a very important role as they complement the beauty of the woman who is wearing it. African dresses and skirts help in distinguishing the culture of Africa from other nations. Skirts come in different types like high ankle, low ankle, short, long, pencil tight, etc..

Gorgeous dress with a unique print that suits all women of color!

african beautiful dresses, african dresses for girls, african dresses for girls
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Some say that a woman looks awesome in a pretty dress as the dress complements her. The African beautiful dresses come in different designs and in different sizes as there is a variety of choices. There are many African tops you will find on the market, pick one up as per your choice. Do not forget to check the pictures we shared, these will help you choose your outfits. 

Different Types of African Dresses
african dresses for girls
african dresses 2018
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The above dress is an example of yellow sleeved party wear. The woman is looking elegant and stylish in this dress. The blue printed textures are looking like the atom and molecule structures. Overall a solid dress, if you like this dress's idea then bag it and add it to your wardrobe. You can also use a bandana to jazz up the outfit.

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4. African Kente dresses styles for wedding

african beautiful dresses, african print dresses styles, designs of african dresses
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This one is a set of classy, expensive engagement dress. The white color is widely used in engagements because it is the symbol of purity, love, and innocence. The golden stripes on both cloths give the dress an interesting twist. The lady is wearing an off-shoulder one piece long dress with lace and the man is wearing a long tank with some loose fit trousers.

In recent years, there has been an influx of print clothing in Africans' fashion. Different styles of African dresses are very popular in trends. Print and Kente African dresses are now very popular and fashionable. These types of dresses can be a party outfit or can be turned into a casual one as well. African print dress features give an authentic detail to the designer outfit. 

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5. African print dresses styles

Different Types of African Dresses
african wear ghana
african dresses in ghana
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Do you like deep color dresses? If the answer is yes then, this dress will perfectly match your preference. The deep magenta and golden circle patterns are looking beautiful on the cloth. The material is Kitenge, and it’s a one piece off-shoulder dress for ladies. The top portion of the dress is a tight fit, but the bottom portion is a bit loose. These kinds of dresses are comfortable to wear. If you are planning to attend an evening or a night party, then you can buy this dress.

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6. Casual African dresses styles for ladies

african dresses styles, african ladies dresses styles, african dresses style
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Tired of wearing jumpsuits in one piece and skirts? Well, here is another idea of smart dressing. If you don’t like the top then you can go with some sleeveless tops or half sleeve one. The trousers are skinny fit and gave this outfit a smarter outlook. The color combination is wonderful.

7. Short African attire outfits for women

Different Types of African Dresses
african wear ghana
african dresses in ghana
Different Types of African Dresses

If you are looking for some short skirt type African attire then the above outfit is perfect for you. The lady is wearing a net themed short skirt and full sleeved kitenge top. The yellow printed texture of the top is pretty unique. The combination of red and blue is going well with the yellow. Some Africans love yellow dresses because it goes well with their skin color. You can carry a handbag if you want just like her and add some lightweight jewelry like big earrings and big rings which are trending in the market now.

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8. Casual designs of African dresses for men

african dresses in ghana, african beautiful dresses, designs of african dresses
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This is a pretty simple dress for gents, a simple deep blue full sleeve shirt, and black trousers. The black cowboy theme added some personality to the dress. These type of dresses are popular African dresses in Ghana. If you don’t like black, then you can also go with brown or deep grey colors. The sleeve has buttons at the end just like the full sleeve formal shirts. You can also go with some blue or black jeans depending upon your choices. For footwear, you can go with simple floaters, flip-flops or formal shoes. The shirts come in several print styles and sizes.

Different Types of African Dresses
african attire outfits
african attire latest
Different Types of African Dresses

Guys always like to wear t-shirts or general shirts in common, but if you like to change it to some extent then, here is an idea for you. Kitenge shirts are trending in the African wear Ghana market and it’s very comfortable to wear. Especially in the summer season people always looks for some cotton garments. Kitenge fabrics are 100% cotton, you should give it a try.

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9. Casual printed jackets for men

If you are looking for African printed jackets then these jackets where can give you design ideas. The guy in the first picture is wearing a printed jacket and the man in the next picture is wearing an African formal jacket. If you are planning for a casual outing, go with the casual one. For business trips, and official events go with the formal type jackets.

10. Full sleeved senator styles

designs of african dresses, african wear ghana, african dresses in ghana
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In the above picture, we shared three same types of dresses in a different combination. These types of dresses are pretty comfortable to wear and use. Some of these pants are a tight fit and some of them are loose. Look at the left image, for example, the man is looking smart and the sunglasses added personality to the dress. He wore a white full-sleeved casual shirt and a designer tight-fit trousers. The trousers in the white and black combo are looking awesome on him and it’s pretty comfortable for 100% cotton material. If you are looking for a party outfit, then it will be a great choice. Now let’s talk about the middle one. The design is mainstream here; if you are visiting a church, then you can go with this one. The right one is another cool looking dress just like the left outfit. The man in the red trousers is looking cool in the black and white shoes. The grey top is fantastic on him and it is a perfect party wear. So if you are looking for a dress for a weekend party then it’s a superb idea for you. 

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11. Colorful Kitenge blazers

styles of african dresses, african dresses for girls, african dresses 2018
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Looking for pop color Kitenge blazers? We shared ideas for you. The Kitenge blazers come in different sizes and colors. If you like light colors then the left one is for you, and if you are a fan of deep colors, then the right one will be good for you. These types of blazers are perfect for any event. Suppose you are planning for a wedding event, then these will look elegant and smart . Always go with black t-shirts and black pants because it looks far better than any other colors.

12. Colorful Ankara half sleeved shirt

african wear designs, african kente dresses styles, african print dresses styles
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To the fans of colorful and unique print patterns, this dress is for you guys. Look at the color combination of the shirt. The shirt is 100% cotton and comfortable for summer days. You can go with black trousers or brown ones as per your choice. To add more personality go with the black or deep colored hat. For accessories, you can wear an analog watch and hand bands as per your choices.

If you like to explore more ideas on different types of African dresses and men’s latest fashions then be sure to check out other fashion articles. .

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