Ebony songs: Top 8 in 2020

Ebony songs: Top 8 in 2020

Ebony Reigns is not only a renowned Ghanaian singer, but she is also a dance-hall artist who has produced numerous songs. Ebony songs have featured in radio stations and Televisions, not only in Ghana but Africa as a whole. Born just towards the end of the 20th century, this great musician had a talent of all sorts. Her manager Bullet discovered her through a Whatsapp recorded audio from an unknown number. Since that moment, the rest was history until her demise through a tragic road accident earlier last year. Here is a list of Ebony's top songs which will live on after her demise

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Ebony songs 2020

The most celebrated musician of all time Ebony could have passed on, but her legacy lives on. To mark her 21st birthday, her song through RuffTown Records called “Kokonsa Police” was released. The favorite Ghanaian song meaning gossip police pointed out at people who were concerned with the lives of others instead of minding their own business. This was the ideal message Ebony had to so many of her critics before her sudden death a week to her birthday. Citrus Beatz produced it, and her fans around Ghana have listened to it multiple times. Be it reggae, dance hall or ebony love songs, she had a way of connecting with the masses.

Ebony - Sponsor

The controversial musician took her fans and critics all by surprise upon releasing her hit single sponsor. The fast-rising singer had broken down the song into parts to help her fans who were yearning to have a sponsor to take care of their daily needs. It elaborated how to go about the whole process. The song had a different reception in Ghana and to everyone who listened to it in other countries. Some embraced the song while to others it was more of moral decay.

Ebony Ghana songs never missed any form of critics as they did not associate well with everyone who came across them. The dance hall and electronic song was released in 2017 under her album Bonyfied. It was among the top 20 most played songs in Ghana and even the president of MUSIGA; Bice Osei-Kuffor endorsed the song saying it cataloged useful data and spiced up what was missing in the music industry in Ghana. Being on the list meant the song enjoyed airplay in Ghana Television and Radio Stations.

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Ebony - Maame

The award-winning singer articulately structured the song campaigning against domestic violence. The singer who came to the limelight with two of her renowned songs Kupe and Poison enabled her immeasurable. In 2017 at the young of just 20 years, she had managed to be the holder of the Midas Touch Inc Award. Talk about ebony Ghana musician and one would not miss a thing or two as it was a household name.

The musician had all sorts of controversies, maybe it was fame at a young age, but not so many people understood what went on in the mind of Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng. One day she is all this innocent and sweet girl, and before you know it, she would be on stage performing almost half naked. In this song maame, her agenda against domestic violence, which is common in Ghana and Africa as a continent could be felt strongly. It creates awareness against the despicable quandary that occurs behind closed doors. WillisBeatz produced the song.

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Ebony - Poison

It was one of her first songs, which got her to the limelight and not only ebony songs new, but a path to so many great things that came in her music career. The song features Gatdoe, and it was released in 2017 The hot tuned title is indeed poison to individuals who related well with the singer’s genre and way of life.

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Ebony - Aseda

If there is any Ghanaian musician who had an incredible 2017, then ebony Ghana artist had it all. Her songs were top on most of the playlists, and her fans ensured the music went out to so many people. It did not stop there; she garnered so many awards at her young age. Managers and producers working with the talented beau pursued all avenues possible to make her an award-winning artist with each song she released. Produced by the great Danny Beatz, Ebony thanks God for enabling her to succeed in her music career.

Once she launched her debut album Bonyfied, the next project was the gospel song Aseda, and in it, she poured out her heart to the almighty. Vanti from Motion directed the video, and if you thought Ebony does not dress decently, then you should consider again. The video that was released by Midas Touch Inc/Ruff Town Records gives a sneak pick into the life of Ebony at the helm of the music career that transformed her life immensely. People have their downsides and right sides and this we see in the life and ebony Ghana artist songs.

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Ebony - Hustle

Ghana will never get enough of the tremendous young musician. Her producers and manager always got the dance floor blazing with all of her mega-hits that were beyond comparison. Ebony songs Ghana took the airwaves by storm as they were second to no other during the short time she was in the music industry. The song features the sensational singer Brella who aids ebony in giving other musicians a run for their money. The versatile songstress always left her fans wanting for nothing but more of her fantastic music.

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Ebony - Date your Fada

Talk of controversy, Ebony was the master of it. In this song, she chooses her broke boyfriend over her sponsor. You remember in her song sponsor she was advocating for one. The afro beat tune is worth listening too, as we all know, Ebony never disappoints. It is sad that such a young soul had to perish in a grisly road accident. The young singer who had 17 tattoos and nine piercings was her father’s daughter and she proudly acclaimed it.

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Ebony - Konkonsa Police

Released just before her fatal demise, the song targeted her critics who had all negative things to say about her. However, in the world we live, whether you do bad or good, people will always find something either positive or negative to talk about. Ebony slow down song is what youngsters can listen to as it talks about day to day life, challenges, the highs, and lows.

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Ebony - Turn on the Lights

The mind-blowing song got all of Ebony’s fans dancing to the beats and as if that was not enough, it again top on radio stations in Ghana. Ebony was a great musician and she will leave in the hearts of many forever. Despite her untimely death, her music can still be heard in places of entertainment, in peoples car, and even when one is just relaxing in the house.

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It was sad losing such a beautiful song at the peak of her music career. Very few musicians were able to attain what she had by the age of 20. Despite leaving school, being raised only by her father among so many things Ebony Reigns talked about, the girl braved the stormiest period in her life to become a household name in Ghana and beyond.

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