Names of mountains in Ghana and their locations

Names of mountains in Ghana and their locations

Mountains in Ghana are quite a number in that most cover very wide areas approximately one-quarter of its land. Mountains are very important and they contribute widely to the Ghana regional climates. Apart from that, mountains act as a source of revenue to the Ghana Government for attracting tourists from all over the world to visit and view the beautiful scenery and others even enjoying climbing them.Want to find out more about the mountains in Ghana read on.

Mountains of Ghana

Those Ghanaians living around some of the mountains benefit from grazing their domestic animals as well as harvest wood on them. Ghana should very thankful to the creator for making their land so beautiful with the mountains.

The mountains and rivers in Ghana are the main reason why towns like Accra has water supply because the water authorities do the pumping of the water from there. Due to the many importance of the Mountains in Ghana, this article decided to present mountains in Ghana and their locations.

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The mountains in Ghana

Mountains of Ghana are very many and the article will only dispute the major ones like Mount Afadja.

1. Mount Afadjato

Highest mountains in Ghana

Mount Afadjato also common referred to as Mount Afadja is among the highest mountains in Ghana with an elevation of about 885 Metres; in fact, it is one of the highest mountain in Africa. The location of the mountain is Agumatsa Range, near to two villages in the Volta Region (border with Togo) namely Gbledi and Liati Wote.

The interesting bit is that the name’ Afadja’ is the name of this high mountain and the ‘to’ is an Ewe word that means mountain. This means that when one refers to it as Mount Afadjato, it will be a repetition and it is like saying ‘Mount AfadjaMountain’. Right?

Mount Afadja is one of the mountains in the Volta region of Ghana with loads of tourists from all over the world. This is because of its mound that looks like water yams can do best when planted there, its hidden caves, waterfalls, beautiful creeping plants that just resemble water yams, as well as the hidden streams. The mountain welcoming the many tourists might be greatly contributed by the Tagbo falls as well as Wli Falls that are near it.

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Well to get to the mountain is about 4 hours from Accra to Hohoe Ghana and then take the Hohoe to Liati route that is only a 50 minutes drive and finally drive in about 30 minutes drive to Gbledi from Golokwati.

If your not driving, motorbikes are available to ease your movements. All that we can assure you is that you will definitely feel like climbing to the top of the mountain; though it is not as easy as it may sound. Your efforts will be worth it because of the great beauty at the top. All you have to keep in mind is to check the weather before you start off climbing.

mountains of Ghana
Source: Volta region, Ghana

2. Mount Edouka

Mount Edouka is among the list of the highest mountains in Ghana with 2,542 feet/785 Metres above sea level. This means that it is the second highest in Ghana. Mount Edouka is located around the Eastern Part of Ghana extending into Badou, which is in Togo about 270 km from Accra; the jungle separates both Togo and Ghana making the biodiversity of the mount to have difficulties in giving its record.

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The mount is of great importance in the eastern region of Ghana in that Savanna forests grows making a list of Ghanaians to settle around it. There also many small mountains of Ghana that surround it. It is a place to visit and view the few wild animals there, the monkeys, the savanna forests, and birds. You should also have in mind that there very many snakes, insects and lizards.

3. Mount Atiwiredu

With an elevation of 2,539 feet makes the mount to appear among the list of major mountains in Ghana. Mount Atiwiredu is the 3rd tallest and it is located in the Southeastern Ghana around the Akyem-Abuakwa region. The interesting bit about mount Atiwiredu location is that is a part of the Atewa Range where there are Cenozoic Peneplain. It may seem fierce to some people, but it is the only remaining proof of the existence of the Cenozoic Peneplain.

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Mount Atiwiredu has soil that contains bauxite making it a welcoming eco-tourism site. Thanks to the Forestry Commission of Ghana because of reserving the forest and therefore they don’t allow farming around it. The threats there are those who depend on bush meat; they go hunting. logically, the area has bauxite therefore attracting miners to extract it making a future threat for this tall mountain.

You need to visit this beautiful scenery and view the different species of beautiful birds from the afep pigeon, popular bristlebill, least honeyguide, olive long-tailed-cuckoo, and blue-headed crested flycatcher. There also different butterfly species that are very rare to find spotting the Papilio antimachus that people refer to as the world’s widest wingspan as well as those critically yet endangered Mylothris atewa.

