Latest African fashion dresses

Latest African fashion dresses

Fashion is a timeless piece of art which determines an individual’s worth and importance. Today, someone’s personality can be judged by their styling sense. If you fail to make a compelling fashion statement then you might have to re-think your perception of fashion. Recently, we have observed that many new fashion designers have emerged in Ghana and since then they have created some amazing pieces of designs. With time, African fashion has shifted gears from being traditional to become quite trendy and stylish. In this article, we will provide you with some of the latest fashion designs both for gents and ladies which will help you re-discover your fashion sense.

African Fashion

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African Fashion styles for ladies

The fashion industry of Africa has evolved greatly in recent times and will soon compete with the countries that are regarded as the large fashion houses. There are really amazing African fashion dresses for women which will make you fall in love with the one who wears it. We have just created a collection of the latest African fashion dresses for the ladies that will force you to get a hold of one of the dresses.

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Latest Dashiki Fashion in Ghana

Dashiki dresses are handmade products made up of authentic and pure West African raw materials. Both skirts and high low dresses are available in the most elegant Dashiki style. Let’s have a look at some of its samples.

1. Long-sleeve, splitted V-neck, floral pattern

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This African Dress for women gives a sexy touch to your look. It has a floral pattern in its design. The dress is quite long and you can wear it for parties. The V-Neck design of the dress gives it a classy appearance. The color combination is just perfect as the red color along with the yellow bordering also enhances the beauty of the women wearing it. I urge you to buy and try it out.

2. Spaghetti-Strap, backless, African print dress

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This dress is the most unique one in terms of its color, style and design. It is available with a Spaghetti strap which really makes you look more gorgeous. The bareback is really appealing and I guess it will make all the guys around you fall in love with you. On the other hand, the most distinctive color combination of green, yellow, black and red makes it one of the most notable African fashion designs.

3. Short printed African fit dashiki dress

african fashion designs

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This dress really goes with the latest fashion trend. It is quite skimpy and makes you look more seductive. The unique print design along with its innovative color combination is really exceptional. It is made up of high-quality Spandex and Polyester. If you are looking to impress someone special then I suggest you try it out. This outfit is the latest African print fashion available in the market.

4. White long sleeved dashiki dress

african fashion dresses

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.The white color is regarded as the color of Perfection. In the same way, this dress symbolizes the purity of the one who wears it. This dress adds a sense of simplicity to your beauty. It is quite different from other African fashion dresses. If you want to go with the latest trend and also want to look simple then I would say you are in the right place.

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5. Short African print dress

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This is one of the casual dresses which you can wear anytime and anywhere. The unique color combination makes you look more appealing. The blue color especially its light-colored tint catches the eyes most. The Scoop necked dress is best suited for the summer. It is one of the latest additions to the most trending African fashion styles.

6. One shoulder, tight-fitting, full-length, brightly-coloured dress

fashion in ghana

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This one-shouldered dress has its own ways of attracting all of us. The gown like structure at the bottom and the curvy structure at the top gives the outfit an edge over all the latest fashion dresses in Ghana. It is best suited for parties and maybe for weddings. Now, going by the colors it is obvious that the dress would be liked by all the ladies as pink is one of their favorite colors.

Latest Ankara fashion African styles

If you love to wear African print dresses and always chase for such amazing outfits, you can allow us to do the honors. Here, we will provide you with the latest African fashion styles 2018 for the Ankara genre. These outfits will uplift your fashion statement.

1. Knee-length, belted, classy Ankara dress

latest african fashion dresses

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This dress is best suited for the office goers. It is a belted dress and has already been in news due to its sober look. The color combination of green and gold is also quite unique. The dress is a knee length outfit and gives your appearance a classy touch which really makes everyone in your office to respect you for your dressing sense.

2. Ankara Jumpsuit

african fashion skirts and blouses

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This dress can be a great addition to your wardrobe as it has some innovative color combinations with a gown like structure. The bottom half of the dress is a type of jumpsuit lower. This outfit has a resemblance with the African fashion skirts and blouses. As the pink color is a favorite color for women, the dress automatically goes with their fashion statement. It also comes with some attractive African fashion tops. The dress is also quite appealing and gives everyone the chance to adore your beauty.

3. An Ankara A-line dress

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It is a perfect dress for all African women as its style and color will make you appear like an African Goddess. This Ankara style African fashion clothes comes with a maxi silhouette which will give you a modest look. The color of the outfit is a combination of orange, deep blue and black which is quite unique, mainly the orange color is an ex-factor of the entire outfit. If you can wear a pair of large loop earrings along with this outfit, you would look like an African Queen of the modern era.

4. Sleeveless, multicoloured Ankara dress

african fashion styles

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This cape dress is quite vibrant and would help you to keep up the momentum of your fashion sense. The Ankara style dress is really elegant and quite mesmerizing. The Polka dot tie along with the cape neckline makes it look more stunning. This African printed dress is one of the most gorgeous African fashion Ghana dresses which is made up of authentic cotton fabrics.

5. Smart, off-shoulder Ankara dress

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This dress is quite sensational and makes you look younger than you actually are. By wearing this outfit you can roam around the city freely. Its color combination is really fascinating and can be worn during weddings. It is one of the latest African attire fashion designs.

6. Off-shoulder, floral Ankara dress

latest african attire fashion

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This strapless outfit is quite appealing and can be a perfect material for occasions like marriages and parties. If you opt for a high heel then this combination will work wonders for you as it will make you look like a beauty queen. This dress is recently the most trending fashion styles in Ghana.

African fashion for men

After really an enthralling journey of looking at the fashion Ghana styles for ladies we are here to look at some of the latest fashion trends for men. The recent trends of fashion for men include the most exquisite blazer styles and the attractive Kitenge shirts.

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African style Kitenge shirts

The Kitenge shirts are really fashionable and are quite trendy as most of the Africans feel free to wear it. This type of outfit is one of the latest African fashion styles in 2018 for men. Now, have a look at some of the spectacular designs.

1. Short sleeved Kitenge shirt

african fashion styles 2018

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This is really a classic shirt and can be used simply as a home wear. It can also be worn for other occasions like weddings. The shirt is available in all sizes. The printed shirt includes an eye-catching color combination. The floral design printed on the shirt gives it a trendy look. It is one of the latest African fashion menswear that gives you a sexy look.

2. Long sleeved Kitenge shirt

African fashion menswear

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This handmade item is quite stylish and comfortable too. Its color combination is excellent. The red floral design printed on the Kitenge shirt makes it more unique from other shirts. If you want to look stylish and handsome, then you can check it out as this shirt is one of the trendsetters in the apparel market.

African style blazers for men

Africans have started to set the trend for sensational fashion designs. The recent fashion style that perfectly strikes the chord of people's demand is the African Blazers for men. The designs are really exceptional from every point of view. The uniqueness of its design has helped it to make it big in the growing apparel market. Now, let's have a look at some the of trendy Blazer styles that will make you think of buying one.

1. Red, African print blazer

Fashion for men

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This outfit is really nice and can be worn for all type of occasions. The blazer really looks classic and along with the bow-tie, it is just a perfect combination of both. The color pattern is the most amazing part of the blazer. The combination of red and white has worked wonders for this blazer. The dress is now regarded as one of the latest African male fashion products.

2. Blue, patterned African blazer

African fashion for men

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This blue breeze designed blazer will be a great addition to your Wardrobe. It is really stylish and can be worn on each and every occasion. The blazer is a shawl necked outfit and is quite comfortable. It is available in all sizes. If you are planning for a long drive or want to dine out with your better half, then you can check this blazer once as it is just exceptional.

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