What is the tallest building in Ghana?

What is the tallest building in Ghana?

Also known as skyscrapers, tall buildings are becoming the order of the day in almost every part of the world. These modern structures can be found in both developing and developed countries. Having such a building is advantageous as it helps prevents wasting limited land in cities. The tallest building in Ghana has also gained recognition as skyscrapers in different countries are becoming the preferred structure.

What is the tallest building in Ghana?

However, there are also other tall buildings in the world with Burj Khalifa in Dubai which is 828 meters having 163 floors. Shanghai Tower in China comes in second which is 632 meters with 128 floors, and it goes without much say that the architects who worked on these projects are second to none.

Tall buidings in Ghana

When you come to tallest building in Africa, we have the minaret, the Great Mosque of Algiers which is 270 meters tall. Other recognized buildings are the Carlton Center in South Africa 233 meters; Britam Tower in Kenya is 200 meters and the Ponte City Apartments, also in Johannesburg South Africa which is 173 meters tall falls under the Africa's tallest buildings.

When you come to Ghana, there are also very tall structures although they are not up to 50 floors and their exacts heights are still unknown, they cannot go unnoticed because of their modern designs. In this write-up, you will get the list of top ten tallest buildings in Ghana.

1. The Villagio Vistas (Alto, Azure, and Aqua)

These two mega tall buildings are a salient feature of the skyline of Accra. It is not only the tallest storey building in Ghana, but it is also one of the much-sought-after luxurious residential facilities in the country. The building has 27 floors, with its twin storey building the Azure having 18 floors.

The newest addition sometimes called the yellow building has 12 floors with all of the buildings being managed by the Trasacco Estates. Villagio Vista is the tallest building in Accra Ghana, and they are all found in the same vicinity which is Tetteh Quarshire.

The patterns in these buildings are indigenous and a close look at the building, you realize it resembles the pattern of the Kente weaving patterns. Staying at this place comes with so much ambience and peace.

What is the tallest building in Ghana?

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2. World Trade Center, Accra

The 17-storey is among the tallest storey building in Ghana and strategically located in Accra central business district, opposite the Accra Financial Centre.

World Trade Center is also close to the British Council, and you can say for sure that it is within the busiest places of Accra. Apart from housing different offices, and businesses, the World Trade Center branch is found here. If you want to work out, there is a well-equipped gym and a courtyard in the adjacent building. It is a one stop place for investment and international trade. This has made the building be among the tallest story building in Ghana.

What is the tallest building in Ghana?

Source: Wtca.org

3. Heritage Towers

The Heritage Towers is found in the Ambassadorial Enclave in Ridge, and it has 16 floors. Known to be one of the tall buildings in Ghana, it is an office space that houses financial and commercial institutions such as the United Bank for Africa’s head office. There are also several business offices at the Heritage Towers.

What is the tallest building in Ghana?

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4. Ridge Towers

The Ridge Towers is one of the storey buildings in Ghana that houses several businesses and financial institutions. It is found within the Central Business District of Accra. The buildings construction was completed 13 years ago, and it has 15 floors.

What is the tallest building in Ghana?

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5. Cedi House

The 14 storey building structure is also located in the Central Business District of Accra. It dominated the city’s skyline for a long time as the building height could not be compared to any other. According to mqesa.com, Nana Osei Kwame, a renowned photographer in Ghana describe is as an old tired building. The building houses an annex of the Bank of Ghana and Ghana Stock Exchange.

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What is the tallest building in Ghana?

Source: Citibusinessnews.com

6. Ecobank Headquarters

The magnificent ultra-modern headquarters occupies an area of 18,000m area. The building foundation was made in a way that would make it an opulent structure within the vicinity of the town.

It is located on the Liberation road packs and it has 13 floors. The storey building height was decided upon by the ARC Architects who say that the design is the ultimate definition of an energy efficient performance with a cutting-edge green principle.

What is the tallest building in Ghana?

Source: Scroll report Nigeria

7. Atlantic Towers

It is one of the tallest tower in Ghana with its 15 complex-storey earning it a spot as one of the most unique structures in Ghana. The Grade A property provides commercial and ample space office outlets for enterprises of all kinds interested in conducting business in the prime areas of the city. It sits on 2.05 acres of land and it is adjacent to the Kotoka International airport.

What is the tallest building in ghana?

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8. Premier Towers

The picturesque building is found in the regional capital of Ghana and it is close to the SSNIT House and the National Theatre. Talk about placing a building where business is booming. Who wouldn’t have to have an office in such a place? Premier Tower has 13 floors and the Societe Generale and Zenith Bank are found here.

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What is the tallest building in ghana?

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9. Chateau Towers

With its contemporary design, staying at this state-of-the-art building will make many to be envious of you. The edifice is colorful and made of three blocks. It has an imposing presence in the area of Osu with its 13 stories. The building has up to 120 apartments, a vivid sign of how one can get storey building plans in Ghana.

What is the tallest building in ghana?

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10. The Octagon

This 12-storey building, the Octagon is comfortably snuggled at the Central Business District of Accra. It is at the heart o the city and houses serviced apartments, co-working spaces, housing office suites as well as retail-office complex. The ultra-modern building has been termed as the first one ever of its helipad stature in Ghana.

What is the tallest building in ghana?

Source: Ghana business directory

Ghana is growing first and demand for housing and office space is on the rise, it is why Architects are coming up with different ways to build some of the tallest building in West Africa.

According to meqasa.com, so many plans of skyscrapers in Accra have been proposed. For instance, there is a plan to construct a 73-storey Hop City structure which could be one of the outstanding buildings in the whole country.

With an increase in population, we hope that our motherland Ghana will also have one of the tallest buildings in Africa in the near future.

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