Major mountains in Ghana
Source: Atewa National park

The amazing thing there is that you will find the Colobus Vellerosus and the Procolobus Verus being alive there. Yes, the two rare primate species still exist with their other names as Geoffroy’s pied colobus and the Olive colobus.

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All this ranges need a water source and thanks to River Densu for being their source. Apart from Densu River, there are River Ayensu, and River Birim, which also act as sources to the diamond mining area. As you can see, it is an area worth your efforts to visit.

4. Mount Kwamisa

Mount Kwamisa is one of the listed names of mountains in Ghana with an elevation of 2,479 feet. It actually holds the number 4 in the list of highest mountains in Ghana. The high mountain is located in Kwamisa, which is just around 6km from Subranum and about 8km from Ahiruam. Thanks to the Kwamisa Forest Reserve and the Apro River Forests Reserve for protecting that mountain from major threat like the human encroachment that greatly threatens the environment and those who poach. This is because there are destroying most of the wild animals’ habitats.

Haramattan winds are the major cause of droughts there from the month of January to the mouth of March. A period of 3 months drought makes the Ghanaians to worry about the future of the mountains around that region.

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5. Mount Pakesie Bepo

Mount Pakesie Bepo is one of the Highest Mountains in Ghana list with an elevation of 2,388 feet above sea level. It is located in Ghana area near to Accra and its surrounding areas has lots of steep slopes, summit areas (small), with above 300m local relief map in Ghana.

Its best adventure is that it is located near Natural basin land Structures that fishing outdoor feels great and this might contribute to why it welcomes loads of tourists. Tourists get into fishing contests and they end up winning fishing supplies as well as equipment. It is a place to visit and have an outdoor adventure to relax your mind from your mainstream activities.

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Names of mountains in Ghana and their locations
Source: Ghana landscape

6. Atwea Mountains

Atwea Mountains in Ghana are located in Kumasi, Ashanti regions of Ghana and they are popular for holding prayer camps not only for the Christian in Ghana, but for Africa as whole. Quite a number of people that find time annually to go and dedicate their grievances unto God. Pastor Abraham Osei-Asibey from a local Methodist church formed the camp as he regularly when they to pray. Back in 2015, a recent article tells of a group of church members even went a head to claim that Jesus Christ blood flows on the Atwea mountains during Easter seasons, in which there those who believed and others doubted.

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You need to visit this Atwea Mountains climb them and enjoy the view. If you want to fast and pray to God, then here is the place to go and the cool environment will be perfect for you.

7. Aburi Mountains

What mountains are in Ghana that are best for those who want to lose weight? well, that is a question pondering over many victims mind. If you trying to lose weight and get a healthy body? Well, Aburi Mountains in the Eastern regions of Ghana, Akuapim is the place for you. You will find others there already and join them to climb up the montains to either Peduase or even further because of the motivation once gets when they do it as a group with a common goal.

What comes into your mind is why Aburi and there is a long list of mountains found in Ghana. Well, apart from the breathtaking scenery, people met make friends with different people from various countries, regions, and continents. They can either have a strong bond to an extent of even being life partners. This means if you love to make new friends, that is the best site for you.

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Mountains found in Ghana
Source: The Accra falls

Problems Facing the Major Mountains in Ghana

Every Ghanaian should at least consider the vital of the existence of mountains before they start to destroy them. Most of the tall mountains in Ghana are the reason why some regions in Ghana have a favorable climate, are a major tourist sites, and also they give Ghana beautiful a view. Let us pick point the major problems that put the mountains at risk.

  • Poaching

Poaching is illegal in Ghana, but some are still practicing it being a major threat for those wild animals that live on mountains. The Government of Ghana should ensure that the mountains are well reserved to prevent this practice.

  • Deforestation

Tress that grow on mountains are very importance like causing rainfall. It is not wise to destroy the habitats for the wild animals. Mountains like Akuapem have been at risk for so long in that a 2014 article tells how the former president Mahama tried to stop the traditional men who sold the mountains to the real estate developers.

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Everybody should value the beauty of nature and preserve them for the near future. You can imagine cutting all the trees on mountains and turn Ghana a beautiful country into a desert. The Government of Ghana should also put strong punishments on those who are caught destroying the environment.

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